10 Ways Cats are Smarter Than Humans

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Our cat thought he was smarter than humans, and he ended up being eaten by a coyote for that mistaken thought. Sadly, he didn’t feel that our desire to keep him inside was a good one and he worked very hard to escape. He was successful, and then he was not. I’m not joking about it in any sense of the word, but it’s the truth. He didn’t want to follow the rules and that cost him his life (children, do you hear that?). Despite the fact, however, that our former feline friend didn’t make wise decisions, cats are sometimes a lot smarter than humans.

In fact, there are a few ways in which we cannot deny that cats are far superior than all of us. Sure, they lick themselves and that does not make them look all that intelligent. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. What we are talking about is that cats have a dream life. They get to eat, sleep and relax all day long, and they are perfectly happy doing so while they allow the humans to do all the work. Still not convinced that cats are smarter than humans? Read on to find out all the ways that we think cats might actually be smarter than all of us.

They don’t work

Cats have houses, food, warm blankets and utilities and they have families that love them, yet they do not a thing that’s considered even remotely productive. They have found a way to be so cute that they don’t have to take care of themselves, and that’s far smarter than most any human. I’d love to find a way to lie around the house and sleep all day while someone does all the dirty work and just tells me I’m pretty (mostly kidding).

They are pampered

We clean them, groom them, provide them with comfortable beds, toys and all the like. We care for them and love them and make them feel at home. We pet them for hours on end when we are lying down binge-watching things like Scandal and we never expect anything from them. How is this even possible?

They get to sleep all day long

Anyone that can sleep all day long and never feel exhausted, not have to run kids to school and practice and games and their friend’s houses; that’s someone much smarter than all of us. Cats have it made, and we give it to them. Doesn’t that make you just a little bit bitter in some way? I know it does me. I need a nap right now, but you see what I’m doing instead of taking care of myself.

Someone brings them every single meal

Now this is actually impressive. No one ever brings me a meal, expect the pizza delivery guy and I do not want him in my house cuddling with me on the couch when I’m done eating, you know? Cats have every single ability to feed themselves. They are predators quite naturally. They can catch their own meals and take care of themselves, yet here we are bringing them food on a personalized dish every single day. It’s kind of ridiculous.

They don’t clean

When was the last time your cat cleaned out his own litter box? Oh, never? That’s because cats are perfectly capable of going to the bathroom outdoors yet we allow them to come into our homes and fill a box of glorified sand and rocks with their urine and feces and then we happily clean it out for them, provide them with fresh stuff to do it on again and we go about our business like it never even happened.

Someone cleans up behind them

When I throw up all over the floor because I’m not feeling well, I clean it up. All right; not true. My husband is pretty amazing and when my daughter and I both caught a horrible 24-hour bug and vomited for 24 hours straight, he cleaned up every single bit of it all day and night. It was the worst day of all of our lives, really. But still, cats don’t have to clean up after themselves at all.

Their brains are actually almost as complex in makeup as a human’s

According to medical professionals, the cat’s brain is twice as complex as that of a dog and almost as complex as a human brain. That’s pretty impressive considering the fact that the cat doesn’t seem that intelligent until you stop and think about it. After all, if you learn to make sure people expect nothing of you, people will expect nothing of you.

Cats are in tune with what humans are thinking

Cats have the ability to read people. They can tell based on body language, expression and even the sounds of our voices how we are feeling and they are very in tune with that. Of course, they don’t always care how we feel. But they definitely do know how we feel. Don’t let them pretend they don’t.

Cats can detect disease

A cat in the United Kingdom was credited recently with discovering a cancerous tumor – stage 3 – in the back of his owner’s neck last year, prompting her to head to the doctor for a diagnosis. She never felt the lump and probably would not have found it in time had her cat not persistently sat by her and hit her neck in the same place as the lump for a solid two weeks to get her attention.

They make the rules

Cats make the rules in pretty much every home. We like to think that we do, but we do not. It’s blatantly obvious, too. They get to sit in the comfortable spot on the couch. They get to keep the warm blanket. They get the most room in the bed. Somehow they have taken over and allowed us to think that we are still in control when we have not one bit of control.

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