6 Most Common Reasons Cat Owners Love Their Maine Coon Cats

Big Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the largest breeds of house cats, and it’s certainly one of the loveliest. So many people are unaware that they can purchase a cat of this nature, who looks so much like a lion in terms of its mane – or ruff as it’s called on this cat – and has all the best features of a house cat.  This gorgeous, large animal has some great features, and the people who own them are happy with their choice.

Most feature associated with this cat are positive, from their friendliness to their intelligence, to their ability to adapt well and their ability to get along with other pets in your house. There are several reasons these cats make wonderful pets for all kinds of families.

In a world where most people spend more time focused on the breed of their dogs rather than their cats, it’s not uncommon for someone to see a cat like this, decide they want something so lovely and go ahead and buy one.

However, most people are very unfamiliar with this lovely breed and wonder if it will make a good pet or if it’s a cat that will do better in a home where there are no children.

Before you consider this cat good for your family or better for someone else’s family, take a few minutes to see what it is about their Maine Coon’s that pet owners love most. We’ve scoured the internet and found the most commonly listed reasons people love theirs so that you can see what’s so great about this large breed.

1. It’s Big

This is a big cat. It’s one that is certainly going to turn heads. This cat can weigh anywhere from 12 to 25 pounds on average, with males typically weighing a bit more than females.

It’s important to understand that getting a male Maine Coon does not guarantee you will have a 25-pound cat as this is a number on the high side of things.

You’re chances are better if you’re looking for one that will weigh somewhere around 15-19 pounds, as that’s pretty average for this particular breed. What owners love about this feature is that it’s a cat that draws a lot of attention, and it’s beautiful.

2. Its Ruff

Owners of this breed also love the ruff on this cat. It is large like that of a lion, and it makes the cat look more powerful and dominant – though looks are highly deceiving when it comes to this particular animal.

It’s a wonderful cat with a very distinct face and ruff that sets it apart from other cats. Since not everyone wants a cat that looks like all the other animals in the neighborhoods, some cat owners prefer this breed with its special ruff and adorable face.

3. They are Child-Friendly

Perhaps the most popular reason cat owners love this breed is that it’s so good with kids. This is a cat with a wonderful temperament and the patience of a saint.

It’s the kind of cat that doesn’t have an issue being carried around by a child, being manhandled and being tripped on, pet too hard and even pulled a bit too often.

That’s not to say we think it’s appropriate for children to do with the cat as they please, but it’s good to know that the cat is tolerant of this behavior. If you’re getting one in your family, be sure to teach your kids to treat the cat with respect and kindness and to be gentle with the cat at all times.

4. They’re Similar to Dogs

No, they’re not similar to dogs because they’re so big. They’re similar in that they are very friendly and affectionate, and they are lovely to have around because of that.

Maine Coon owners are very pleased with the fact that their cats are very easy to get along with. They don’t hide when strangers come over. They actually spend their time socializing, whether it’s with children or adults or both.

They like attention, and they’ve very vocal about it. Even adults are just as curious as kittens, which is a trait that tends to disappear when it grows a bit older. Not this cat, however.

5. They’re Companion Cats

If you love the idea of having a dog because you want someone who will come to you and lie down with you, sit on your lap and greet you when you come home, but you don’t want a dog or can’t have an animal that requires that much time and attention, you’ll love this.

Maine Coons are very much devoted and faithful cats. They love to have time cuddling, and they’ll follow you around the house constantly. They love attention, and they love affection.

They’re lap cats. They will greet you at the door when you come home, and they will wind their way between your legs anytime you’re standing. The only complaint people have about this is that they trip a lot with a cat like this in the home.

6. They’re Show-Offs

Most cats are happy to lie down and give you an evil glare to remind you that you’re nothing to them. Not this cat, however. This cat, in fact, is one that will do whatever it takes to get your attention.

They’re very bold, and kind of a bit of a show-off in most homes. These are also clumsy cats that will have you laughing at inappropriate moments. They’re known to move as they sleep, so it’s not uncommon to see these cats fall right off the furniture when napping.

It’s also not uncommon to see these cats try to fit into something that they really don’t fit into. They’re big, but it seems they don’t always realize just how large they really are.

This is a cat that will try to squeeze into boxes half their size, onto the laps of children half their size and into things that just don’t fit them. It’s funny, and people love to see these cats and their silly antics.

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