20 Cats Who Are Living Much Better Than You

We love our cats…we do. But they can be hedonistic at times, leaving us to wonder whether or not they are worth the trouble to keep them. Hearing stories of wealthy owners who have bestowed every benefit on their beloved cats is something we completely understand, or remain confused about. Why reward cats for their selfishness, naughtiness and general contempt for others? It’s something we ponder over at the same time as we give in to them, enjoying their cat behaviors and often receiving the rewards of companionship and cat intuition. The kind of intuition that prompts them to curl up near to us, making us feel better when they sense we are out of sorts.

In honor of the great cats…the ones who beguile us, who choose to own us, or not, and those who become family, here are 20 cats who are experiencing lives filled with the things they need, and more. From the richest cats with the finest of everything, to the poorest of cats with the comforts that allow them to be their most cat-like, these are tributes to cats who couldn’t live without humans and humans who never wish to live without cats.

1. Choupette

She is owned by Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel fame. She is worth an estimated $97 million dollars. She is a white cat, with 48,000 Twitter followers and 60,800 Instagram fans. Choupette earned more than two million British pounds in 2014 and travels in a private jet including a bodyguard and two maids. Choupette’s autobiography is called The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat. It details her life as a pet diva. Her fur is combed daily with oil, too. She’s a true couture cat.

2. Olivia Benson

Olivia Benson is a Scottish Fold cat, and she belongs to Taylor Swift. The adorable cat earns as much as Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette. Oliva Benson is in advertising, endorsing Diet Coke and Keds shoes. Oliva Benson has been seen all around New York City, carried by Swift, who says the reason she carries the cat, is because it hates being in a cat carrier. Swift also is the owner of Meredith Grey. She named both cats after her favorite characters from Law & Order: SVU and Grey’s Anatomy. Both cats accompany her almost everywhere, and she pampers them well for the work they do promoting her brands, which include fragrance giant Elizabeth Arden. Together, Swift and her cats pull in about $1 million in profits daily. Here they are together:

3. Grumpy Cat

Born on April 4 2012, named Tardar Sauce, she has become famous around the world for her scowl. She has 8 million Facebook page likes, more than 280,000 Twitter followers, and more than 600,000 Instagram followers. She also made the cover of the New York Magazine and the front page of The Wall Street Journal. She has an underbite and was born with a form of feline dwarfism, which contribute to her famous face. She works hard for her money. She’s been on Sesame Street, and is the star of Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. To top that, she’s endorsed Cheerios and Friskies. Her estimated worth is one million dollars. Her owner, Tabatha Bundesen’s brother uploaded a photo of Tartar Sauce onto the Internet in 2012, and it quickly went viral. Tardar Sauce was just two years old at the time, but she quickly became known world-wide as Grumpy Cat, which allowed Tabatha to quit waitressing within days of Grumpy Cat’s first social media appearance.

4. Tommasino

Tommasino inherited a $13 million fortune in properties. He was owned by Maria Assunta, a wealthy Italian real estate heiress. Assunta was 94 when she passed away, the childless daughter of a real estate tycoon. She willed to Tommasino her entire estate, which included a vast property portfolio of apartments in Milan and Rome, land in Calabria, an Olgiata villa and several nice bank accounts. Because Italian law doesn’t allow leaving money directly to pets, Assunta left her fortunes to the nurse who had cared for her. The nurse, a cat lover named Stefania, had no idea that Assunta was exceedingly wealthy. When Assunta died, Tommasino and Stefania moved to an undisclosed location outside of Rome, where Stefania provides loving care for Tommasino.

5. Cali the Siamese and Ruby the Burmese

Princess Michael of Kent celebrated her 72nd birthday on January 15, 2017, but when she turned 70, she dressed up with her tiara and took photographs with Cali, her Siamese cat. Princess Michael is descended from Austro-Hungarian royalty. She lives at Kensington Palace in a five-bedroom apartment she shares with her husband, Prince Michael. Her family nickname is Cat, which is fitting for the Princess. She loves her cats so much that servants bring the kitties breakfast on trays each morning. Cali and Ruby generally enjoy chicken breast or ham for their morning meals.

6. Vinny and Oliver

Whoopi Goldberg already had Oliver, a beautiful Russian blue cat, when she adopted Verrazano. Verrazano had been thrown out of a moving car on the Varrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York City. The Animal Care & Control officials gave the little Russian blue kitten its name. But when the kitten was brought to The View, Whoopi decided to adopt the kitty. She re-named him Vinny, and said that she thought she should “have a nice conversation with Oliver” because she thought “he needed a friend.” How lucky for this little kitty to move into a home with a loving new Mom and older sibling!

