The Turkish Angora: A Cat Breed With A Rich History

 Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a rare breed of cat that has become very popular with today’s cat lovers. This natural breed of cat was first spotted in the Central region of Turkey.  Wild breed, these cats are very durable animals and are great rat catchers.  This feline has been noted in history as far back as 1600.  While most of these cats are white, some of them have brown mixed in with their coats.  They also are often born with two different eye colors making them very interesting looking cats. Many find these felines to be one of the most beautiful breeds in the entire world.

These Cats are an Intelligent Breed but Can Get into Trouble As Well

One of the most intelligent of all cat breeds, the Turkish Angora can do things most felines simply wouldn’t dare.  They are often noted as being able to open doors and they will even play fetch with their owners.  This smartness can get in the way sometimes when they get into things they shouldn’t.  Another temperament trait that these animals possess is a fierce loyalty to their owners.  Once they have established that you are their owner, they will often get very upset if you ignore them.  Sometimes they can become very jealous of other animals in the home and start to act out.  This can cause serious conflict if the issue isn’t soon resolved.  So if you are thinking of getting one of these cats to call your own, make sure you have time to spend with it.  Also make sure to lock your doors or else you might have a missing cat on your hands.

These Are Healthy Animals but They Can Have Some Issues

A very sturdy breed, these cats have a very diverse and ancient bloodline that gives them protection against a lot of genetic health issues.  But deafness can be an issue with these cats and some are born without the ability to hear.  This normally occurs in those animals with two blue eyes.  This is due to the W gene and can be handed down from one of its parents.  But with selective breeding, this issue can be solved.  Another genetic issue that these cats can face is Ataxia, which causes the animal to loss control of their muscles.  While this is very rare, when it does occur it will cause the animal to shake.  Animals that get this condition will not live to be adults because it is a debilitating ailment.

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