5 Ways to Bring Your Love of Cats to the Office


Cats are amazing creatures, and there is no reason you should feel as if you cannot bring your love of your animal to your office. If you are stuck somewhere every single day where you feel as if your soul is being sucked directly from your body with every motion you make, you might want to try and make your workspace a bit happier with a little cat love. Not that everyone feels like this, of course, but it does seem that most people like to talk about the soul-sucking that is their office space when they are in the middle of complaining about work. Perhaps you love your job and want nothing more than to add a bit of cat love to your office simply because it seems like the fun thing to do.

I don’t know your situation. All I know is that cat lovers are cat lovers, and that means you usually really love your cats. You start with one, then the next thing you know you are the crazy cat lady with a half dozen feline friends you name human names so it doesn’t sound strange when you decline social invitations with the excuse that, “You’re hanging with Sophia tonight because she’s going through a tough time.” You come off sounding like an amazing friend who wants to be there for her friends when they are in a bad place, but you’re really just hanging with a cat that is going through the tough time of not seeing you all day.

Either way, you’re not someone we judge. We get your love of cats. They’re cute and cuddly and that’s all we need to know. However, if you want to bring some kitty love to the office, though, we’ve got you covered with a few subtle and simple suggestions that might make life a little easier in the long run. We’re all about keeping it classy and elegant with the office cat love, so give us a chance to decorate your abode in the most amazing manner possible.

Cat Mouse Pad

What’s more fun than decorating your office with something called a cat mouse? You can put your mouse on top of a mouse pad that’s shaped like the head of a cat (available at about every office supply store in the world) and seriously feel good every single time you sit at your desk. Think about it; how do you not feel good about life when you sit down in a place you may or may not love and there is a mouse sitting on top of a cat? Come on now; that’s some funny stuff in just about every manner.

Cat Screen Savers

Perhaps you want to have something that will remind you of your cat every time you are at your computer or you return from another soul-crushing meeting in which you spent two hours sitting around doing nothing at all productive while listening to your bosses talk about how unproductive you all are as a whole staff. We love the idea of screen-saving some cats so that when you return to your desk to browse your social media accounts or plan your next vacation in an effort to be more productive, you come back to the adorableness that is cute kittens frolicking in a meadow somewhere amazing. Just get some pictures online and use them as screen savers, or bring in photos of your cat to use.

Framed Cat Photos

I love TJ Maxx. I have to tell you this story about TJ Maxx. I was in there this weekend looking for some cute stocking stuffers for my kids’ stockings when I came across the best thing ever; a photo frame shaped like a cat with the most adorable cat saying. Next to that was a cat blanket, and next to that was a set of Tiffany blue cat bowls. All I could think about at that moment was that I needed each of these items. As I perused them and looked at them and wanted them, my husband asked me what I was doing. He very gently reminded me we no longer have a cat after ours was unceremoniously eaten by a coyote because he did not listen to us when we tried to tell him that being outside was dangerous. Either way, I suggest you get to TJ Maxx right now and pick up these very adorable, very sweet and surprisingly chic frames and stick your cat’s pictures into them and put them on your desk. Seriously, they’re cute and no one can hate on them.

Cat Calendar

As a cat lover, I know you take photos of your cat. As a human, I know you know how to use the internet. As a savvy technological genius who can plug in her phone and talk on it at the same time, I highly encourage you to sign up for a Shutterfly account so that you can upload said cat photos and create a fun calendar. Now you hang that on your wall in your office and you stare at it all day long. It’s going to make you happy to see your cat in various positions doing cute things every single month for an entire year. I mean, what’s better?

Adopt an Office Cat

This is going to be tricky, especially if you work somewhere that’s not into having cats roam around. Our suggestion, however, is that you find an office cat and you adopt it. Either find a local stray that loves to hang out by the door and start feeding it so it’s always around, or just bring in a new kitten and make everyone fall in love with the kitten. It happens all over the world, and people do it all the time. Perhaps a little research as to how good it is to have a pet around and how much it will boost productivity and make coming into the office a little more enjoyable will convince your boss this is a must.

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