10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Oriental Shorthair

oriental shorthair

It’s one of the most interesting looking cats you’ll ever see, and people just love it. The Oriental Shorthair is a lovely breed, but it’s not one that many people feel they know too much about. Most people know that it’s a very distinct cat in appearance, but they fail to realize that this breed has so much more to offer in terms of its personality and its habits, its traits and its role in your family.  There is a lot to love about this particular breed, and there might even be a few things you could learn about the Oriental Shorthair that will remind you that it might not be the breed you’ve always wanted. In fact, it’s not perfect for all families. Most people assume that dog breeds are more particular than cat breeds as far as family and their traits, but cats are just as particular. Not all people and not all cats are made to live together. Find out if you and the Oriental Shorthair would be a match made in Heaven or if you should look in a different direction at a different breed. You’ll never know until you do the research and find out more about this cool breed.

It’s Very Affectionate

This is a cat that is going to show you more affection than you ever thought possible. If you are not an overly affectionate kind of person, you might find this to be a bit of an annoyance. However, if you love attention and affection, you’re going to adore what this little cat has to offer you. It’s sweet and loving and it’s going to want a lot of your attention.

It Loves Kids

If you have a family filled with kids, this is a good breed to introduce. It’s very gentle and child-friendly, and because it’s active and playful the two get along very well. It’s a strong cat that won’t stick around if it feels that kids are not being too nice to it, so you’re going to find it simple to be around this cat and have a good time with it.

It Loves Dogs

An additional bonus about the Oriental Shorthair is the fact that it is a dog friendly cat. Many cat breeds are a bit suspicious and not really into dogs, but this is not one of them. This breed actually really does like dogs and will find time to play with yours. Even if your dog is not overly welcoming of the cat at first, your cat will find a way to make the dog his or her friend and everyone will be good pals before you know it.

It Has a Lot of Energy

If you are looking for a cat that will be self-sufficient and calm, relaxed and just sort of there to pet and adore when you are in the mood, this is not the breed for you. This is an active cat that likes to play and be entertained, so you’re going to need to find the time for that.

It Does Not Require Much Grooming

On another bright note, however, this is a cat that doesn’t require much attention in the grooming department. It does shed, but it has a short coat so it’s a lot less noticeable. Additionally, it does a pretty good job grooming itself so there’s not much left for you to worry about in terms of keeping this cat looking good.

It’s Highly Intelligent

Smart cats are nice to have and they’re not all that nice to have. This is a cat that’s probably too smart for its own good and this can get it into a bit of trouble if you are not careful. The good news, however, is that it’s easy to train since it is so smart so you can put an end to the annoyances and things that get on your nerves by making sure you’re consistent with the training.

It Has Significant Social Needs

One of the downfalls to this particular breed is its need for social interaction. It does not like to be left alone, it does do better with other pets to play with and it’s not going to allow you to ignore it at all. This cat has social needs that will make you a little bit crazy if you are more interested in a breed that has a relaxed nature and good disposition.

It’s Not Particularly Stranger Friendly

If you have a lot of people in and out of your home, you will find that this breed does not care for it. It’s not fond of strangers. It’s not going to want to play with the techs at the vet or even interact with them or the vet. It’s going to want to hide and steer clear of people it does not know. It’s not a huge problem for most Oriental Shorthair owners, but it can be an issue for some.

They’re Very Attached to Their Families

This breed is highly attached. It does not do well with families that are not home often. This is not to say that you can’t have this breed if you work outside the home, but you will find that this particular cat likes to be with you rather than away from you. Unlike other breeds, it doesn’t not thrive on its own and it does care when you come and go. It’s not as independent as other breeds, so that’s an issue for some potential owners.

They’re a Little Destructive

When left alone and to its own devices too often, the Oriental Shorthair is more likely to cause some issues. This breed will open drawers, jump on top of your appliances – including your fridge – and otherwise make a bit of a mess with your things. It likes to have something to do and someone to play with if you want to keep it from making a mess and getting into everything in your house and that you own. This is a problem for some and not for others.

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