20 Cats With Hilarious Hair Styles


This cat that cannot figure out what he did to deserve this hairstyle that tops the list of really amazingly hilarious hair cuts that cats have. I thought it was funny the number of bad hair cuts that cats seem to have, but it seems that people take the scissors to their cat more than we might imagine. It probably is not the most amazing way to style an animal, but it certainly is a hilarious way to do it. Read on to see 20 cats that have the most hilarious hair cuts you’ve ever seen.


This cat that thinks his owners might be slightly disappointed that he is not an actual lion. He may be distantly related to the big, wild cats, but no matter what they do, there is no way they can transform this little housecat into a wild Lion. It is pretty apparent that this little guy isn’t feeling like the cat of the jungle here. He just wants his fur back to the way it looked before his owners got a wild hair and transformed him into a mini-lion – kind of.


This cat that is clearly plotting his revenge at this very moment in time. Giving someone the evil eye, is what this cat is doing. He looks less than thrilled to be sporting this hairdo and is not taking the joke well at all. If I were the owners, I think I might be sleeping with one eye open for a while because like any hair, it’ll be a while before his grows out. Even when it does, I don’t think he’ll soon forget.


This cat that is not laughing about his unfortunate hair cut, even though it is the opposite of a mullet. Ok, so it looks like someone was hoping for one of those hairless breeds of cats, because clearly, that is what these owners were trying to make this kitty – sort of. Whatever look it was they were going for, I have to vote this one a fail. This cat is not exactly pleased with his new look, and I can’t say as I blame him.


This cat that really hopes someone pays for this, and not in a monetary manner. You can’t get any more


This cat that might be in shock over the fact that an entire second cat was shaved off his body. Did all that come from me? And if it did, do I have any fur left? He is one unhappy kitty and I don’t think he will be getting over this anytime soon. He will probably be seeing that pile of fur in his dreams for a while, or I guess nightmares, is the better choice of word. This is one angry feline and seeing the amount of hair there, I can’t say I blame him.


This cat that we desperately wish we could hear right now. We think we know what he has to say, but we’d love to know for sure. I can hear him yelling, something to the effect, of “why did you do this to me? Do you get your kicks out of butchering a perfectly fine haircut?” He does not find the humor in this one bit and he is apparently letting his owner know just that. You tell them kitty! You look ridiculous.


This cat that wonders if anyone will really even notice. Yea, we notice. It’s a terrible haircut and eventually you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that your owners were trying find a way to show off your cow-markings. But no matter what they were thinking, it was a kitty-haircut-fail and you will unfortunately have to live with this silly look for a while until your fur grows back out.


This cat that looks like a troll. When I see this cat, I want to pick it up and spin it between the palms of my hands and create funny hair-dos. Ok, if “troll” is a bit harsh, then how about a 1980’s band? No matter what it resembles, it is a ridiculous hair-do for such a pretty cat, but I have to say that it looks like this little guy is taking it in stride and may even think he looks rather cool.


This cat that really hates her life right now. We can’t decide if the hair or the cheeks are the worst part of this entire trainwreck. There aren’t really any words to say what this looks like, but one thing that is for sure, is this cat looks a bit miffed, depressed, or at the very least, confused as to why his owners would want to make him look like anything other than a beautiful feline. Are those dinosaur spikes on my back?


This angry cat that ended up getting a haircut by someone that did not know what they were doing. What is it with owners wanting to turn their golden housecats into miniature lions? This cat certainly doesn’t get it and he is not pleased with his owner right now. The owner’s thumb looks like it may be in danger here. The butchered feline looks like he is ready to do anything but greet his owner with affection at the moment.


This cat that’s wondering if this is really his reality or hoping he’s just seeing things. Am I supposed to be performing tricks like the lions in the circus? What is the purpose of this silly hair cut? The hair cut did not exactly do this feline any favors; now his paws look about 3 times too big for his legs and body. He would not exactly win any award for beauty with this hair-do.


This cat that has a head that looks disproportionate to his body now that he’s had his fur cut off. Whoever, or whatever got hold of this cat, did a real number on him. His eyes tell the story of how he feels about his owners right now, and it was captured on film. I see nothing but disgust for what he has to live with in looking like that. I bet if he could, he’d give his owner the exact same hair cut and ask him, ‘how does it fee?’


This cat that might kill someone. Well, isn’t that what lions are supposed to do? King of the jungle is what these owners were trying to get, so they might want to be careful with what this cat is now capable of. He’s just about ready to pounce here, and I don’t think it’s for a toy, or mouse. My guess is he’s looking for whoever was responsible for doing this to him, and he’s going to make them pay.


This cat that look slightly angry about what he saw when he looked into the mirror. No doubt this cat is beyond mad and disgusted. Wouldn’t you be if you saw this looking back at you in a mirror? He just knows he’s being laughed at and has become the household joke and my guess is, that he’s not going to let them get away with it. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what all is wrong with this cut, but you just know it doesn’t look right.


This cat that wants you to know he is not, nor has he ever been, nor does he want to be, a poodle. Puss ‘n Boots? Is that you? Or are those even boots? There is no explanation for this kitty cut, and this cat knows it. She was obviously once a beautiful snowy, white furball and now, well, she’s just all weird. Way to go kitty owners. Your cat looks as if she’s about to pack her bags and hit the road due to her very odd hair-do.


This black cat that is looking for his owners to get on a ladder so he can walk under it. If you didn’t know this was a real cat, you might think it was some kind of statue erected for cats. Who knows, but it doesn’t look like this cat got the better end of the shears here. I hope they didn’t pay too much for this cut because they did not get their monies’ worth on this one.


This cat whose owners couldn’t find boots for him, so they made their own. And they are not handsome boots. This cat looks like a cross between a raccoon and a wild boar. This was no fashion statement because it is not fashionable and this cat feels it. He is not thrilled about looking like a misfit and his owners might want to stay out of his for about 6 months, until his fur grows back.


This cat that’s face has been eaten by what’s left of his fur. There’s nothing really to say about this look, but whoa! That is a cat that I don’t think I would know what to say if I saw it on the street. Am I supposed to be happy about looking like a bag of sand with a giant cottonball for a head? Actually, he doesn’t look happy at all and if I could read cats’ minds, I’d say he was planning a runaway after that haircut.


This cat that really does not understand how gross this is. This is really gross, and is definitely not cool. I’m not sure what look the owner was going for here, but if he was trying to accomplish something in the realm of ugly and bizarre, then he did accomplish that. This gold (y) looks less than amused at his owner’s need to make him look foolish. Wonder what’s really going through his mind.


This cat that is still in shock, denial and still fearful for his life. You know the bad dream where you show up in a public place without your clothes, this is the look we probably have in that dream and this cat feels like he’s in the middle of a nightmare and naked. Animals feel a sense of embarrassment and start to feel insecure when they lose their hair or have bad haircuts. Not everyone realizes it, but they have pride too, well, at least this little kitty probably did, before this.

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