A Brief History Of The Fort Collins Cat Rescue

While there are many organizations out in the nation, as well as across the world, that work to save the lives of countless animals all over (especially puppies and dogs), there are also quite a few groups that work to save the innocent lives of cats and kittens as well. There are many places all over that seem to be heavily populated by stray cats wandering the streets, and these organizations and groups work to give these animals a safe home. One of these groups is that of the Fort Collins Cat Rescue, and in this article, we are going to give you a brief history of the organization itself, as well as what they are striving for in their mission. With that said, let’s get started.

First founded in 2006, the Fort Collins Cat Rescue was first established by two veterinary technicians, Sarah Swanty and Anna Neubauer. The two actually received their first group of seventeen cats and kittens on a spur of the moment type of situation, where another rescue group just didn’t have the room to house the felines. Swanty and Neubauer feared that the animals would end up going to a shelter and being euthanized, and decided then and there to live out their dream of opening a guaranteed adoption rescue group. Although they had only a 450 square foot space to work from and get the cats adopted, the world spread quickly about the work these two ladies were doing. With all of the community support, the Fort Collins Cat Rescue was able to move to a facility with double the amount of space within three months of their decision to begin, allowing them to help more animals and find them forever homes in the process.

Since they began in 2006, the Fort Collins Cat Rescue has made quite a name for itself. The volunteers that work with the organization have been able to find forever homes for 2,000 cats per year, while at the same time also rescuing about 15,000 cats overall in the time their business began. The Fort Collins Cat Rescue has also opened a clinic through their organization that allows for animals to be spayed and neutered. On average, the clinic actually is able to spay and neuter about 6,000 animals (both cats and dogs) each year, which has also led to about 52,000 surgeries that have been performed since they began this portion of their organization in 2007.

The Fort Collins Cat Rescue organization prides itself on the fact that it is an guaranteed adoption facility, meaning that all of the animals that they rescue find their forever homes with their new families once they have been treated and saved. The Colorado based organization has worked for over 12 years now to save the lives of countless animals from homelessness and other cruelty, and don’t look to stop any time soon. If you would like more information about the Fort Collins Cat Rescue organization, or if you would like to find out how you can help, including adopting an animal for your home, you can find everything that you need on their website and across social media as well.

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