20 Amazing Photos of Cats With Firemen And the Stories to Match

When it comes to fires, firefighters are amazing people, risking their own lives to rescue anyone and everyone who is in need, this often includes pets. Many times when it comes to getting families out of a burning house, pets are involved and firefighters will make every effort to find dogs and cats, pull them to safety and help to treat them, as needed too, until they can get to a veterinarian. Cats are at the top of the list when it comes to pet rescues, and firefighters have even been known to have to climb in odd places to retrieve a feline. Rooftops and trees are just a couple places firefighters have forged to locate and rescue a frightened or hiding kitty. There’s something about seeing a photo of a tough, strong firefighter helping a helpless cat during a rescue that makes your heart melt. Below are the top 20 amazing photos of cats with firemen.

20. Firefighter gives oxygen to a rescued kitten

This kitten was trapped in a burning building. The kitten was rescued but due to its size, it is easy for a small cat like this, to be overcome with smoke inhalation and die. More often than not, animals perish due to smoke inhalation as opposed to burns and other injuries. This is also true for humans. Too much smoke in the lungs can cause you or your pet to stop breathing and when this happens, it is heartbreaking. Firefighters realize the need for quick treatment of oxygen, even for cats, when they’re removed from a burning building. The picture shows the firefighter gently administering some oxygen to the kitten to ensure it does not have too much smoke in its lungs.

19. Firefighter pulls white cat from flooded home

No matter what type of rescue is needed, firefighters are always ready to answer the call. They know how important people’s pets are to them; they’re family, too. So rescue efforts extend to the furry family members, too and in this picture, a firefighter is seen pulling a white cat from a flooded home. In this situation, the rescue was successful in finding the extended family member and bringing him to safety.

18. Heroic Response to a House Fire

This firefighter was one of several who responded to a house fire. After hearing that the family pet, this little kitty, was still in the house, this firefighter made the decision to go back in and find the family pet. It was obviously a successful mission because he was pictured carrying it out, and probably headed to give the poor little guy some oxygen to help nurse back to health after inhaling smoke.

17. Firefighter holds rescued baby kitten

This firefighter obviously had a hot experience while trying to get this little guy out of a hot situation. You can see the look of relief on the firefighter’s face that he was able to save this cute little kitten. Being so little, it may have been hard to spot in a burning building, but firefighters are not only trained on how to locate people in burning buildings, but animals too. They react to fires and these types of situations, differently than humans, often hiding in hard-to-find places, and firefighters must use their skills to hone in on them. This little guy probably received some oxygen to help get the smoke out of his lungs but he looks healthy.

16. Firefighter hands the chocolate kitty to his owner

This firefighter couldn’t be happier that he was able to hand this little kitty over to his owner. The cat was in a burning building and not only did he find the cat, but it appears to be just fine. Even firefighters like to revel in the moment of being able to let a pet owner know their pet is safe, and better yet, put that pet in their arms. This firefighter took a second to give the cat one more pet on the head, and by the grin on his face, he is feeling good about the job he and his fellow firefighters did.

15. Firefighters turn over a cat to its owners, safe in a cage

Fires can break out any time of year, even during a snow. Sometimes the weather can make rescues more difficult and the cold of winter is a time when many house fires do break out due to the use of heating devices in homes. These two women were waiting patiently in the snow, for word on their cat during a fire. These firefighters were thrilled to be able to hand their cat over to them and one is thrilled to be getting her feline back, safe and sound, all due to the rescue efforts of these men.

14. Firefighter carries gray feline out of house to its owners

This little guy looks like all he cares about is where are his owners. He is being held by a firefighter who spent time looking for the kitty after the owners were already out of the house. They were obviously going to be ecstatic to see their pet alive and unharmed. He may have gotten a little oxygen right after the rescue, to help remove smoke from his lungs, but other than that, he looks like he’s raring to go.

13. Firefighters walk with cat as he receives oxygen

Sometimes firefighters are the ones who wait outside the burning building to tend to those who come out, including cats. These two guys were handed a feline who was obviously in the burning building long enough that it suffered from some smoke inhalation and needed some quick action on the team’s part, to get it some clean oxygen to breathe. They are probably walking towards the cat’s owners while nursing it back to health, but they look happy to be able to give them their pet back, alive and well.

