Kitten Teething Toys That Should Stop Them From Biting

Kittens begin to lose their sharp little baby teeth when they are around nine to ten weeks of age. From this point on, it takes five to six months for their adult teeth to grow in. This means that they’re going to be teething and we all know what that means…a lot of chewing and biting. They can’t help it because their gums itch and hurt, and this is an instinctive response. However natural the actions are, you can’t put up with a biting and chewing kitten, so here are five kitten teething toys that should help to keep them from biting.

Petstages Dental Health Cat Chews

These are healthy toys that are made just for the needs of growing and teething kittens. There are several different varieties to choose from so you can buy several to keep on hand. These chews are highly recommended for helping to alleviate the pain associated with feline teething by massaging the gums as the kitten chews. In addition, it clean kitty’s teeth and removes tartar from the gum line for good dental health. These toys contain catnip stalks and the fiber of the stalks makes a crunchy sound which kittens thoroughly enjoy. This satisfies the natural craving for chewing and crunching to help redirect your kitten when you’re attempting to discourage biting.

KONG Cat Hugga Wubba Cat Toy

This novel kitten toy comes in the shape of a four legged pink octopus. It’s one of the most novel cat toys on the market. It’s great for keeping your kitten distracted from the discomfort of teething and actively engaged. This is a larger toy that your kitten can grow with. The legs hang down and kittens love to bat them and chew on them. This toy features a built-in rattle that will delight your kitten with a wonderful noise that makes it interesting. Catnip is infused in the Wubba so your kitten will be instantly attracted to it. When kitty chews on a leg, it makes a crackling sound. This is one of the best kitten toys on thee market.

Petstages Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel

This is a kitten chew toy that is good for dental health. While your kitten chews on the unique looking pretzel, his teeth get a good cleaning that helps to remove plaque. The size of the toy is 2×2 inches which makes it perfect for younger kittens. It comes with a unique netting that works on the same principle as dental floss. It’s infused with catnip on the inside so it will attract your kitten immediately and keep his interest. This toy is durable so it will hold up under some intense biting and chewing.

Petstages Catnip Chew Mice

This toy is actually two toy mice that have netting on their backs. As with many other dental health chew toys, the netting flosses the teeth so your kitten will have a healthier mouth. It also satisfies the urge to bite and chew bringing relief from pain and itching by massaging the gums. The mice are made with tough durable materials that can withstand a lot of abuse from a biting and chewing kitten. They are also filled with catnip so kitten will be instantly attracted to them and will want to chew on them regularly, instead of your fingers.

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

This dental health stick is ideal for massaging your kitten’s gums and bringing relief from the pain and discomfort of teething. The really great thing about this toy is that it gives your kitten a dose of mint that helps to clean the teeth and freshen his breath at the same time. There are actually three benefits in this kitten toy. It is fun for kitty, it helps with teething pain and it smells good. The toy is filled with mint which attracts kittens nearly as much as catnip does, with the added benefit that it gives kitty sweet smelling breath. The sticks are easy for kitten to grip with his teeth and he’s likely to pack it around the house to play in his favorite resting spot. If your kitten has bad breath, this is one of the most highly recommended kitten toys for biters and chewers.

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