How to Choose a Scratching Post for Your Cat

simple cat scratching post

Give your cat something to scratch other than the sides of your leather couch.  Buy them a great scratching post!  The question ‘why do cats scratch things’ never has to be answered right away, it just has to be an action that a cat owner should know how to handle.  Curtains are torn, there are scrapes on your stainless steel refrigerator, and the paint on your walls is peeling off.  This is a result of your precious little kitty who just can’t keep their paws to themselves.  Even though it might look like they scratch everything just because you told them not to, that isn’t the case.   Cats, like dogs, have to mark their territory.  There are actually scent glands at the bottom of their feet which releases a specific scent once they scratch something.  Your cat also wants to stay clean and I am sure that you would like them to keep clean as well.  When cats scratch, they are cleaning out all of the dead materials that are stuck in their claws.  Your cat scratching will actually keep your house clean.  Even the simplest scratching post can do the trick and keep your cat away from the furniture.

There are simple scratching posts with absolutely no color or spunk.  However, you can always find a fun scratching post that will give your cat a bright atmosphere to not only scratch, but to play on.  Cats love things with strings so what better scratching post to get than one with a toy on a string attached to it.  You might not even see your cat eat if they have a scratching post like this one.  They will find the perfect position to lay in too if they fall in love with this scratching post.  You will see them scratching, playing, and sleeping.  This will be their every day routine with a 5 minute eating break.

If you want your cat to have have a free trip forever to an all-inclusive cat resort, then please pick a scratching post with everything in it!  Your cat might just pass out from excitement when they see the tower that they get to have to scratch, play, and sleep in.  This scratching post would be equivalent to a five star hotel for humans.  You will be able to give your cat several different posts to scratch as well as the toy on the the string that they love so much!  Not to mention they will have three cat beds all to themselves.  If you have several cats then this scratching post will still accommodate each one of their needs.  You can finally sleep without twitching during the night while you’re having nightmares about your torn furniture.  Keeping your cat happy is a priority of cat owners but you have to make yourself happy, too.  Buy them a scratching post and start to breathe normally again!

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