10 Things You Should Do Before Making a Kitten Video


Making a kitten video is something that anyone can do, right? Wrong; well, right and wrong. Anyone with a video camera on their smart phone can make a video of their adorable new kitten, but not everyone can make a good one. In fact, it’s quite easy and common for people to make videos of their kittens that just are not all that cute or adorable, that don’t make any sense and that aren’t worthy of being on the internet. And we just have to say that if you want your video to go viral, it has to be a good one. It has to be more than good; it has to be great. It has to be so awesome that you can’t even imagine people not wanting to view and share it with everyone they’ve ever met. And we believe that we can help you at least make a video that’s better than some of the cat videos you see online. Just take our advice to make your kitten’s debut into fame and the movies a little bit more interesting, understandable and pleasurable for your potential viewers. Our advice is actually pretty good.

Clean Up the Background

One thing that drives people crazy and makes an otherwise adorable video less than adorable is the background. Your home should not be a mess, your carpet should be clean and you shouldn’t let the world see you live in a pigsty. In fact, you should make sure the background is not only clean, but not too busy for people to pay attention to the kitten in the video.

Have Good Lighting

You cannot take a good video of your kitten if you have no lighting. For example, a video shot in the dark at midnight with no lights is not going to look so good, don’t you agree? Make sure your lighting is good and your cat is actually visible to the camera.

Have a Kitten

It’s important, but you might be surprised how many people have no idea just how important this role is in the video. If you want to shoot a good kitten video, you should have a kitten. Everything else is going to be a little bit pointless if you haven’t this important thing in your home or video.

Make Sure it’s Quiet

If you are taking your cat’s video while it says a full sentence to you, you better make sure that your cat has a quiet background. Loud kids or televisions or other things might make it difficult for the people watching your video to hear what it is your cat is saying, and that might ruin the purpose of the video as a whole.

Make sure you Hold the Camera Still

We can’t offer you advice better than this. It might seem like you’re doing a good job, but you’re probably not. It’s very easy to become distracted by what’s going on and laugh, giggle or find yourself moving around too much for the camera. Get a stand or tripod and see if that helps you out more; we promise that it really will make a huge difference in the quality of your video.

Know What People Find Adorable

If you want the video of your kitten to go viral, you’re going to need to do a little work. You’re going to need to research what it is that people find hilarious and fun, what they love and what they find adorable. This is going to help you find a concept to film so that you already have a leg up on the competition. You have to have people interested in seeing your video before it’s even filmed, and this is how you make it possible.

Check for Nude People or Inappropriate Objects in the Background

We already talked about cleanliness as a whole, but you would be surprised just how many people can’t post the perfect kitten video because their kid is naked fresh out of the tub in the background. Additionally, no one wants to see your personal items lying around while your cat is napping on the bathroom counter or lounging on your bed, so feel free to go ahead and remove those items as you see fit before you begin the filming process.

Make Sure There aren’t a Thousand of the Same Video Already

If you have a thought or a concept that people will definitely love, make sure there aren’t already millions of videos just like yours. You can use the same idea, but you have to find a different want to make it more amazing, more fun and more enjoyable than the videos everyone else has already posted. You can do it; we feel you can do it.

Acquire some Patience

You will not get the video you want on the first try. Kittens are not predictable and you pretty much cannot force them to cooperate at all. You will need to acquire some serious patience by understanding that it could take hours or even days to get the shot you want and to get your kitten to comply with what it is you want. You might have to get creative and figure out some ways to set the stage or the scene and make this possible, because cats are just not all that happy to be actresses or actors.

Come Up with a Title

Before you film your cat doing something adorable or amazing, know your title. You’re not going to be able to wait to post it once it’s filmed, which means you’re going to need a good title ahead of time. Additionally, having a title in advance is going to make it possible for you to keep yourself feeling a bit more professional about your video, which is going to make it easier for you to view it objectively. We like the idea of filming a cute kitten video to share with the world, but it does need a title that’s going to make people stop and click on it.

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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