20 Kitties Who Look Adorable with Sweaters On


Cats are not really known for their outstanding desire to do things that are considered ‘human,’ in almost any way. They prefer to perch atop a high surface and judge, looking down on others with judgment in their eyes. They like to make us feel as if they love us one moment and as if we are the biggest morons they’ve ever met the next. They can be masters of stinginess with their love and affection, and they’re never anywhere near as excited to see you at the end of the day as a dog. In fact, while cats are exceptionally cute, cuddly and sweet, I can’t even figure out why so many of us have them. And then I realize it’s because cats are just cool cats (see what I did there?) And then I realize that for every judgmental look they give us, we have a sweater we can put on them in an effort to show them who really is the boss. Or to keep them warm. Or for holiday photos. Either way, these cats in sweaters are too hilarious and too adorable for many words.


This cool cat is loving what’s going on right now. He feels as if his sweater says, “Look at me,” I’ve been forced to do something that I don’t want to do by people that must really hate me for some reason or another,” and he’s taking it. That’s the good thing about cats, though. They do take it. They have no choice.


When a cat has to wear a sweater for whatever reason, at least it could be one with a bit more flair and style than this one. And this cat seems to know that out of all the sweaters in the cat world, he ended up with the least cool one available.


A pink sweater isn’t the worst thing that ever happened in the history of the world, but I do have to say that this cat looks more like a male than a female. So that makes it a little bit more fun for me to pretend that this sweater might actually be the worst thing that ever happened to this cat.


A sleeping cat is one of the sweetest things we get to see in the course of our lives, and this cat in his cozy sweater really makes me want to spend some time doing the same. If it wasn’t 100 degrees here in Florida, I’d absolutely curl up in front of a fire with a cup of hot coffee and a good book, a thick sweater and a blanket. That looks nice.


At least this cat in her pink sweater looks a lot more feminine than the cat in the pink sweater we showed you a few moments ago. This one has a very feminine way about her look.


I think that I might have a love affair with a cat this cute in an argyle sweater. In fact, this photo makes me want to go out and find a sweater like this for my cat. Who lives in Florida where it is always hot and it will certainly cause him torture. But fashion is sometimes uncomfortable.


When you have the look of a supermodel, sometimes you have to be added to the gallery twice. And this cat certainly has what it takes to be a supermodel. Look at his pride and excitement sitting around modeling this gorgeous looking sweater. He’s a doll.


This sweet kitten might not hate her life right now, but she’s not loving this sweater. It’s really too bad, since she looks completely adorable wearing it around the house like this.


When you have to wear a sweater that looks like something from Harry Potter, you might as well rock it, right? This cat certainly is doing just that.


Who me? Are you looking at me in my pretty sweater? I’m just shocked that you are looking at me all casual and not posing in the least. I’m not trying to be the center of attention or strike a pose. No, really, I’m not.


This is the epitome of hatred and loathing right here. This cat is not happy about anything that just happened in his life. He is especially unhappy about this sweater set that doesn’t do him any favors. But major props to the people who dressed this cat. We can tell it’s payback of some sort.


No one really expects anyone with reddish orange hair to look so good in olive green, but this cat really does have a nice coat for this sweater. It’s very military chic.


Welcome to Little House on the Prairie kitten addition. Here you will find cats with hats that they really don’t care for, and what might be a more dysfunctional relationship than that of even the Kardashians.


I will not wear this sweater, but I will lie under it and allow it to warm me. This does not harm my pride in the manner that what you seem to be asking me to do does.


It might be me, but it seems almost as if this kitten is wearing a sweater that might be a size too small. Didn’t anyone ever tell him that fashion is all about the fit? He’s either gained a few pounds or he’s in denial about his real size.


There are many things to love about this particular cat, but my favorite is the fact that his expression is that of Grumpy Cat. But he doesn’t look like a cat that suffers from feline dwarfism, so we can only consider that he’s really just grumpy.


Fall is right around the corner, which means it’s time for all things fall-related. And while we love a candy corn, someone forget to tell this cat that candy corn is not for wearing; it’s for consumption.


Well, hello there. I’m lovely. I own this house, and I like nice things. This might be a picture of a high-maintenance cat, and we love it. And I kind of want a sweater like this one.


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Hate me because someone made me come outside wearing this hideous sweater and then stood around and actually expected me to pose for photos as if I’m actually enjoying this trainwreck. Sorry, no.


Now here is a cat not at all worried about being appropriately dressed for the season. This cat is just comfortable, and when comfort happens, it’s time for a nap. We like that he doesn’t have a problem sleeping in a sweater.

Photos by imgur, reddit, instagram

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