20 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Bombay Cats

Bombay cats are an interesting looking breed, but this doesn’t stop at their appearance. It’s a combination of looks and personality that make them one of the most desired breeds for house pets throughout the world.

They sport a beautiful satin coat with captivating eyes that catch your attention immediately. They truly are a striking cat, but their uniqueness goes far above their gorgeous looks. Here are 20 fun facts that you didn’t know about Bombay Cats.

1. They are named after an exotic port

The Bombay cat is not a breed that occurs naturally. They are a man made kind that was bred from combining a few different varieties to come up with the perfect genetic combination that gives them their lovely appearance.

They do feature an exotic look and they tend to have mysterious personalities.

When you look into their eyes it’s almost a supernatural experience, so of course, they had to be named after a place that would offer a description of this amazing cat. They are named after Bombay, the exotic port in the country of India.

2. Some are completely black

Of course, you can still see the whites of their eyes, but some Bombay cats are completely black from the tips of their ears to the pads on their paws. This is a whole lot of black and it’s easy for them to hide in dark places.

When they emerge it can give you quite a start if you’re not expecting it. The black on the pads of their paws is a fairly rare characteristic that isn’t that common among felines. While most have at least a tinge of pink on their paws, this kitty has a special physical appearance that sets it apart from most others.

3. The appearance of a Bombay cat is deceiving

At first glance, a Bombay cat is likely to come across as being independent and somewhat independent. While some may have this trait, most are actually highly affectionate and super clingy.

Bombays tend to look like they’re in stealth mode, and ready to dart into a dark corner and hide from you, but once this cat bonds with you, you’ll have a new buddy that will follow you from room to room, just to be close to you.

One of the nicknames given to Bombay cats is “velcro cats” because they have a habit of sticking close to their masters.

If you currently own a Bombay, you know what we’re talking about. If you are thinking about adopting one, be prepared to be fully shocked when the mysterious cat that may seem a bit reserved at first, does an about face and sticks to you like glue.

4. They are easy to train

Because Bombay cats are so highly intelligent, they are also very easy to train. This inquisitive cat loves to learn tricks.They are all about new discoveries, so if you like to play, you’ll become their new best friend.

Teach them a trick or two and you’ll impress your friends and family. There are many Bombay cat owners who have been successful in teaching their kitties to fetch and to do other cool tricks.

Since they love to play, it’s not difficult to teach them to associate hand signals with certain actions. They also have very good memories and they especially remember things that they enjoy doing.

5. Owners must watch a Bombay’s diet

Bombay cats are a breed that can gain a little too much weight, but because of their satin coats, it doesn’t really show. They are good at hiding a few extra pounds so your kitty’s weight could become out of control before you realize it.

By nature, Bombay cats have a more dense build than other cat breeds. It’s best to keep a good eye on the amount of food that your Bombay takes in, and stay within recommended guidelines for his age, size and level of activity.

Obesity can soon lead to other health related issues, so it’s important to understand that your Bombay cat can get fat without really looking overweight.

6. They love to sleep on your bed

This is something that all Bombay cat owners learn early on. Bombays do need to have their own beds, just in case they want to use them, but you’ll find out that their real preference is to make themselves comfortable in your bed.

Most often, they’ll get a night time cuddle or two from you, then be content to sleep at the foot of the bed. If you’re not keen on having a cat on your bed, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Bombays are very smart cats, and this means that they are also fairly easy to train. If you let your kitty know that he’s not supposed to be on your bed, he’ll honor your wishes in time. It just takes a little work and patience to teach him the do’s and the don’ts of the house.

7. Bombay cats are fiercely loyal

Bombay cats tend to bond to one person over all other members of the house. While they do love attention and affection from other family members, they seem to pick one special person that they form a big time connection with.

This is the person that they will follow around above all others in the house. They are extremely loyal and when it comes down to a contest of who they would rather be with, they’ll choose that one special person nearly every time. That is, unless there is a special treat involved. This may turn their heads briefly.

8. They love to stare

Bombay cats have a big time tendency to stare. Once they set their gaze, it may remain on one person or thing for a while. Some people may think that this is creepy, but they are just studying the thing that they are looking at.

There isn’t usually any ill intent. It’s important to remember that Bombays are very smart cats. While it’s hard to tell just what’s going on in their minds you can tell when the wheels are turning.

