20 Awesome Gifts for Maine Coon Lovers

If you know someone to be a Maine Coon lover, you should have a much easier time finding a good gift for them. After all, you can buy something Maine Coon-themed for that person.

Furthermore, if they aren’t just a Maine Coon lover but also a Maine Coon owner, you can buy something useful for their cat. As such, a wide range of items can make good gifts for Maine Coon lovers. Still, you might benefit from being pointed to some examples.

Here are 20 awesome gifts for Maine Coon lovers:

1. 101 Uses for a Maine Coon Cat

This isn’t the longest book ever released. Fortunately, length isn’t the point of 101 Uses for a Maine Coon Cat. Instead, the book features a collection of often-humourous photos showing Maine Coons performing various tasks for their owners.

Thanks to that, you can count on it to bring a smile to the intended recipient’s face. That is presumably even truer for Maine Coon lovers than for the general population because they should already be well-disposed towards these magnificent creatures.

2. Cat Scratching Post

Cats scratch things for various reasons. One reason would be marking their territory. Another reason would be keeping their claws ready for use.

Most cat owners react poorly to their cats scratching up random parts of their homes, which is why they redirect their cats to scratching posts and the like. Some scratching posts are very simple, so much so they aren’t much more than just upright poles on stands.

Others can be more elaborate. For instance, this one features not one, not two, but three cactus-shaped poles. On top of those, it even has a dangling ball for the cat to bat around.

3. Cat Water Fountain

Maine Coons are famous for drinking a lot of water. As a result, a cat water fountain can be an excellent gift for Maine Coon lovers seeking to keep their cats well-hydrated.

These devices encourage cats to drink from them by providing running water. Out in nature, running water is preferable to stagnant water because the latter is a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Thanks to that, cats have inherited instincts that encourage them to drink from running water and discourage them from drinking from stagnant water. The ones that didn’t were much likelier to become infected, thus reducing their chances of passing their genes on to the future.

4. Maine Coon Cats – The Owners Guide from Kitten to Old Age

People aren’t just automatically born with knowledge about cats. Instead, we have to learn about them in the same way we learn about everything else, which is to say, a combination of education and experience.

If you know a Maine Coon lover who is eager to know as much about their cat as possible, you should get them either Maine Coon Cats – The Owners Guide from Kitten to Old Age or one of the similar books out there. These books contain a great deal of valuable information about these cats, thus enabling their readers to take better care of them.

5. Maine Coon Christmas Ornament

Those planning to put up a Christmas tree shouldn’t feel obligated to stick with the standard set of Christmas ornaments. Instead, they should feel free to add Christmas ornaments that reflect their hobbies, their interests, and other aspects about them.

For instance, Maine Coon lovers should know there is a remarkable range of Maine Coon-themed Christmas ornaments available to interested individuals. Some are balls and pendants bearing the images of Maine Coons.

Others are figurines in the shape of Maine Coons. This is more an example of the former than of the latter, being an image of a Maine Coon wearing an adorable scarf and reindeer hat combo.

6. Maine Coon Coloring Book

There is a widespread but understandable belief that coloring books are meant for kids. Essentially, they are seen as a way for the latter to exercise their creativity while honing their hand-eye coordination.

Despite that, there are coloring books meant for adults, as shown by this Maine Coon coloring book. There are various reasons why adults would want coloring books. For example, adults can want to exercise their creativity in much the same way as kids.

If anything, adult coloring books are even better for this because they feature more complicated illustrations, thus making for not just more coloring choices but also more challenging coloring choices.

Likewise, there is a sense of pride that comes from a job well done. A coloring book with poorly-chosen colors can look atrocious. Conversely, a coloring book with well-chosen colors can look amazing.

7. Maine Coon Keychain

The right keychain can be a very good gift. Primarily, that is because they can come with an endearing attachment. However, it helps that most people make so much use of their keychains, thus creating more opportunities for those attachments to work their magic.

Conveniently, keychains are fundamentally customizable. It isn’t impossible to imagine a particularly enthusiastic Maine Coon lover collecting Maine Coon-themed attachments, adding them to the same keychain one by one.

8. Maine Coon Luggage Tags

Some people travel more than others. If you know a Maine Coon lover who often flies out, you should get them this set of Maine Coon luggage tags. They make it even easier for people to recognize their luggage in an instant.

As a bonus, a set of Maine Coon luggage tags makes their cat preferences obvious, which might even help them meet like-minded individuals out on the metaphorical road.

9. Maine Coon Mug

Mugs are so common as gifts because they are so practical. Everyone needs to stay hydrated. Thanks to that, most of us can find a use for a mug gifted to us. Of course, a good joke, a good image, or even a good slogan can do much to bring it closer to our hearts.

