The 20 Greatest Cat Rescue Stories of 2017

Everyday, incredible animal rescue stories happen. Whether it is an animal rescuing a human or a human rescuing an animal. They can both be equally as inspiring and they touch people in a way that only a story like this can. Cats are notorious for getting themselves into predicaments and needing a helping hand to get them out. On the flipside, there are some people who find themselves in a situation where a cat has come to their rescue, many times it can be in a way you would least expect. Animals are pretty incredible with their love, loyalty and desire to help and some of these stories have been captured on video. If you love a good pet rescue story, keep reading to learn about the 20 greatest cat rescue stories of 2017.

20. The cat who was rescued from a glue trap

Many homeowners and business owners use glue traps for catching unwanted rodents that get into the building, but rodents aren’t always the only thing they catch, Sometimes other creatures get trapped in the extremely sticky trap and for this particular kitten, it was his unlucky day. The video above, shows the process that had to be taken for this very fragile kitten that found itself stuck to a glue trap; releasing it little-by-little so as not to injure it. Watch how the rescue took place.

19. Little girl who rescues cat, then cat rescues her

When a little girl Kylie, was diagnosed with cancer, she asked for a kitten, which she ended up getting when she finished her treatments. She named the shelter kitty Liza, and Liza never left Kylie’s side. Kylie told her mom to take care of Liza because she knew she wasn’t going to be around to do it for much longer. When Kylie lost her battle with cancer, her mother says that although she physically took care of the kitten, it was the kitten, who took care of her. She has always known exactly what to do to comfort her and the whole family after their loss, and they don’t know what they would have done without the cat. This is a beautiful story of, “who rescued who?”

18. Saving drowning kittens

When two kittens were found inside big water-filled tanks, clinging to life, two men went to work to remove the heavy concrete slab lids and get the tiny kittens out. It’s not clear how they got into the tanks, but the rain and was filling them and they may not have lasted much longer. Watch as the men pulled the kittens out, then see the two happy and reunited with their other sibling and their momma.

17. Saving nearly frozen kitten

There was nearly a foot of snow that fell in Bear Lake, UT the night before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving morning, a kitten was nearly tripped on in the snow a man and it was near frozen. The little white kitten was taken home where the man performs CPR and tries to warm it for over an hour. It seemed hopeless, so they left the kitten alone, thinking he was gone. An hour later after playing outside, the family returned to find the kitten awake and alive and stunned them all. Watch this rescue that will warm your heart.

16. Cat rescued from back of boat

When a cat was spotted on the stern of a big boat in a harbor, men standing by knew they had to do something. This video shows the rescue of a cat who found himself in a very unusual spot and predicament. For some people, there is no question as to what needs to be done to rescue an animal, even if it means jumping into frigid waters and swimming up close to a big boat and motor, to do so.

15. Cat almost stepped on while sleeping in the road

This adorable little kitten was injured badly and sleeping in the middle of the road when a girl almost stepped on it unknowingly. When she realized what it was and how hurt it was, missing part of its ear, she gathered it up and took it to a clinic. The kitten received lots of care and treatment for its ear and looks like it made a full recovery. If it had been left there, the ending would not have been a good one, so thankfully the girl took the time to care.

14. Kitten rescued from behind a glass wall

In China, a little kitten was found trapped behind a glass wall for three days, no food, no water and no way out. It took three days of people passing by the little guy before the receptionist of a karaoke company noticed it and alerted the building. The building’s property management’s office was called and they set out to rescue the little guy. A tunnel had to be dug to get this feline out and once they did, the karaoke receptionist decided he wanted to adopt the kitty. Although the rescue was a success, there is still question as to how he got in there in the first place.

13. Cat in desperate need of a haircut

This poor cat is desperate for a haircut. When the cat’s 80 (plus) year old owner who lived with Alzheimer’s was taken to a nursing home to live, his cat was forgotten and left behind. One of the elderly man’s his relatives came by to leave food out for the cat one day and he was startled to see a cat run past him looking monsterish with a coat unlike anything he’d seen. He found the cat hiding and discovered it had a couple feet of fur and badly in need of a cut. He took the cat to a vet to get help and they removed 2 pounds of fur. Watch the incredible transformation.

12. Kitty frostbitten and rescued from the road

A cat was spotted on the side of the road and freezing in the icy, snowy weather. It was covered with ice and barely alive, and no one was stopping to help it. One good Samaritan did stop, however, and just in time. The cat was taken to a veterinarian clinic where it was determined that the cat was about 6 months old and had frostbite on its tail. The cat underwent surgery to remove half of its tail, but otherwise, was in good health despite the condition it was found it. Watch this rescue story.

