What Cats Are Considered Lap Cats and What Does That Mean?

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. People often want to keep a cat as a companion who can keep them company and sit on their knee for cuddles. Most people have heard of lap dogs. These are the breeds of dog that are considered the friendliest and most likely to comply with an owner’s desire to have them on their knee. However, people also want cats that have these personality traits and will cuddle up to them on the sofa. So, is there any such thing as a lap cat and what are the friendliest breeds of cat available?

The Friendliest Cat Breed

There are more than 60 breeds of cat and each of these has its own personality traits and characteristics. While some of these breeds are known for enjoying cuddles, others are more typically associated with their independent nature. Some breeds, such as the Maine Coon, are often described as being dog-like in the way they are affectionate towards their owners. Another cat breed that is known as affectionate is the Ragdoll. Other loving breeds are the Devonshire Rex and the Birman.

Unlike dogs, cats have predominantly been bred for their appearance. Dogs have been bred for working purposes. Therefore, breeding dogs with personality traits in mind were important to ensure that the dogs bred were suitable for the working purposes for which they were intended. Cat breeders have only focused on breeding cats with specific physical characteristics rather than for their behavior and personality.

There are some studies that suggest an owner’s perception of their cat can influence their behavior. For example, if a cat has an appearance that suggests it is cuddly, then they are more likely to act affectionately towards their pet. In turn, this influences the behavior of the cat and makes the become cuddlier.

Training a Cat to Become a Lap Cat

If your cat is not particularly cuddly and this is an attribute you have a desire for them to have, then you may have wondered if you can train your cat so that it is cuddlier. Although not all cats are susceptible to training, there are steps you can take to try and make your cat more loving and friendly.

  • The first step is to identify what your cat likes. While some cats enjoy being groomed, other like to play. Spend time with them doing the things they like as this will help them to get relaxed and makes sure they are happy.
  • You should avoid forcing your cat to sit on your lap if they do not want to as this will give them the impression that sitting on your lap is a form of punishment and discourage them from doing so in the future.
  • Try to respect your cat’s boundaries. For example, don’t just grab your cat from his sleep just because you want a cuddle. Take notice of what he is doing and whether it is appropriate to encourage him to cuddle or not.
  • Allow your cat to leave your lap when it wants to as this gives them some control over the situation. There is no point forcing a cat to sit on your lap if they are bored or unhappy.

Other Ways Cats Show Affection

Even if your cat is not a lap cat, it does not necessarily mean that they do not like you as cats show affection in many different ways. While cuddling is a sign of affection for one cat, this may be something that other cats feel uncomfortable doing. Each cat will have their own way of expressing affection for their owner. Winding themselves around your legs and purring is one f the most common cat behaviors that indicate a cat is expressing affection.

Other ways that cats can demonstrate their love and affection is licking, playful biting, laying beside you, and sideswiping. Furthermore, a cat will often vocalize their affection as a way of communicating their feelings with you. This vocalization can take a variety of forms, such as yowling, purring, or trilling. With this in mind, it doesn’t really matter whether or not your cat is a lap cat because they can express their affection for you in so many other ways.

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