20 Cats That Look Like Other Things

We all know that cats have distinctive looks and distinctive personalities. Just as all types of animals cat breeds vary greatly from one to another. Some cats are cute and cuddly while some are quirky and aloof. Cats in general are often eccentric pets with individual personalities. Have you ever looked at a cat and thought you’d seen it somewhere else? Is there something about the cats appearance, mannerism or personality that looks uncannily familiar? Do you experience de je vu when you see a certain cat even if you’ve never seen this particular cat before? It may not be that you’ve seen an exact look-alike cat somewhere before. It may be that the cat is a doppelganger.

Some cats look like celebrities or people we may know. Some cats look like other types of animals while some resemble animated characters. Distinctive looking cats can look like evil characters or friendly lovable creatures. A cat can look like an inanimate object or even bring to mind a philosophical symbol.  Check out these 20 cats that look like other things.

1. Voldemort

This cat looks like an evil character from “Harry Potter”. Lord Voldemort is the antagonist in J.K. Rowling’s young adult novels of Harry Potter and the subsequent “Harry Potter” films. The evil wizard is the archenemy of Harry Potter and his friends. Lord Voldemort is so terrible that no one even dares to speak his name. With his pale face and pushed in nose, Lord Voldemort exudes evil and causes fear to those unfortunate to be around him. He’s a true villain. This unfortunate Siamese cat could pass for Lord Voldemort’s twin. The pale coloring, the shape of the head and nose, and those eyes automatically bring to mind Harry Potter’s nemesis. We hope this cat has a friendly side and it’s people can dare to speak its name.

2. Lenin

Sometimes cats look just like historical figures. The may have interesting markings in their fur. Patches of colors decorate the body. Sometimes, these markings can make a cat appear familiar. This cat could almost be mistaken for Vladimir Lenin. The revolutionary Communist changed the country of Russia’s politics dramatically, bringing down the monarchy and creating a Communist society. This was a catalyst to war across Europe and the world to prevent Communism from spreading. This Lenin look-a-like cat not only has the marking resembling Lenin’s beard, but also has the stature and eyes of a revolutionary assured that he can change the world. Of course, this cat is probably only interested in getting its next meal.

3. Hitler

Like the “Lenin” cat, this cat has some distinctive markings. Some unfortunate markings make this cat look like a carbon copy of dictator and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. With his distinctive mustache and swept over hair, the image of Adolf Hitler brings to mind the destruction he caused in Europe during the first half of the twentieth century. This poor cat looks just like the reviled world leader. The markings that look like Hitler’s hair and mustache are obvious, but the eyes even look like Hitler. We hope this cat doesn’t try to take over the world and create the “perfect” race.

4. Batman

Some cats seem to resemble comic book characters turned into film characters. This lucky cat looks just like a superhero. We would expect it to react to the bat sign, jump in the bat-mobile and save the city from evil villains. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this cat hanging out with another cat that looked like Batman’s trusted companion Robin. This “caped crusader” could have taken the role of Batman over from actor Christian Bale. Its not just the obvious markings that look like the bat mask and a cape that bring to mind Batman when we see this cat, but it’s also the eyes. They’re so stoic and brave looking. We wouldn’t expect anything less than for this cat to protect the city of Gotham from evil.

5. Einstein

Brilliant artists and scientists throughout history have also shown a quirky or eccentric side to their personalities, and sometimes we can uncannily make a connection between these geniuses and our own pet cats. World renowned theoretical physicist Albert Einstein was a genius. Like all geniuses, he was also an eccentric. The German born scientist changed the world through his scientific ideas during the early twentieth century. This cat looks uncannily like Einstein in this photograph. Einstein’s eccentricity shines through with his bushy hair and tongue sticking out as if to admit he’s a bit crazy but also a bit fun. This cat looks like a cat we would like to hang out with for some carefree laughs when taking a break from theoretical physics.

6. Rug

At times our cats can seem like inanimate objects when they are still. The cat may look like a statue or resemble the image we’ve seen in a painting at some point. This cat looks like a throw rug. We aren’t sure if this cat is just chilling out or if it is atoning for its sins. Laying prostrate, this fluffy cat could be mistaken for a throw rug. If it weren’t for its head, we might be inclined to step on it. Pets often veg out on the floor, but this particular cat looks so relaxed that it almost seems inanimate. This cat seems like a really great companion to just chill out with.

7. Iggy Pop

The Sphynx cat doesn’t even really look like a cat at all. The hairless cats bred in the 1960’s are odd looking and almost psychedelic. Iggy Pop is a major figure in the punk rock movement on the 1960’s. It’s not surprising that the hairless Sphynx cat would look like one of the greatest punk rockers of all time. Still, it’s a little creepy how the two look so much alike. They both look a bit weathered and aged by a rough life of punk rock stardom.

8. Swamp Creature

Every now and then we see a cat that looks creepy. This poor wet cat looks like a swamp monster. They say cats don’t like water and if you’ve ever tried to give a cat a bath you can see that. Anyone who has washed a dog or cat knows that soaking wet, these pets look entirely different. This water soaked cat doesn’t look like a cat anymore at all. It looks like a swamp creature straight out of a scary cartoon or horror movie. Let’s hope this cat looks friendlier when its all dry. Otherwise, it looks like this particular cat could emerge from a swamp covered in slime and attack.