You’ll know if he’s angry because when he goes into a long and hard stare with his tail swishing and his ears pinned back, he’s showing everyone around that he’s in a foul mood and not willing to be trifled with.

9. Bombay cats are tolerant

If you are a dog owner and are wondering if you should add a cat to the family, the Bombay would be the perfect choice. As long as your dog is cat friendly, Bombays are known to be extremely tolerant of dogs and children.

They are patient cats and when they are treated well by other animals, they tend to repay the consideration. You won’t need to worry about the dog and cat fighting for posturing when each learns their place in the home.

The only issue that you may have is when the dog wants your attention. Your Bombay isn’t likely to pick a fight, but he is going to try to insinuate himself in between the two of you.

These cats usually adjust very well to their new environments and tend to become comfortable with all inhabitants of the home in a reasonable amount of time.

10. They are extremely sensitive

It’s generally a rule of thumb that when you have a highly intelligent cat, they are also very sensitive. Yes, we’re talking about emotions here. This affectionate cat breed doesn’t do well when it is mistreated or ignored.

Training should always be done with the positive reinforcement method and this cat should never be yelled at, hit or punished. There are far better ways to get his attention and show him the do’s and the don’ts of the house.

Bombays that are not given attention may become depressed and fail to thrive. If you want to raise a well-adjusted Bombay, give him lots of love and attention and this includes frequent play times.

11. Bombays are lap cats

Bombays love human companionship. In fact, they crave it. They are among the biggest attention seekers in the feline universe. There is little that they enjoy more than sitting in your lap for a good cuddle session.

If you own a Bombay cat, you know exactly what we’re talking about. It seems the minute that you sit in your favorite easy chair to relax, your Bombay begins circling your legs and looks up at you with those big, round, button eyes that are virtually impossible to resist.

Of course, he knows that you’ll soon give in. If he can’t get your attention, he may just help himself and jump onto your lap uninvited, but this wonderful little guest pays back all of the attention that you give him and then some.

12. They don’t like to be left alone

Contrary to their initial appearance, Bombay cats are very dependent on their owners. They need human companionship as well as attention. It’s not a good idea to leave you Bombay in the house all alone.

They do get lonely, and can become depressed. It helps to have another cat buddy in the house, or a dog. Just do your best to not leave your Bombay alone for long periods of time. In addition to making your kitty feel miserable, he may also act out with destructive behaviors.

Shredding newspapers, letters, toilet paper or anything that is easy to tear up is fairly common with a lonely or bored Bombay. This isn’t to say that you can never leave them alone, but it’s not a good idea to make it a habit.

If you must leave this cat breed alone for several hours without another person or pet in the house, make sure that he has plenty of interesting toys to play with. You should also have a scratching post handy because this helps to cut down on destructive behaviors.

13. They give free massages

These wonderful lap cats are happy to show their love for cuddling by reciprocating with a belly massage for you. Bombays enjoy kneading and rubbing their owners. It’s like getting a personal massage for free, but be careful for the claws.

They have been known to get a little carried away with their rubbing, especially when you’re scratching their bellies and it’s feeling really good. If you do happen to catch a claw now and then, let your kitty know so he will remember not to do it again.

Bombays are really smart cats so it’s important to let them know when they are getting too rough. If you remind your Bombay often enough, he will soon learn to be mindful of the claws when exchanging rubs.

This is another behavior of the breed that makes them so popular. While it is true that they are big time attention seekers, they are just as quick to give attention in return. In fact, more often than not, it is the Bombay that will initiate the exchange. They usually purr loudly while they are giving you a good kneading.

14. Bombays are a new cat breed

The Bombay cat breed has only been in existence since the 1970s. While breeders began their experimentation in the 1950s, it took a while to achieve the goals that they were after.

It takes a lot of effort and persistence to gain recognition from the Cat Fancier’s Association for registering a breed. As of the ’70s, Bombay cats are now fully recognized as “registerable” and are eligible for pedigree when meeting the specified conditions of other man made feline breeds.

This was quite an accomplishment. While some people were under the impression that this breed arose from cats interbreeding with wild panthers, that isn’t the case.

They may have a strong resemblance, but this breed was created by selective breeding in a lengthy process that eventually produced the cat with the physical and temperamental qualities that the breeders were hoping to create.

