15 Life Lessons Cats Can Teach us Humans

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You ever have one of those moments when you look over at your cat and want more than anything to just know what it was thinking? Wondering what kind of life lessons you could learn from that divine feline mind? We sure have, but the reality is, we probably wont be able to read cats minds any time soon. But if you simply pay attention to the way your cat lives its life, you can learn some very important things that can change your life. We are not even kidding. Here are 15 life lessons we could learn from our cats.

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Be Regal

A cat is rarely like a dog in the sense that it will run up to you and start slobbering you and jump on you and just overall cause overall chaos. If you watch a cat, you realize they carry themselves with an heir of grace. Humans have become fast paced, and often vulgar, over zealous people. The first lesson we could learn is to pull all that chaos back a little and be a bit more classy from time to time. We would all benefit from it is a whole.

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It’s Okay To Be Curious

Listen, life is full of mystery. It really is. It seems cats know this, as their sense of curiosity has gotten them in trouble before. But really, what that means is, do not just become some passive soul in your own life. Look around, ask questions, be curious. That is how you find new landscapes and new dreams. Plus, the more you know, the less you fear. But a second step in this is……

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Be Cautious

You can be as curious as you like, but too much curiosity and too much zest could get you into a bad situation. So be curious, but also follow that by being cautious. If you notice, most cats are quite hesitant of new things and new people initially. Don’t you think that is a life lesson we could learn? We let people in too quick, we get hurt. We let someone in we don’t know, even worse can happen. So be curious, but heir on the side of caution when you do.

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It’s Okay to be Different

Sometimes we are born with things that make us different than the person next to us. Sometimes, it is those traits that make us slightly embarrassed or insecure. But think about all the wonderfully different cats. Some with different colored eyes (like above) and some with crazy patterns or extra toes. The thing is, we love them all the same, and they act no different for it. Accept what sets you apart from people and strut around like you are no different than they are, because cats prove that to be true. That is a great life lesson for all of us.

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You Don’t Always Have To Be in a Good Mood

We have all had those days. You wake up after a night of no sleeping and everything goes wrong for you. You are not alone in that. But did you know it was okay to not always be in a good mood? This is one life lesson we could all learn from cats. We are not saying be mean to people. We are just saying you will have bad days, and it is okay to be not quite in a social mood in those days. Cats have those days when they just don’t want to be touched, and we have them, too.

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Chill Out

We all know what it is like to be walking on the wire, financially and mentally from time to time. Do you see what your cat does when life gets to be too much? It finds a nice spot in the sun (or in a box), and it takes an epic nap. Then, when the time is right, it gets back to its life. Did you know we are allowed to do that, too? That we sometimes need to just remind ourselves to relax and chill out? Well we are, and we need to do it more.

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Always Look Someone in the Eyes

Silly, right? Wrong. There is a key reason people with cats tend to bond stronger than people with other animals. The cat knows the key to the soul is by looking in the eyes. To cast your vision down, or to look away disinterested (as cats also tend to do) are signs of disrespect (even in their world, too). So if you want respect, you need to give it. A great way to show that is to look someone in the eyes when you are talking to them. Also, on the other end, if someone is being mean or rude, you can do that other cat stuff and send just as clear a message. Remember, it’s all in the eyes.

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 It’s Okay To Be A Loner

The world forces this image on men and women that we are always supposed to be grouped together and hanging out and breaking bread and partying. But guess what? Just like some cats, some of us don’t like that, and there is nothing wrong with that. You will meet cats who are fiercely independent in your lifetime. They may not like other cats, or just might prefer spending their time alone. The thing is, if that makes them happy (or you), that is not weird or wrong.

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Be You

Here is one all us rushing humans always forget. We try to so hard to impress everyone around us at work and at home and in relationships, we lose sight of who we really are and what it is that makes us happy. One minute of looking at a cat will make you realize, they compromise themselves for no one and are happier for it. Don’t you think we could all learn from that?

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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Only a fool would believe that life is always going to be good. That life is not going to throw you some curve balls (or hair balls) here and there. You know the expression cats always land on their feet? Well, that it literal, but can also be seen as inspiration for the figurative. You gotta be prepared for those extra hits you don’t expect. So what do you do when something comes out of nowhere and downs you? You do exactly what a cat would do if it fell five stories. You land and your feet, look around for a second, and get on with life.

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Follow Your Dreams

No dream is too big and no dream is too little. You ever see a cat jump to some insane shelf it never should have reached? What about the above cat, Morris, who is obviously a super star. Do you think he ever gave up or walked off set? The point here is, nothing is impossible and only the worst of us give up before we even try. A cat will always try the impossible, and 90% of the time, nail it. So why don’t we try that ourselves with our own hopes and dreams?

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Stay Cool

It may seem shallow to say, but it is true. We are not talking about keeping cool when it is hot outside. We are talking about keeping cool always. Just always being cool.  Life will jostle you, but the truth is, don’t let life notice it did. Just throw on some shades or a grab a  seat on a motorcycle and just show the world what cool means, no matter what is unfolding around you.

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It’s Okay To Go A Little Crazy Now and Then

Everyone is so darn serious all the time, but sometimes you gotta hit the catnip. You gotta sit back and chase a feather. You gotta roll around on your back, showing the world your tummy. As cool as cats are, they also know that every now and then, you need to just go crazy. Life does that to all of us. So go do something you love or try something you never have or go dancing with a friend. It’s just life. It is not that serious.

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 Stand Your Ground (and Save the Little Man)

Come on, we have all been there. That one moment when someone was bullying or gesturing or disrespecting, and we walked away or let it happen. We are not encouraging this means you fight people or push people around, but we are saying don’t let anyone do that to  you. Sometimes just standing your ground and keeping that eye contact can make all the difference. Remember that video from a few months ago where a cat runs out and saves a boy from a bear? That cat was not thinking about its size compared to the bear. The cat was simply protecting someone. That, my friends, is our point.

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Enjoy Life

Basically, when you observe a cat, you figure out what it enjoys. It lives that exact life. If it wants to go outside, so be it. If being happy means sleeping under a bed for 12 hours a day, so be it. Maybe they like looking into the fish tank for hours, drooling. Either way, the final life lesson we could learn from cats is the simplest and most profound. Live the life you enjoy. It may be a simple lesson, but it is a lesson we could all stand to learn in these rushed, modern times.

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