12. Firefighter walks cat to safety on shoulder

This firefighter is walking this little feline to safety and this cat looks a bit scared and confused. Firefighters are very sympathetic and empathetic to cats’ emotions and realize how frightened they must be in a situation like a house fire. They don’t know what to do, and they lose track of their owners in all the hustle and bustle of trying to get everyone to safety. This firefighter is doing a good job of comforting this little guy as he’s being carried to safety.

11. Team of firefighters tend to a rescued cat

This team of firefighters is working to give this rescued cat some clean oxygen to breathe after his rescue. Firefighters are always concerned about everybody’s safety, including family pets. They do not just rescue pets from burning buildings and turn them loose, they tend to them to ensure their safety, after leaving the house or building, too. Here is proof that firefighters want everyone to have the best chance of overcoming the tragedy, and as healthy as possible.

10. Firefighters carries injured kitty from burning home

This cat has suffered some smoke inhalation to the point that he is unconscious. He is carrying the cat to safety and to get some oxygen to help him wake up and come back around. He is a very fortunate kitty, that he was able to be found and carried to safety by caring men who want everyone to come out of a house fire, alive and well.

9. Fireman carrying dirty cat

This cat was obviously a little dirty after this ordeal. This picture shows the fireman carrying a very muddy cat who needed a little help and the firefighter looks very happy to help. Firemen don’t only rescue pets from burning homes and buildings, if they are there to help in any situation, they will step in and help pets, too. This little guy looks like he was not in a good place, to be that dirty, so it’s a good thing the fireman was able to get him out of it.

8. Fireman holding cat on boat in flooded waters

We all know that cats do not like water and are not swimmers. Floods are one of the most devastating natural disasters, and especially for pets since they have no idea what to do or where to go. These firemen are on a boat and following the flood waters to get to people and pets and give them a hand. Apparently this little guy lucked out by having this fireman there to help when he needed it. He is being taken to safety, away from the flood waters.

7. Fireman administering oxygen to cat on front porch

This little kitten is getting a dose of oxygen by the nice fireman who just rescued it. He is getting the gentle treatment that firemen are known to have with pets. He’s wrapped the kitten in a towel to keep it warm and feel secure. He is lucky he was found in the building and hopefully did not suffer from too much smoke inhalation.

6. Cat is reunited with owner

This cat is being reunited with its owner after being rescued from a burning home. The cat appears to be shaken up a bit and the owner, relieved to be getting her cat back safely. The Firefighters get as much joy from uniting pets and owners as anything. Happy endings are what their job is all about, and they work hard to help people who are struck with the tragedy of a fire.

5. Girl cries in relief getting her cat back safely

The look on the firefighter’s face in the background tells you how hard his job is, while rewarding at the same time. He just reunited a cat with his owner after rescuing him from a burning home and the owner is so thrilled and relieved he made it safely, she can’t contain her tears. He knows the cat is just as happy to see his owner, too.

4. Firefighter is happy to hear the kitten meow

The little kitten is meowing in this picture, which tells the firefighter he is alive and alert. He is probably a bit shaken up from all the chaos that surely was happening around him, and is probably on his way to be reunited with his owner, and maybe his momma and siblings. The firefighter is thrilled that this rescue turned out well and he is out of harm’s way.

3. Firefighter pets cat in owner’s lap after reunion

This picture shows how satisfying it is for firemen to be able to give owner’s their furbabies back during such a tragic situation as a house fire. This lady was obviously waiting to get her cat and was waiting for someone to get him for her. This fireman put the cat in her lap and stopped for a second to give him a little scratch on the head with a sense of relief that this rescue went well for both owner and kitty.

2. Fireman about to hand over cat to owner

The owner is ecstatic to see her beloved cat. The cat looks to be just as relieved to see her, too, and the fireman sees the bond between the two and is glad to help reunite the two together. In a house fire, there is already so much that is lost, but lives are the most important thing, both human and furry lives. Fireman do their very best to ensure that no lives are lost.

1. Cat getting oxygen in fireman’s arms

This cat has been through an ordeal, but this fireman has saved him and given him a second chance at life. He may be a little scared, a little dirty and a little disoriented, but he was saved by one of the great firemen that risk their lives to save other’s. He holds him in his arms while he tries to administer a little oxygen to counter the smoke inhalation he suffered. The fireman tries to adjust the mask over his face just enough to give him a little boost of clean breathing. Hopefully the effects of the tragedy didn’t last and he was happily reunited with his family.


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