10 Amazing Gifts for High Tech Cats and Their Humans

cat gifts

A stocking stuffed with treats or a beautiful new ball of yarn; are either of these on your list of things to get the cat this holiday season? Before our cat was unceremoniously eaten by a coyote after stubbornly running away from home in an effort to go outside at dusk when he knew he was not allowed to do that for obvious safety reasons, that would have been something on his Christmas list. He’s no longer here, though, and that means that I have no one to buy any pet gifts for this holiday season. Now I’m just stuck looking at all the cool gifts that my cat would have loved or, more importantly, that my husband, kids and I would have loved for the cat.

These are some high-tech cat gifts for cat lovers everywhere, and we think that they are the kind of gifts that will make it easy for you to have a little more fun with your feline friend so that you’re not unable to spend some quality time with him. Or perhaps these are just gifts for you that the cat also gets to use. You can choose how to look at that one; it’s entirely up to you. Either way, however, we have some seriously high-tech gift ideas you’re going to love.

pei bed

Pei Pod Cat Bed – $130

This is a cool bed for a cool cat. Designed to look like something that’s far more chic and elegant than the traditional animal bed, this is going to add a little bit of elegance to your home. It’s for the cat, but we think that it’s really for the person who does not want their home covered in silly cat items that don’t look elegant, chic and trendy as far as their personal style of décor is concerned.

play circuit

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit – $9.99

This play circuit is designed so that you can watch your cat play and stay active without actually getting up and doing anything. It’s the lazy cat lover’s perfect gift. The toy moves on its own so that all you have to do is just watch it and turn it on for your cat when he or she is in the mood to play. Go ahead; lie down and enjoy some Netflix.


FroliCat Bounce Laser Teaser – $27.95

Listen, cats love lasers. They love to chase them around, and you know that you love to watch them. They are actually really funny to watch doing this, and we love to encourage that kind of laughter and enjoyment. This is a laser that works on its own so you can sit back and relax, and the cat can have a good time. It’s all electronic, so it’s easier than ever to use, but it’s also just something fun for everyone.

smarty cat

Smarty Cat Electronic Motion Toys – $19.97

These smarty cat toys are fun and easy to use, and they’ll keep the cat entertained all day. They’re designed to move like his usual small prey, like a mouse or something. They move around the house to keep the cat busy and give him something to do throughout the day so that maybe he will sleep at night instead of party on your bed.


Catit Design Treat Maze – $22.60

This treat maze makes your cat have to work a little harder for his treat, which means you get to work a little less to give him treats. Also, you get to laugh at him as you watch him try and figure out how it’s used and how it’s supposed to work.

cat toy

Trixie Tunnel Feeder for Cats – $17.99

This feeder is a great gift for a cat that needs to be fed when you’re away from home without allowing your cat to get fat eating it all at once. It’s a fun toy that makes cats happy when it is meal time and it’s one that makes you happy since you can go out and enjoy.


Petzi Treat Cam – $169.99

You can watch your cat from work now with this amazing camera. But that’s not all; you can also use it to dispense treats throughout the day if your cat is used to getting one every now and again and you are not home to feed him. It’s cool, it’s safe and it’s a lot of fun to play with.

camera collar

Zjskin Pets Pet Collar Video Camera – $36.51

You will never get anything productive done again. Ever want to know what your cat is doing when he is out and about and not doing anything you think is even remotely good? Now you will know with this cool camera that goes around his collar and gives him a chance to have his way with the world by videoing it all for your own viewing pleasure. This might be very boring at times (cats do nap frequently throughout the day) but exciting at other times.

treat dispenser

iPooch Internet Treat Dispenser – $99.99

This is probably my favorite of all the awesome high-tech cat treats for cats and their owners. This is a treat dispenser that allows you to get online using your Wi-Fi and give the cat a treat while you’re at work, on a plane, in the middle of another country or whatever. It’s one of those items you know is going to prove to be a lot of fun. I’d use it when the kids are home alone and you want to freak them out – kidding. Kind of.

pet monitor

PetCube Interactive WiFi Pet Camera – $199

If you want to interact with your cat while you are not home, this interactive camera with Wi-Fi is a great solution to your everyday problems. This camera allows you to watch the cat, talk to the cat, interact with the cat and do everything but actually physically be there with the cat. It’s a great item, and it’s one that we are going to want to have when we have a dog sometime in the next year or so.

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