20 Adorable Cats That are Ready for Christmas

angry santa cat

Cats aren’t known for their love of many things, but these cats are not like all the other cats in the world. In fact, they are a lot cooler than the other cats of the world. These cats are Christmas fans – or at least their humans are Christmas fans who love the idea of dressing up their animals in their Christmas finest to get them ready for the holiday in style. We have 20 cats that are ready for the holidays to arrive, whether it’s because they are fans of it or just because they are ready to get these clothes off.

blue eye christmas cat

This pretty kitty does not seem to mind the fact that he has to wear his Santa hat around the house on a regular basis. Perhaps it is his white beard that makes him look so much like Santa the cat. We don’t know, but we do like it.

cat christmas photos

These cats are the picture of Christmas innocence. Though knowing cats, they’re probably looks of revenge plotting that they are trying to hide from the people who dressed them like this and then took photographic evidence of their acts.

cat eating a christmas toy

This cat is not a fan of Christmas so much as he is a fan of eating Christmas decorations. It’s a real problem in the homes of animal lovers with decor. You, my friends, are not alone in your cat’s desire to eat all the ornaments and decorations.
cat profile picture

Beautiful; the cat and the photo. This is precisely the type of photo we all envision when we think of our cats and the holidays, and it’s probably one of 200 pictures that actually turned out correctly. It happens; sometimes we get that one shot.

cats in christmas

These kittens are not all that certain they love Christmas. They look…resigned. Perhaps they are okay with the idea that there are decorations everywhere, but they don’t seem to love posing for photos inside a holiday basket filled with ornaments.

christmas kitten

This beautiful blue-eyed kitten is all we want for Christmas. Seriously, can someone show this gorgeous kitten to my husband? No, show it to my kids to show to my husband. He has a hard time telling them no, so it will work out for me regardless.

christmas light cat

This kitten doesn’t seem to hate the fact that he is surrounded by pretty Christmas lights. He seems to think that it is a lot of fun, and perhaps he is right about that one. We like it, and we think that other people will like it, too.

confused kitten

Please. Why? Just, please, never do this to me again. The look of sadness and self-pity on the face of this cat is priceless and we love it. He is just so desperate to never have to dress up for the holidays again that he is willing to beg.

cuddling christmas cats

Look at these two cats cuddled up in their Christmas finest ready to spend the day relaxing and napping and enjoying the camaraderie of the holidays. It’s touching and wonderful, and we love it. It’s a great way to show off your love of the holidays, and we like this one.

grumpy christmas cat

With these eyes and this face, this is the perfect Santa Kitty. We might not want to spend any time in his little lap, but we sure would love for him to make himself comfortable in our laps so that we can cuddle with him. He’s just that cute.

hilarious santa cat

This cat seems all right with this Santa getup. Either he’s had too much catnip from all the Christmas parties or he really doesn’t mind dressing up like a big fat man during the Christmas season.

jingle kitten

This cat has really gotten into the Christmas spirit with this getup. He’s dressed like he’s ready to crash the family photos and no one is going to tell him otherwise. That’s what we like about this cat. He really has it together enough so that he can do it.

kitten and presents

This kitten looks like it might be in Santa’s hat, but we are hoping he is the present that is under our tree on Christmas morning. What a darling cat with a darling setting for his darling photos. It’s hard not to fall in love with this photo.

kitten in a christmas hat

What is cuter than a baby kitten with the brightest green eyes inside Santa’s hat in a Christmas photo? Correct answer: Nothing. There is nothing cuter than this kitten inside this Santa hat in this particular photo. True story.

kitten in a stocking

Someone please tell my husband that I want a kitten in my stocking on Christmas morning just like this. What a darling kitten with a darling face and a darling personality. I’ll take him home right now.

reindeer cat

This cat does not have a direct look of anger and resentment on his face. However, his eyes tell a different story. Just look at him; he has a very slight look of, “Are you kidding me?” going on right now in this photo. It’s too bad, because he’s cute.

santa cat

This cat might not know what exactly is happening to him right now, but that does not mean he’s completely opposed to it. He looks as if he wants to be annoyed, but he also looks kind of warm and cozy, and it’s hard to be mad at warm and cozy.

sleeping christmas cat

When a cat is asleep, it’s a good time to dress him up. Why? Because he has no idea what is going on so his facial expression of disgust will not ruin the Christmas card photos. We like it; it works for us.

tinsel cat

This cat seems like dressing up for Christmas is something he’s trying to convince his people he is doing since he clearly just pulled down some of their Christmas decor and is looking for a quick way out of his mess. We can’t blame him. Adults can be so picky.



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