10 of the “Youngest” Cat Breeds in Existence


We didn’t know cats were concerned about their age much like a man or woman with that first gray hair or that first ill-fated wrinkle. Okay, cats are not concerned with age. But what makes a cat old or young other than its date of birth? How about the overall age of the breed? Cats, like dogs, are considered different breeds. Each cat is a different cat based on not only its looks and personality, but its temperament and its heritage. Like a dog might be a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd, a cat might be a Persian or a Sphynx. Both are cats, but they are nothing alike in terms of their appearance or personality. The truth, however, is that many people find it easy to forget that cats are breeds and not just different colors. Of course, many people aren’t worried about the breed of their cat, but that is something that seems to be changing with rapid force.

While fewer people are concerned with the purebred nature of their cats, more and more people are, in fact, interested in very specific breeds to call their own. Many of the breeds that Americans want to bring home are actually some of the youngest breeds in existence. What this means is that they’ve been around a lot less time than other breeds that have been around for centuries or even longer. So which breeds are newbies? Read on to find out.

american curl

American Curl – 1981

Just two years older than me, this breed is almost as adorable (I say that mostly in jest). When a kitten in California was born with curly ears, someone used that kitten to purposely breed a number of other kittens with the same curly ears. And now that breed is actually one that exists. The cat looks a lot like other cats with the exception of its ears, which is the telltale sign you are looking at one of these fairly new breeds.

la perm

LaPerm – 1982

This breed is a year older than me, but it forgot to leave its perm back in the 80s – my parents wouldn’t let me have one, so I’m good. A kitten was born to an otherwise very average litter with curly hair, and it was quickly used to create a new breed of curly cats.


Ojos Azules – 1984

Here’s a breed even I have never heard of, and I write a lot about cats. This lovely breed is named for its beautifully striking blue eyes after it was discovered somewhere in Mexico. This is a unique breed in that most dark colored cats have darker eyes, but some sort of genetic advantage allows even black cats in this breed to still have the brightest, lightest blue eyes you’ve ever seen, and that’s impressive.


Munchkin – 1991

The result of a natural mutation back in the 1940s, no one knew what this cat was until people began deliberately breeding them for sport in the early 80s. However, they were still not made public and introduced until 1991, which makes them seem a bit younger than they actually are. But, those are the facts, and that’s what we’ve got for you.


Peterbald – 1994

A Russian breeder made the decision to try to create a new breed, and he did. He was able to breed the Donsky with the Oriental shorthair back in the mid-90s to create this lovely breed with its interesting features and its bold prominence. This is a breed that is quite well-know, particularly in Russia, but also across the world. It’s a pretty cat, and we do appreciate its unique looks.


Napoleon – 1995

This is a cute cat with short legs and a gorgeous coat. That’s precisely what the breeder wanted when it began mating Persians with Munchkins back in the mid-90s. This breed also comes in a short and long-hair variety, as they are also bred with exotic short and long-hair cats. You get your pick of the litter when it comes to this young breed – pun intended.


Minskin – 1998

Created in Boston, this interesting looking cat is among the youngest in the world. A breeder decided that it wanted to have a cat with Sphynx-like hairlessness and a Munchkin for its dwarf-like appearance. Somehow, the breed also ended up with Siamese markings, though that one remains a bit of a mystery. The cat is not for everyone, as most hairless cats are not. However, those who do have cats like this at home know that they are worth every second, and their hairlessness is not an issue for these people.


Highlander – 2004

This is a bit of a mystery, but it’s very pretty. It looks much like an American Curl, but it’s not. It’s the result of several domestic cats being bred together, and it’s beyond cute. How it’s considered a breed, I’m not sure. The cats used to create this one have no domestic origin in particular known to professionals, but it’s a breed and it’s cute.


Cheetoh Cat – 2004

It’s the far less sugar-filled and messy way to keep the kids entertained when they’re playing; the Cheetoh Cat. No relation to the chips. When someone decided that they’d breed an Ocicat with a Bengal, this was the result. And it’s a stunning result, we might add. The cat is very pretty, and it makes a unique addition to any family looking for a cat with unique looks and a very mild personality.


Toyger – 2007

It’s currently the youngest breed in existence, and it’s gorgeous. This cat looks just like a small tiger, and that is precisely what makes it so gorgeous and so desirable by everyone else. Since the 1980s, breeders have been using short hair tabby cats to create a breed that resembles a tiger, and they’ve perfected the art. However, the International Cat Association did not recognize this breed for many years afterward, which is why it goes on record as being recognized in 2007. It is a lovely breed, however.

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