20 Kittens Lying on Top of Their Owners Heads


Kittens are sweet, and so are full grown cats. Bu there is nothing more adorable than a cat, regardless of his or her age, that loves his person. Cats always have a person. Even the ones that don’t seem that friendly or open to most people have that one person they love the most. And that one person has to endure a cat’s endless and often questionable love for the greater good. For example, my parents own a cat that’s about 10 now. Sassy is her name, and it’s her name for a good reason. This cat dislikes all people to the point that if you look at her, she will not even glance up from what she is doing (napping) but she will take the time to hiss at you to let you know that your gaze is unappreciated. The only person she loves is my dad. And my 4-year-old, who is the only child in the family brave enough to go near her.

I think that our daughter just scares the cat more than the cat scares our daughter, so she kind of sucks up to her. Either way, she likes my dad and my daughter only. And she will love on them until they are in pain from her love. She loves to lie on their heads when they are within reach, and so do the cats you’re about to see.


Don’t say a word. This little kitten is not in the mood to hear what you have to say. Just look at the expression on her face. She’s happy here and she wants nothing to do with you and your issues, and your problems with her.

Photo by reddit 


This is quite the impressive cat. I have to imagine that this man has quite a large head to be able to perch something this size atop it. It’s impressive. That is all.

Photo by Instagram 


She might have work to do, and it might look like she’s in an office. Fortunately for the cat, that doesn’t seem to matter. She’s good to go right where she is and no one seems at all affected by her.

Photo by imgur 


He’s really happy with the placement of his cat, and we can see why. Just look at the second photo where the cat is hugging his head. Who wouldn’t smile at that kind of love?

Photo by Instagram 


A cat nap is all this is. Get it? Okay, that was a bit corny. But really, this cat can’t find a better place to lie down and take a rest than on this guy’s head, and it’s totally cool.

Photo by Flickr


The kitten does not seem to know or care what is happening right now, and that’s what makes this photo so cute. He’s fine just chilling on top of his owner’s head, and his owner doesn’t seem to have an issue with it, either.

Photo by Facebook 


A rear view is sometimes the best view. This cat clearly did not get up here on his own, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not enjoying every second of having a nice, hairy place to rest right now.

Photo by imgur


This cat wants help. He’s not looking too thrilled about his current situation, and perhaps would appreciate a bit of assistance in making sure that this boy is not going to drop him flat on his face.

Photo by reddit 


This is impressive like nothing else. But what’s really impressive is not the cat’s ability to balance on the head of his walking owner, but the fact that there are a half dozen people on the street and only two of them seem aware of the fact that the man walking by has a cat on his head. Everyone else is completely oblivious.

Photo by Flickr


The man in this photo seems to enjoy what is happening, but the cat is kind of scaring me with those red eyes and that kind of evil in a very cute way facial expression.

Photo by ReallyCuteStuff.com


Is he mad about what’s happening right now, or is this man using his resting casual face to take a photo of his cat on his head? We will never know, will we?

Photo by Flickr


This cat might need to find a more comfortable, safer place to hang out than this. It might just be me, but it does appear that perhaps this one is too big for the head of his owner.

Photo by Reddit


Now there is a sweet photo. This woman is clearly fast asleep and her beautiful cat wants to be closer to her. This is the kind of heartwarming thing that we cannot make up. And what a pretty cat this is.

Photo by imgur 


She might have 100 other things to do, but the cat doesn’t care in the least. He’s got some time and he wants to spend it lying on top of her head making himself quite comfortable. And that is precisely what he’s going to do, too.

Photo by reddit 


It looks less like a comfortable position in which the cat is enjoying himself and more like torture. It almost appears as if the cat is holding on for dear life so he does not fall off the headset this guy is wearing.

Photo by imgur


What’s cuter than a kitten on top of someone’s head? How about a kitten on top of someone’s head because he is clearly at the vet and would rather be anywhere else?

Photo by reddit


I’ve got work to do, but if you’re comfortable then by all means, please stay where you are. I don’t need to see or anything. I’d much rather look at your little kitty behind in my face. That’s what this woman is thinking.

Photo by reddit


I feel as if this guy looks a bit like Jim Carey in a movie, but I cannot pinpoint which one. Either way, I love the total gangsta expression on the face of this cat. He looks like, “Yeah, I’m bad. What about it?” and it’s awesome.

Photo by Reuters


This cat is hating life. The narrowed eyes. The glare. That green sweatshirt. I mean, it clashes with the cat. What was she thinking?

Photo by imgur 


These two kind of resemble one another. The only thing missing is the totally awesome beard that the man has going on placed on the face of this very cool cat.

Photo by imgur 

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