20 Cats Who Will Never Accept Defeat


Cats know that they sometimes have some work to do, and they accept that without an issue. Sometimes, though, some cats are just so involved in what they are doing that they refuse to accept the fact that things are not working out for them. Call it denial if you will, but don’t let that stop you from checking out a few cats that would rather be uncomfortable forever than ever admit that they’ve got to accept defeat and move on.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that is so tired trying to walk across a clothing rack that he stopped for a nap.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that knows he’s not about to see what’s happening outside, but you can tell by his expression that he totally meant to do that.

Photo by Darthnut


This cat that loves to read and definitely wants to get into a good college.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that knows his friend is a jerk and isn’t going to move. He’s’ totally comfortable, though.

Photo by willingnesstogrow


This cat that is going to pretend this is the most comfortable nap position she’s ever been in. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that really did mean to do that.

Photo by Alisa Stephens


This cat that does to fit in that basket where it’s taking that very comfortable looking nap.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that knows that he can fix the copy machine himself.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that really does love this chair a lot and he absolutely does fit into it very nicely.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that isn’t at all stuck in this pipe. He’s just taking a break.

Photo by reddit


This cat that does not have a weight problem in the least. He’s big boned.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that loves trips in the car and isn’t at all tired of being afraid.

Photo by reddit


This cat that is not depressed and does not have a problem.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that isn’t stuck in between a rock and a hard place in life.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that can master the art of being a really good watchdog.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that wants to sit in this green chair.

Photo by reddit


This kitten that has plenty of space on this chair.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that is not too tired to find a real bed in an actual comfortable location somewhere in the house.

Photo by Flickr


This cat that is having fun despite the look on her face. She loves fashion.

Photo by Flickr


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