One excellent example is this Maine Coon mug. It might not be the subtlest mug ever made, but it makes its point loud and clear. Subtlety can be highly overrated anyway.

10. Maine Coon Necklace

Maine Coon necklaces enable Maine Coon lovers to keep these creatures near and dear to their hearts in a symbolic sense.

One excellent example would be this clever design made out of zinc alloy. The material is strong, tough, and corrosion-resistant, meaning you can count on it to last.

11. Maine Coon Pillowcase

A pillowcase might not seem like much. Despite that, it gives the pillow an extra measure of protection, thus enabling it to last longer than otherwise possible.

That means a good pillowcase can be a surprisingly helpful gift, particularly when it has an eye-catching design that brightens up everything around it.

This Maine Coon-themed pillowcase is an excellent example of something cute and humorous. However, if you know that the Maine Coon lover in your life would prefer something else, you can also find more serious-looking Maine Coon-themed pillowcases.

12. Maine Coon Plushie

Plushies are great gifts for kids. After all, they are soft and huggable. Moreover, they have a bottomless reservoir of patience that their living counterparts can’t hope to match.

A Maine Coon plushie is a great way to give a space a comforting feel, not least because it has such a warm and welcoming presence.

13. Maine Coon Poster

Posters are one of the easiest ways to decorate a wall. They can have a wide range of designs, thus enabling them to play a wide range of roles in a wide range of settings. Better still, posters are easy to put up and easy to remove, which isn’t guaranteed to be true for all of the wall decorations out there.

Maine Coon lovers might appreciate getting Maine Coon posters. This particular example has a fair amount of humor to it. Moreover, its style plus its choice of material provide it with a considerable measure of vintage charm.

14. Maine Coon Sign

Guard cats aren’t quite a thing like guard dogs. Fundamentally, cats just aren’t as big as dogs, which puts a limit on their usefulness in this regard. With that said, cats can be quite territorial.

Furthermore, they can be quite protective of their owners, meaning it isn’t unknown for them to attack when they see their humans being threatened.

Whether meant jokingly or seriously, this novelty warning sign is an interesting way to advertise the presence of a Maine Coon, which belongs to one of the biggest cat breeds in the world.

15. Maine Coon Throw

Throws are blankets meant for parts of the home other than the bed. They can add a bit of decoration to even the drabbest surroundings.

Better still, throws are soft and otherwise pleasant to the touch, meaning they are the perfect tool to make a space feel more lived-in. Maine Coon-themed throws make it easy for Maine Coon lovers to make their passion known.

16. Maine Coon T-Shirt

Novelty T-shirts are a great way for people to make their opinions known. Naturally, there is a wide range of Maine Coon-themed T-shirts available to interested individuals.

Some of them are very straightforward. In contrast, others can be clever, humorous, or even surprisingly self-aware. This Maine Coon-themed T-shirt is a wonderful example of the last category.

17. Pet Grooming Kit

Chances are good interested individuals can guess that Maine Coons need a fair amount of grooming. People can find sources claiming these cats need brushing two or three times a week, which makes sense because they have such long fur.

That need intensifies in wintertime when their coats become extra-dense. Similarly, Maine Coons also need their nails trimmed from time to time. That might be an unpleasant thought because cats don’t necessarily react well to nail trimming.

Alas, interested individuals need to get it done anyway. As always, a good set of tools can make a difficult job more manageable. This pet grooming kit contains everything that Maine Coon lovers need to groom their cats as silently as possible.

18. Self-Warming Pet Pad

Hot air rises while cold air falls. Thanks to that, it can get quite chilly close to the ground. Luckily, a self-warming pet pad can do much to keep a cat bed comfortable for a Maine Coon, thus making this less of an issue.

19. Smart Cat Toy

Cats need mental stimulation. If they don’t get enough mental stimulation, they can become bored, destructive, and problematic in other ways. Due to that, cat toys can make good gifts for cat owners.

You should check out traditional cat toys, but you should also check out smart cat toys that incorporate modern technologies. To name an example, this is a self-rotating ball with a built-in spinning light.

It is a very convenient way to entertain our feline companions because everything about it is meant to trigger their hunting instincts.

20. Training Maine Coon Cat With a Smile

Generally speaking, people think of dogs when they think of trainable pets. Indeed, our feline companions aren’t just seen as being less willing to listen than their canine counterparts. Sometimes, they are stereotyped as being downright untrainable.

That isn’t the case, though some cat breeds are supposed to be easier to train than others. Maine Coons are supposed to be on the easier-to-train end of things. Even so, people can still benefit from reading a training guide such as Training Maine Coon Cat With a Smile.


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