20 Cats Who Have Mastered the Art of the Photobomb


The art of photobombing is a relatively new one, but it’s one many people believe is something to be mastered. It’s getting into the background of a photo at just the right second, when no one suspects you are there. It’s the creepy eye between faces touching at a party. It’s the neighbors making out in their front yard as you snap a photo of your kids at the bus stop. It’s the animals engaging in a very personal deed in the background of a photo of your baby at the zoo. There are some people so good at photobombing they really should make a career out of it considering their level of awesome. But no one, and I repeat no one, has mastered the art of the photobomb quite like these cats. Their skill level is off the chart.

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When the parents of this sweet baby took his photo, they had no idea that he’d recently acquired a tail. This cat’s timing is beyond perfect, putting him in the line of the baby’s bottom with his tail at just the right time. This is a social media worthy photo if ever there was one.

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There are few things more relaxing than a late afternoon meal and cocktails with friends and family, and certainly these are moments worth capturing on film. Except that whomever was so fortunate to snap this photo at this second got the best photobomb ever. Just look at that cat go!

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Little kitty – who, by the way, looks exactly like the big cat but smaller – decided that he needed to make his way into this photo just in time. And what a cute little photobomber this one is. Who even wants a photo of the older cat when the little one is so sweet?

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What couple wouldn’t want a late afternoon shot of them embracing after exchanging their vows, mountains in the background and the sun setting before them? Most couples would embrace this shot on their wedding day, but this couple got a little something extra courtesy of this awesome cat photobombing this artistic shot.

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Nothing makes me happier than seeing this cat mimic this girl in her bathroom mirror shot. Because nothing irritates me more than people who feel the need to snap photos in a bathroom – a bathroom! It’s kind of gross, but this cat really does make this photo totally worth it.

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This fun dog looks like he’s happy to have a good time all the time. It’s just too bad that the cat in the background is obviously trying to kill this dog. If you don’t believe me, look into it’s soulless eyes and tell me I’m mistaken.

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That’s one black cat that was not interested in anyone else being part of a photo without him. He’s made sure he’s not only directly in the background of this photo, but that he is the cat we see first and foremost.

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Who do we feel is the cat doing the photobombing here. We almost feel as if the photographer was attempting to capture what’s happening the background right now, but then at the same time we think that just maybe he’s actually trying to get the cat in the front. Either way, all these cats win.

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This dog looks like he’s wearing a hat with the tail and leg of a cat, and we love it. This cat has epic and amazing timing to be right here right now. On another note, what do you think has the dog looking so freaked out?

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Photobomb level – Expert

Look at that cat. At first, you almost don’t see him. But then he’s right there and he’s all you can stare at. This cat knew just how to take the thunder right out from under this dog in the middle of this photo, which makes him a master.

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This cat wins for so many reasons. For one, he’s super cute. Secondly, it’s obvious that this is a selfie that was going to go wrong. Every self-respecting selfie-taker knows that this is the least flattering angle around, so this guy needs to thank his cat for saving him from photo embarrassment.

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This cat wants to remind his owners that he’s still part of this family even though they have a cute baby. He thinks perhaps they take too many photos of the baby and it’s time to get back into the swing of being the most important part of the family. He wins.

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What could have been a very model-esque photo is quickly ruined by not only the real cat leaning up against the bed in the background, but the faux cats all over this room. Someone loves their cats a little too much. Anyone want to guess that this is a single woman of a certain age and that these are just two of her little friends?

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Before we delve into the fact that this cat totally rocked this photobomb, can we discuss what’s up with all the animals on top of the dining room table? I don’t know whose house this is, but I do know that this is a prime example of precisely why I do not eat in the homes of people I don’t know or people with pets.

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This is what happens when you leave the camera on a timer and jump up, run to the couch and curl up with your girlfriend. Your cat wants to see what’s up with all that flashing on the camera.

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At first glance, this looks like nothing more than just a cat on a stand by a window. That is, until you see the cat in the window outside the window. This is a little bit creepy, and we kind of love it.

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This cat is not amused that anyone is looking to snap a photo of this dog. He feels that he’s more worth the camera time than the dog, so he thought he’d just get right into this shot for a little artistic quality.

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Selfies are not always as much fun as the people who post them think that they are, but this cat really does give me the creeps. At first it just looks as if he’s sitting on the back of the couch behind his person, but then you see his face and you know he’s going to kill her in her sleep.

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Sometimes cats have places to be that are quite important, and they have to get there in a hurry. Selfies be darned. This cat has to fly, and he’s not worried that he’s ruining anyone’s photo.

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This cat really gets the win for best photobomb. He timed everything just right. The pose it on point and he could not have made this photo more fun. Perhaps it was the flash that made him jump, or just his vain desire to be part of this photo. Who cares? It’s awesome.

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