11. Kitten rescued after a rainstorm

When a little kitten was found all alone after a rainstorm, soaking wet and worms on it, a man picked it up and knew just where to take it. There was a momma cat not too far away that already had kittens of her own and the rescuer thought he would see if she would adopt this little guy into her family. Many times, other animal mothers, especially cats, will adopt another baby and care for it. As luck would have it, that’s what this mother cat did. When he checked on the kitten later, it was happily tucked under his new mom, with his new siblings, nursing and happy.

10. Climbing a 110 ft. tree to rescue a cat

Cats love to climb and some more than others. Some climb to the point where they get stuck high up in a tree and that is what this cat apparently did. It wasn’t just a little tree, but over 100 feet tall, but when this man saw that the cat was stuck up there and afraid to come down, he risked his life to climb 110 feet up to get the frightened feline down. Watch how this story unfolds on this video.

9. Two-cat tree day

Two related cats got stuck high up in a tree together and found they could not get down. Help was needed to reach Cecil and Ivan who were meowing incessantly out of fear until their brave rescuer climbed the trees to the top where the duo was waiting. He was able to reach them both and make his way back down safely with both felines in tow. I hope they don’t try that again, but you can watch this daring rescue as he saved both cats from the tree’s canopy.

8. Cat rescued from tree after three weeks in its limbs

This silly cat caused a lot of worry for its owners after staying perched in a tree for three weeks. Three hours would be a long time to sit in a tree, but three weeks is almost unheard of. But that is what this cat did and the owners finally called upon help to get her down. The rescuer used his climbing safety gear and harness to get to the top of the tree to get this feline down after hearing she’d been in the tree three weeks. When he reached her, it was clear she had missed a lot of meals and was very thin, though safe and sound. Watch this rescue on video.

7. Cats rescued from flood waters

When a flood in South Carolina caused homeowners to evacuate quickly, many had to leave their pets behind. This video shows rescuers going to homes to help collect pets that were stuck in the homes and no way out with flood waters all around. In this video, rescuers go upstairs in a home to find the house a disaster from these cats living with no one to care for them. Watch how they are able to rescue them from these frightful conditions.

6. Dramatic cat rescue digging him out of a hole

This video shows rescuers trying to reach a cat that was in a deep hole or tunnel. The rescuers had to dig deep into the earth to reach the white cat who was obviously scared and in a panic. It jumps all around the rescuer, while debris is falling into the dark hole, hitting the rescuer. This video shows you what humanity is all about and what people are willing to do to help animals. Watch how this furry little feline is brought to safety, thanks to its brave rescuers.

5. Cat fell into well

When a homeowner was working in his home at 1:00 AM, he suddenly heard a noise that was clear to be a cat meowing. It was coming from his backyard so he went to investigate. He discovered a cat in an old well in his backyard and knew he had to get it out. Cats find themselves in odd places and situations, often times, more than dogs. They don’t always have the ability to get themselves out and need a hand. Watch how this man helps this lucky cat, get out of a very bad situation.

4. Cats rescued from cement

On a street where there used to be holes in some cement, they were now covered and filled with cement too, until one day, a man saw a street cat standing by what used to be one of the holes, and meowing. The man had also heard the cries of kittens earlier in the day, but said all of a sudden they grew silent. More investigating led to the discovery that there were, in fact, kittens inside the sealed up cement hole and he had to rescue them. Watch this video to see how the kittens were rescued.

3. Cat stuck in fence rescue

This might be one of the most uncomfortable places to be, with your head stuck between the openings in a wire fence. Well, that is where this cat found himself, and he wasn’t happy about it. He was stumbled upon in the dark, and you can hear his terrified cries just begging for someone to help him. Good Samaritans stop to help and have to cut the wires to free him. Watch how this cat gets the help he had been waiting for.

2. Cat’s head caught in can

This might seem comical at first, but to this cat, I assure you that there was nothing funny about his situation. A bicycler was passing by and saw the helpless cat with its head stuck inside a Campbell’s soup can and in need of help. She gently picks the cat up and tries to bike home with it to help remove the can, but despite not being able to see, the cat jumps out of the bike’s basket. She catches it again and begins to make her way home. Watch how she rescues this feline from starvation, had she not stopped to help.

1. Fisherman catches two cats

Fishermen were fishing on an Alabama river when an unexpected thing happen. They look out over the water, thinking they might be seeing any other kind of animal swimming toward their boat, except what they really were – two kittens. The two friends moved closer to the tiny animals in the water to discover it was two little kittens who were trying to reach them for help. The fishermen fished the kittens out of the water and drove them back to land. See how this cat rescue took place in this video.


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