The American Curl: An Odd Looking But Beautiful Cat Breed

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ne very popular cat breeds in the United States is the American Curl.  Originating in Lakewood California in the year 1981, these cats were later introduced to the International Cat Association as a champion breed.  One thing that is very unique about these cat breed is that it was the first feline to be allowed by the Cat Fanciers Association to possess both long and short hair.  This was definitely a win for this very attractive breed. Once very hard to find, now the American Curl is popping up all over the country and even around the world. If you want one of these animals to call your own, you probably won’t have any trouble finding a breeder in your area.

So What Makes These Cats So Popular?

This cat is truly a unique breed and you only have to take one look at them to see why.  Their very distinctive curly up ears gives this cat its name.  While being born with straight ears several months after birth they start to change giving this animal its signature look.  While genetics definitely play a role in this cute but odd feature, experts are not completely sure why this adaptation took place. Many cat lovers around the world seek this feline for its funny shaped ears.  If you ever see one of these animals walking down the street or in someone’s home, you won’t be able not to stare at this true odd looking beauty.

What about Temperament?  What Should Be Expected From These Cats?

This animal is one of the most playful of all cat breeds.  You might find one of these cats playing for hours on end before tiring. A highly intelligent breed, they seem to learn faster than others and can comprehend things at a very young age.  Easy to socialize, once these cats get to know you they will give you lots of love and affection.  But when it comes to small kids make sure to properly introduce them to each other before turning your back.  Just like any cat they can scratch or bite if handled too rough.  When it comes to other animals these cats generally don’t have a problem with getting along with other pets.

What about Health Related Issues?

Some of the most common problems that these animals face are issues with the ears.  Because they are turn outward it’s easy for foreign object to get in them.  Insects can also cause problems with the ears of these animals. So make sure to take extra precautions when taking these cats outside.  But overall these felines are very healthy because of their vast genetic pool.

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