7. Bartok, Princess Peony, Empress Tang and Blackie

These cats have belonged to Martha Stewart. Bartok was the oldest cat, and he was a seal-point Himalayan. He had a plush bed lined with towels. Every morning he was offered five different kinds of food, including dry and wet selections. Each was served in a different bowl, and new food was served fresh every day. Bartok was 19 in 2015 when Stewart posted an update about her three cats:

Empress Tang and Princess Peony are both calico Persians. In 2016, Stewart posted a new update, and included Blackie, the greenhouse cat in her photos. Sadly, no mention was made of Bartok. But Empress Tang and Princess Peony certainly continue to enjoy the luxuries offered on the Stewart property. From morning to night, they have access to the front porch and can roam around the spacious grounds outside. Martha loves them so much, she allows Empress Tang to lounge in bowls, and she has them all groomed daily. Blackie, the newest cat, is friendly and enjoys people. He sleeps in the greenhouse and enjoys lounging on the table when he’s finished with his meals.

8.Charlie, George, and Chairman

Ellen DeGeneres has three cats and three dogs. She’s kept quiet about them because she believes that celebrity parents should always protect their children from the press. But, when pressed about which child is her favorite, she said she “couldn’t possibly answer that!” and then quickly inserted, “It’s Charlie.” For an animal lover who appreciates unconditional love given to her pets and received, it’s interesting that she chose one of her cats first. But all the dog children have the chance to enjoy her new line of dog products offered at PetSmart, so the doggie bling will take some of the sting out of not being mentioned as the first favorite child. Here’s Charlie:

9. Gabriel and Raphael

These two tabbies made their appearance in Cat Fancy Magazine. They belong to Cardinal Roger Mahony who is the Archbishop of Los Angeles. He lives adjacent to the Our Lady of the Angeles Cathedral in an apartment. It’s a space fitting for the Archbishop, but the felines have managed to make their presence known with vestiges of cat fur here and there. The pair has also managed to do some serious shredding on the Archbishop’s favorite chair. Raphael tends to snooze on his fine bed linens, and Gabriel thinks his Cardinal’s ring is a cat toy. The newest cat toys are available to both cats in a basket and there is a kitty perch next to his desk so that the cats can keep him company while he’s working. To say he loves and spoils them is an understatement.

10. Brian

Chris Colfer, Glee star, adores his big tabby cat Brian. He posted a cute photo on Instagram of the two of them watching Downton Abbey together. What more could a cat want than to curl up on a nice lap and some TV time? Brian was a senior cat that Colfer adopted from the Est Valley Animal Shelter in Chatsworth, California. Brian was 20 pounds at the time, and needed a good home because he was declawed.  Colfer took Brian in and so far the two have been inseparable since.  Must be nice to be a cat and get taken in by a celebrity.  Your life is pretty much set from that point forward, assuming said celebrity is as nice a person as Colfer is.

11. Sapphire

Sapphire was a stray cat found on Rabbi Yonassan Gershom’s farm in Sandston, Minnesota. Sapphire follows the Rabbi everywhere, and even sleeps on his bed. There are eleven cats living on the farm, and assorted other animals, but Sapphire owns the Rabbi. He says his spiritual connection to cats is strong, and he believes they are very intuitive. He enjoys caring for his cats and other farm animals, following the Jewish requirement of feeding them before he feeds himself. Rabbi Gershom believes in reincarnation, and feels that Sapphire and the current farm cats are reincarnated versions of previous cats he has known and loved on the farm. For this reason, he treats them all with respect and affection, while tending to their needs with great detail.

12. Stinka

Stinka belongs to Bogdan Daniel Stefanescu. She’s become famous on Instagram simply because Stefanescu has allowed her to be the cat she is. What’s caused all the buzz is that she behaves more like a dog than a cat. She’s trained to a leash, and it only took 3 weeks. She likes taking showers and enjoys a scrub in the bathtub. She’s been seen playing with the waves at the beach, and likes to take long walks…just like a dog on a leash. Some of her behaviors are distinctly dog-like, including chasing and fetching things, crossing streets at the heel of her leader, or going into attack mode to protect her space. She’s ridden on the subway, taken a cruise, and met President Obama. All because her owner loves her just the way she is, and indulges her tendency to act more like a dog than a cat. Her name? She was pretty smelly when she was adopted from a shelter.

