The 12 Best Cat Breeds to Travel With

Cats are special creatures that people love. Cat owners find their cats to be just as important to them as their actual family members, and some people actually travel with their cats. Perhaps you have an extensive family and want to spend time visiting them throughout the year but don’t want to leave your feline friend behind; you’ll want to ensure that your cat is one that travels well. While there are certain breeds that do travel well, most cats will travel with you without issue if they are loved, taken care of and have gotten used to the act.  Here are the best cat breeds to travel with.

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This is a cat that is easy to travel with. It’s a cat that has a very calm nature. It’s very easygoing, which is a personality trait you certainly want when you’re traveling with your kitty friend. This cat is going to sit still, not roam and not complain about being placed in a carrier if your travel requires that kind of carrier. These cats have longer hair, however, which means that you’ll need to find time in your travels to have yours taken to the groomer every 6 weeks or so, and you’ll need to brush his coat at least once a week.

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Japanese Bobtail

These cats are among the healthiest cats in the world, which is part of the reason they travel so well. Healthy cats make great travel companions because you don’t have to worry about finding vets in various cities, and you certainly don’t have to worry about minor issues such as car or motion sickness. These cats are not too large, and they’re very adaptable. They’re happy with virtually any type of surrounding, and they find it easy to adjust to changes to their schedule. This makes them an excellent cat for people who travel often.

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They’re cute because they look a little bit wild. However, looks are often deceiving. These cats are not wild; they’re mild. They’re very well-behaved and do well in traveling situations. It has a strong bond with its family members and they are even easily trainable. Since most people don’t train cats, this is a great concept. This is a cat you can convince to walk with a leash, almost like a puppy. It makes it easy to travel with this kind of cat, which is always a good thing since it eliminates a bit of the stress that often accompanies travel.

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Siamese Cats

These cats are great travel companions. They’re very laid back and easygoing, which makes them easy to travel with. They have big personalities, and are fiercely loyal, so you’ll never worry that they’ll wander away while you’re attempting to get gas or head out on the open road. They’re very self-sufficient as well, so while you’re out sightseeing and enjoying your destination, they’re able to get comfortable and enjoy their time away from home. They’re good with both children and other pets, as well. This makes for a great feline travel companion.

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These large cats might not seem like they’d be very easy to travel with, but they are. They might require a roomier cat carrier, but that’s about the most high-maintenance request this pretty kitty might have. Manx make great pets for several reasons. They’re loyal, playful and fun. However, they’re very obedient and listen to instruction. They’re going to remain calm and collected no matter where they are, unlike rowdier cats that are going to become naturally scared when it’s time for them to participate in any activity that’s not second nature to them. These cats are very easygoing.

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What makes the Persian cat one that’s easy to travel with is the fact that they are very vain. They love attention and will love the fact that traveling means you’ll be paying extra attention to them. They’ll love being around other people when you’re somewhere away from home, because it’s simply a bigger audience for this cat to preen in front of. This cat, however, does require frequent grooming and brushing or you’re going to be left with a mess of fur that you don’t want to deal with in your car or in your cat carrier.

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Birman Cats

You might not think that this cat would make a good travel companion, but if you raise this cat on the road, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised just what a good traveler it really is. This cat is very playful, but it’s not bad. It’s going to travel well in a carrier, which makes your job easier. It’s going to enjoy new places, because cats love to explore and see what’s happening in hotel rooms and rental homes, or the homes of others who you happen to be visiting. Birman cats are pretty and easy to care for, so they’re not difficult on the road.

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British Shorthair

These cats are very chilled out. They are happy to just lie back and relax, which is exactly what they will do in the midst of traveling. They make great traveling cats because of this trait. They’re loyal and easygoing, and they adapt well. This is the kind of cat that could live in new surroundings all the time and never have a real issue with it as long as you are present from time to time. They love attention, but they’re also happy to relax on their own without any interruption.

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Burmese Cats

They’re very friendly, easygoing and simple to cart around. Burmese cats are, however, very vocal, which might not make them the best companion if you happen to be traveling with other people. However, if you travel alone, you’re going to love having a Burmese cat as a companion. They’re very sweet, fiercely loyal and they’re going to make sure you have a good time when you arrive. Just be aware that they will become excited in a new place, which means you may deal with a moment or two of running around and loads of excitement for a few minutes.

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Exotic Shorthair Cats

They’re the less fluffy version of a Persian, which means you’re going to get all the benefits of a Persian cat without all the mess of grooming and brushing all that hair. These cats are cats that enjoy being on your lap and your attention. They’re luxury cats, which means they’ll enjoy being carried around and pampered while on vacation, so they’re the perfect cat with which to travel. He or she will show a bit of contempt for new surroundings and promptly find a comfortable position to call its own, which is great for traveling with this cat.

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These cats are typically gray cats with medium coats of fur. They’re very simple to travel with because of their very easygoing personalities as their ability to adapt to their surroundings. It’s easy to travel with an adventurous and calm kitty, and you’re going to enjoy this  kind of cat as a travel companion. It’s a gentle cat, but it’s a large one. These cats tend to weigh around 14 pounds, which is quite large for a feline companion. However, they get along well with children, do not have issues with other pets and love to hunt mice.

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