15. Bombays like to meet their owners at the door

One of the most endearing qualities of a Bombay cat is their devotion to their owners. If you keep a regular schedule of coming and going from the home, he will soon learn when to expect you home.

Don’t be surprised to find him waiting at the door to greet you upon your return. Be careful though, these attention loving cats are likely to greet you and then rub against your legs, presenting a tripping hazard.

It’s a good idea to be aware that you’re likely to have a cat at your feet so you can take the necessary precautions when you come through the door. It’s difficult to discourage these affectionate cats from performing this behavior because it’s in their nature to make physical contact with the people that they love. They are just as happy to relax at your feet if you don’t feel like cuddling at the time.

16. Bombay cats were bred to look like a black leopard

When you compare pictures of a Bombay cat and a black leopard, you will quickly see the resemblance. This was the goal of breeders who began the creation process for this breed in the 1950s.

They wanted to make a cat that looked like a miniature leopard and they accomplished the goal very well. The mixture that gave them the results they were after was crossing a Burmese cat with an American Shorthair.

The result was a satin and highly shiny coat with huge and mysterious looking eyes. Bombays have maintained the physical body structure of the Burmese breed, with the black color of the American shorthair as well as the shape, size and color of the eyes.

If you get up in the middle of the night, you may get a fright if your Bombay cat jumps out in front of you in a low light room. They really do have the appearance of a leopard, just in a smaller version.

17. The most amazing eye coloring

Another goal of breeders was to produce a breed of cat that has eyes with a copper to gold coloring. This hue is particularly striking against the satin black coat, which is what gives the Bombay cats their striking appearance.

There are two different kinds of Bombay cats and it is easy to distinguish one variety from another, if you know what to look for. Both of them have very large and round shaped eyes, but the British version has eyes that may be any range of hues in between gold and copper.

The American Bombay is easily distinguished by its eye color that is more of a rich and sharp copper or orange, and all hues that fall in between the two.

It is at the age of approximately four months that Bombay kittens’ eyes begin to change to the color that they will be as they mature into adulthood, so when picking a kitten from the litter, there is no real way to tell precisely what color their eyes will be with the exception of the given ranges.

18. They purr like a big cat

If you haven’t heard a Bombay cat purr, then you’re in for a surprise. They are well-known for their loud purring, but usually when they’re around their owners more than with other people.

These cats can really rev the engines. They are also known for talking back when their special person talks to them. These wonderful cats have the most unique personalities, and they are known for matching the tone of voice with their own meows.

They have a great vocal range and it’s very expressive. Bombay cats almost act and sound like they are human when they talk back. This is another one of their endearing features that make Bombay owners sold on the breed.

They’re great companions for people who would otherwise be lonely. It’s nice to have a conversation now and then, even if you don’t speak the same language.

19. They’re under cover cats

Bombays aren’t undercover cats, they are under the covers cats. They love to burrow deeply into the sheets and blankets and may even fall asleep there.

If you allow your cats to get into bed with you, it’s important to check the bed before you climb in for the evening because you are likely to have a bed-buddy nestled deep inside of the covers.

It’s always a good idea to pat the bed before you jump in because if you don’t, you might both get an unpleasant surprise. While Bombays are social and outgoing cats who are not prone to hiding, they do love to be under some type of cover.

If you leave a pile of laundry on the couch, don’t be surprised if you find your cat curled up in the middle of it.

20. Bombay cats are heat seekers

We don’t mean like the heat seeking missiles, but Bombay cats like to be warm. If it’s cold outside, or chilly in the house, your Bombay is very likely to be in the warmest place in the house.

They love to curl up beside a heater or a fireplace to feel the warm heat radiating around them. If you live in a cold environment, you will need to make sure that your Bombay cat is kept warm and snuggly indoors.

They don’t like to be cold, so it’s a good idea to have a litter box for them to do their business in. While they are easy to house train for going outdoors to do their business, when it is cold and wet outside, they may hesitate to expose themselves to uncomfortable temperatures.

You also need to make sure that all hot heat sources are guarded so your cat can’t get too close and sustain burns. As much as they will seek out heaters and fireplace warmth, they also like to get close to people and other animals to enjoy the body heat that is generated.

It’s not unheard of to find a Bombay cat curled up with the family dog on a cold winter’s night. Aren’t they just the most adorable cat breed on earth?

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