20 Awesome Cats Wearing Sunglasses

academic cat

Cats are kind of cool in a very not-kind-of manner. They’re the coolest animals around, and we are pretty sure we’ve proven that to you with our recent announcement that Nestle-Purina said millennials prefer cats as their pet of choice. Now we are following that up with the discovery of the fact that the term, “That’s one cool cat,” clearly comes from cats in glasses. Sunglasses, reading glasses, retro glasses; they’re all cool cats. You have to take a moment to look through this gallery of cats that are cooler than any cool cats in the world. With their shades and their expressions, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find any cooler cats than these. We wish you the best of luck.

big cat in glasses

This cat knows he has it going on, and he is not afraid to show it off with his oversize shades, putting Paris Hilton to shame. We like him better, too.

cat giving a look

That look your parents give you when you’ve done somethign wrong but you’re not entirely certain what it is you’ve done or how they know; this cat has that look perfected.

cat in pink glasses

Sometimes you are so cool that you have to take a nap just to rejuvenate your coolness from the day. It’s tiring being awesome.

cat in reading glasses

This cat looks more like a deer in the headlights with that expression.

cat in retro glasses

If there is a group of Beatles for cats, this one is the next Ringo Starr or Sir Paul McCartney. I’m just sure of that.

cat in shades

When your grandpa falls asleep at the table waiting for your younger brother to tell us all about his exciting new life.

cat in tiny glasses

This cat looks like the hybrid baby of a cat and the Easter Bunny. Argue with me; I dare you.

cat looking at you

When you’re doing something you know is a bad idea and your friends are just like, “stop,” but you can’t.

cat love

Now this is what we call puppy love, but better since it’s a cat.



cat reading a book

Future student of Yale Law, this cat doesn’t want to waste time with Harvard.

cat walking glasses

Is this the kitten version of the walk of shame?

cats in glasses

What I see right here is Jim Belushi as a cat – along with the Blues Brothers behind him.

cool cat in glasses

No matter how hard you try, you will never be as capable of rocking shades and a bell quite as well as this feline friend.

cool cat in shades

Rachel Zoe if she were a cat instead of a celebrity stylist and designer.

cool cat

1978 called and would like its tiny glasses back, cat.

shocked cat

If that’s not the cat version of Hugh Hefner, nothing is.

sleeping cat in glasses napping

Napping ain’t easy, y’all.

sleeping cat in glasses

Being an educated feline is tiring.

sleeping cat

Some people look better in contacts.

three cats in glasses

We think the one in the middle wins, and the one on the outside left might not even be real.

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