9. Dobby

A much more pleasant “Harry Potter” character than the evil wizard Lord Voldemort is the house elf Dobby. Poor Dobby, the elf who was treated poorly by the Dark Wizards in Harry Potter. The abused elf looks sad, tired and defeated. Yet there is something inside of his eyes that says he will still do what is right and help the good. This short haired cat has the giant elf ears of Dobby. Beyond that, its eyes look exactly like the defeated look of Dobby’s eyes. Let’s hope this cat is not always so down in spirit.

10. Ying Yang

Its so sweet when we see our pets play with each other. It makes us happy to know they are companions and friends. Nothing can be more peaceful than watching 2 cats snuggle up together as they sleep. In Chinese philosophy the symbol of the intertwined black and white represents how opposites are actually interconnected. The symbol evokes peace and harmony even between opposite sides. These two cats amazingly formed the symbol when they snuggled together and took a nap. When we see these black and white cats entwined we can’t help but think about the Ying and Yang symbol so prevalent in Chinese philosophy and experience an understanding and peaceful feeling about the world we live in.

11. Wilford Brimley

Sometimes a cat can resemble a person we think we know and it turns out it is an actor we’ve seen on television or in film. Wilford Brimley is the seasoned actor who has played roles from cantankerous old man to wise grandfather. With its fluffy hair, big white mustache and knowledgeable eyes, this cat reminds us of Wilford Brimley. Cat’s tend to be moody in general, but with this cat, we feel like we could sometimes get the cantankerous old man and sometimes get the endearing, kind and wise old grandfather whose wisdom comes from decades of experience.

12. Fluffy Toy

Like the cat that looks like a rug, this cat looks like a toy or an embellishment to a scarf. Fluffy cats are pretty and often have very cuddly sweet personalities. Despite the shedding, fluffy cats make great companions. They also make great accessories. Look around your home and see if you have any fluffy toys or in your wardrobe to see if you have a lot of pompoms decorating your sweaters or scarves. If you do, take a look at your fluffy cat. Does it look familiar?

13. Chewbacca

Even without the ammo belt, this cat is a dead ringer for our favorite Wookey from the “Star Wars” franchise, Chewbacca. Even the hair color is the same. With its windswept hair and loyal eyes, we would expect this cat to be just like Chewbacca. This cat would be a loyal companion to help you fight evil and be your copilot for life.

14. Salvador Dali

Twentieth century Spanish artist Salvador Dali is best known for his surreal works of art and style. Dali was eccentric whose public persona was often more outrageous than his art. This cat captures the look and mood of the renowned and imaginative artist. It’s not just the obvious upturned “mustache” but the wide and wild look in its eyes that captures the essence of Salvador Dali.

15. Seal

This sweet cat looks just like a cute baby seal. With its little ears, pudgy face and long whiskers we would expect to see this kitty performing for fish at Sea World. Sometimes animals can look like other animals. Clearly we’ve seen this cat somewhere else. We’ve seen it basking on a rock by the sea or we’ve fed it a fish at the zoo.

16. Jabba the Hutt

Like the Chewbacca cat, this cat looks like another “Star Wars” character, Jabba the Hutt. Jabba the Hutt is the giant slug like alien who first appeared in “Return of the Jedi” when Han Solo was brought to him by a bounty hunter. Jabba the Hutt is one of the ugliest characters in the “Star Wars” franchise. This poor cat has the misfortune to look a lot like the evil alien creature. His poor face looks a lot like Jabba the Hutt’s face. Fortunately, this kitty is not slimy at all but looks like a fluffy cuddly friend.

17. Vampire from “True Blood”

This creepy dark colored cat is the perfect Halloween accessory. What are the odds that its bared teeth would look just like vampire fangs. Its evil look and snarl reminds us of the vampires in the 2000’s television fantasy drama “True Blood”. Despite the fear this cat’s appearance puts in us, we expect that it is simply a cursed animal with a good heart deep down inside.

18. Owl

Like the seal look-a-like cat, this cat looks like another animal. Its coloring, ears, nose and eyes are so owl like that it could be mistaken for an actual owl. We wouldn’t be surprised if this cute little cat flew out of a barn and sat in a tree outside our window at night saying “whooo whooo”.

19. Maleficent

It may be that this cat just needs a little grooming, but it’s an exact replica of Angelina Jolie’s “Malificent” in the animated Disney film “Sleeping Beauty”. That hair coming out of its ears rises up just like Malificent’s creepy headpiece. With puckered cheeks and mysterious eyes, this cat could be the fairy gone bad. Thankfully the cat is still adorable and not entirely mysterious looking.

20. Halloween Decoration

Superstitions have made the black cat a symbol of Halloween. Black cats blend into the night. When they are frightened, cats arch their backs like the one here. We put up decorations of arched back black cats for Halloween to celebrate the spooky part of the holiday often accompanied by decorations of witches, full moons and bats. This cat could easily be mistaken for a Halloween decoration sitting in a reveler’s yard or on a fence post.


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