13. Tinker

Tinker is a lovely black cat who was once a stray. Margaret Lane became Tinker’s friend, when she was an elderly widow. She passed away in 2003 at the age of 89, but not without providing for Tinker. She left Tinker a three-bedroom house, and a trust fund of $125,000. Tinker has caretakers who provide for his needs daily, but he has been moved to a safe house since he began receiving death threats. This way, the caretakers can watch over Tinker without anyone knowing where he is now.

14. Skippergee and The Owl

Skippergee is a Calico and The Owl is a Scottish Fold. They both live at the rectory of the Church of the Advent in Boston, Massachusetts. Father Allan Warren serves both cats with delight, because they have brought many visitors to the rectory a chance to relax a bit and be themselves. He enjoys their silly ways and appreciates their ability to make him laugh. Both cats enjoy plenty of spoiling with lots of affection and regular meals.  Turns out the Church itself is a staunch supporter of cats and Warren leads the way with his compassion for the beloved pets.


15. Muffy

Muffy waited for 5 years for a foster parent. Muffy was 15 years old, and lived at a Protection Facility. The shelter staff cried when she left because they were so happy she found her forever family. Muffy was rescued from a hoarding circumstance, and brought to Fayettee Friends of Animals in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. The shelter staff gave her plenty of love because she was nervous and uncertain in her new space. The gentle tortoise shell cat was always passed by, and her shelter mates were adopted before her. Her story was regularly shared on Facebook and the staff never gave up hope. Scarlett Wable and her children came to give donations to the shelter, and were given a shelter tour. The family saw Muffy curled up in a bed, and asked about her. Scarlett touched Muffy and Muffy purred. They didn’t stop thinking about Muffy even though they didn’t adopt her that day. But several months later, they came to make another donation and Muffy was still there. Scarlett picked Muffy up, and adopted her that day. When Muffy arrived home, she jumped on the bed and made herself at home, purring. She plays with a pink catnip mouse, strolls where she likes, eats with the dog and the other cat, and is doted on with tons of love. Muffy has all the attention and love she needs with her new family.

16. Winnie, Charlie Brown and their friends

Greg Krueger’s four cats have nearly 100 yards of overhead cat walks. Krueger was recently diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, and he’s been renovating his home for more than 15 years to give his cat family the kind of spaces and walkways they love. The cats also have hideaways which are padded and include lighting so that the cats can hunker down when they need comfort or feel frightened. He’s obsessed with his work, but the cats have some of the most creative areas to live and move through. He loves his cats so much that he touches the grave markers of each of his deceased cats. He feels like he’s not alone because the cats are with him.

17. Cheesecake, Chocolate and the Rescues

Cheesecake and Chocolate live in a house completely designed for them and the other rescued cats who live there. The house is filled with cat walks, tunnels, spiral ramps, and a koi pond. There are 22 litter boxes in closets with fans to keep the odors filtering to the outdoors, and 5 automatic vacuums which keep the floors clean. The house is architecturally pleasing to humans as well, with colors and designs that are not only functional for the cats, but attractive to people. The entire home is an outpouring of love, and Cheesecake and Chocolate get to live there.

18. Ivan

Ivan is an orange tabby who belongs to Father Chuck Girardeau. He is the Associate Rector at all Saints Episcopal Church, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Father Girardeau has three cats, but he says that Ivan is the little clown. Ivan enjoys tasting a bit of what anyone is eating, including a banana and a fresh tomato. Ivan also has learned how to turn out the living room lights. Father Girardeau adores cats and appreciates their uncanny ability to know when their human is having a tough time. Ivan enjoys the adoration provided, and the little tastes of snacks available.

19. Bob

Bob is a beautiful striped tabby with yellow-green eyes. He was discovered on a Crawford, Texas ranch. The ranch is owned by former President George W. Bush. It turns out that President Bush is an amazing artist and has painted some truly remarkable animal paintings. One of the best is the one he created of Bob the tabby cat. The former President of the United States spends part of his time at the ranch, and now Bob has relocated to Dallas, where he remains with his adopted family. Bob spends his time taking catnaps in the sun, and enjoys every luxury that comes with being the cat of a former President.

20. Kitty Temple

Kitty Temple is the popular name for Gotanjo Temple in Japan. The monks there care for scores of cats, feeding them, and allowing them to lounge where they will. Tourists come from all over the world to adore them, and some even get special kitty cat fortunes to give them a glimpse of what their future holds in the year to come. The monks take in many cats who have been abused or abandoned, giving them a place of safety.


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