Ten Great Cat Breeds for Children


We’ve recently shared an article on selecting a cat breed that’s right for you.   And in that article we discussed children as being a big part of that decision.   But today we wanted to expand on the topic of children and cats.   After all if your child can’t get along with your cat it’s going to be an issue in the household.  So we decided to search for the most amicable cat breeds when it comes to children.   Any of these 10 are a fantastic breed but when it comes to how they are with a children, it’s a bonus!


10.  Abyssinian – Abyssinians are great for older, energetic children. These cats like to be outside, and they’ll get your kids on the lawn as much as possible. Abyssinians are playful and considered the clowns of the feline world — they will amuse you with their antics. However, these cats don’t make great starter pets for toddlers or younger children, who aren’t old enough to play outside on their own. Abyssinians do get fussy if not attended to regularly, and they tend not to warm up easily to new people.


9. American Shorthair – Expect it to interact with your kids amiably when they dangle toys in its face, although hours of play are unlikely. American Shorthairs don’t require lots of grooming, but they might charm you into brushing them.


8. Birman – Consider a Birman for quieter or younger children or those equipped with strong patience skills who like cuddling. It will reward them with a mighty purr.


7. Manx – This is an extremely playful breed, known for a high interaction level. Some liken its personality to a dog’s, as it enjoys burying and digging up toys [source: Cat Fanciers Association]. Many Manx cats are very attached to their owners or families. Once they form their bonds, they’re unlikely to transfer them to others. However, other Manx cats will show affection to anyone, including people outside their domestic families.


6. Maine Coon – This extremely playful breed’s love for the outdoors translates into a need for an outdoor pen or farm — somewhere the pet can roam freely for extended periods of time. They chirp like birds rather than mewing, and will keep the family entertained with their huge personalities. They are also very fascinated by water. These cats demonstrate huge loyalty to family.


5. Persian – Undemanding, this breed isn’t going to follow you around the house trying to figure out what you’re up to. But they do love affection and petting. Mainly an indoor cat, Persians shouldn’t be taken outside, as their coats will collect dirt and debris (source: Fanciers)

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4. Ragdoll – They make great indoor pets, and will follow you around the house. They get along remarkably well with kids and dogs and can sometimes learn small tricks, like fetch — and the play-dead “trick” will be a hit with your kids’ friends.


3. Siamese – As the most popular shorthaired breed in the United States, the Siamese cat utilizes its slender body to communicate a variety of gestures and facial expressions. They’re also gluttons for attention and capable of developing strong and loyal relationships with family members.


2. British Shorthair – This breed faithfully bonds with children and adults and was lauded back in the days of ancient Rome for its loyalty to man and its hunting talents [source: Cat Fanciers Association]. The British shorthair demonstrates lots of personality and is often playful.


1. Tiffany – Because of the Tiffany’s balanced personality and ideal temperament, often described as moderate, it has been described as a Goldilocks cat. It is active, yet tolerates quiet time. It is curious, yet won’t force itself aggressively into your business, nor will it get into mischief. It will also play companionably with children, but it won’t wear them out with excessive energy levels.

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