Five Fun Facts and Reasons to Be Thankful for the American Shorthair Cat


With Thanksgiving being only a few short weeks away, it’s easy to start to recognize all of the blessings in our lives. Ranking on the top of many lists are spouses, children, family, and friends. But what about those with pets? During this holiday season, many people find the most gratitude in their four-legged friends just as much if not more than the other choices listed above. For cat lovers, it’s only fitting to be thankful for their feline companions, no matter what day of the year. One of the oldest registered breeds in America, the American Shorthair cat was first recognized as one of Cat Fanciers’ Association’s first five breeds in 1906. Since then, this breed has given so many people so much to be thankful for throughout the years. With its even temperament, gentle disposition, and keen intelligence, it’s easy to see why the American Shorthair is consistently listed as one of the Top 10 Cat Breeds. Known to be great with children and other pets, many cat lovers choose the American Shorthair as a new addition to their family. So as you cuddle up on the couch with your fuzzy-four legged pal this Thanksgiving, remember all you have to be grateful for, and enjoy reading these five fun facts about “America’s Breed.”

  1. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the American Shorthair is it’s coat, which comes in over 80 different colors and patterns. Thanks to television commercials and movies, the most well known color and pattern of the American Shorthair is the silver tabby. The silver tabby pattern has intense black markings on a sterling silver background.
  2. While the terms “domestic” and “American” may be used interchangeably whereas brewing terminology is concerned, they have completely different meanings regarding cat descriptions. A Domestic Shorthair cat refers to a shorthaired cat of unknown origin, while an American Shorthair cat is a proper pedigreed breed of cat.
  3. While the exact origin of the American Shorthair cat is unknown, there is documented proof that its ancestors were brought over by European explorers and settlers on the Mayflower. Used for hunters instead of pets, the job of the cat was to catch mice and disease-carrying rats that were a threat to passengers on the ship.
  4. Although they are friendly and playful, the American Shorthair likes being alone as well. They are particularly fond of choosing high places to perch and take in their surroundings. If you ever have a hard time finding your American Shorthair, look towards the high places in your home like the top of a shelf or cabinet.
  5. Sometimes all it takes to know if an American Shorthair is pleased with its owner is to use your sense of hearing. They are known to make loud purring sounds when they are happy and content.

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