Angry Cat Goes Viral After Woman Documents Their Unlikely Friendship

It is often said that cats know they were worshipped in the ancient days hence their aloofness; perhaps expecting to be treated like the gods they think they are. Still, even if we don’t worship them, we treat them like our kids, no matter how distant they get sometimes. The friendship between cats and humans goes back a long way, and it seems it never will wither and die. An angry cat going viral after a woman documented their unlikely friendship is proof that felines hold a soft spot in our hearts even in their worst behavior. Check out the story of Tiger, the angry cat that finally found his forever home in the unlikeliest place.

Sometimes Rules Have to Be Broken

They say rules were made to be broken, and if you can’t break them sometimes, you have to bend them. Well, Anastasia Sutcliff knows how to go around the rules set by the landlord. She lives in Sheffield, England, and although she adores cats, her landlord has a strict no-pets policy for the flats. So Sutcliff caters to the stray cats in the neighborhood by feeding them and cuddling them before they go back to the streets. The cats have become so used to Sutcliff that every time she opens the windows to her flat, they jump right in, knowing that pleasantries await them.

However, one day Sutcliff noticed one cat that was quite different from the rest. She was used to seeing the friendly felines ready for some snuggles, but the cat she saw that day was mean-looking and even refused to approach Sutcliff for food or petting. According to The Animal Rescue Site, the tabby cat seemed afraid and angry, but Sutcliff was not going to give up on him just yet. She decided to win him over, especially after realizing that he was neglected from his behavior; he would walk up to Sutcliff’s flat’s window but hiss whenever she offered him food or tried to pet him.

Gaining the Trust of the Angry Cat

Seeing that the tabby cat would not eat food with Sutcliff watching him, she decided to get creative. So the cat lover waited for him to calm down, then reached out through the window with a bowl of food hanging from a long stick and lowered it to be within the cat’s reach. Next was the critical task of building the cat a warm place to stay since she had already determined that he was homeless. So Sutcliff built a box-like house, but she was afraid he would not use it because it was not made from a used Amazon cardboard box. Then again, beggars cannot afford to be choosers, and the tabby cat slept in the new home, much to Sutcliff’s surprise.

You would think that giving him a place to sleep and food to eat would at least change his attitude. He was not moved an inch which meant that Sutcliff had quite a daunting task ahead of her if she was going to win his trust. Sutcliff was relentless, and finally, the cat, whom she named Tiger, allowed her to pet him and feed him. Unfortunately, just as she was making progress, Sutcliff’s efforts were cut short when a neighbor reported a stray cat camping outside the apartment’s window.

Finally, Tiger Finds a Forever Home

Therefore, one day as she checked up on Tiger, she did not find him in the usual cozy home she had made for him. Instead, he had been caged and was desperately trying to escape. The animal control officer told Sutcliff that Tiger would be taken to a foster home, and although it saddened Sutcliff, she knew it was for the best. According to Laughing Squid, Tiger ended up in a foster home where he was rehabilitated. Sutcliff did not give up on him even then; she kept visiting him until he was ready to be released.

She negotiated with the landlord to allow her to keep the pet. Tiger finally found his human because Sutcliff adopted him. The rehabilitated cat has taken to his new life, and you can hardly recognize him as the once-angry looking cat. Now that he is domesticated, Tiger is well-adjusted, and Sutcliff even started an Instagram account for fans to stay updated. With only 25 posts, the account has garnered 1,354 followers, a number that could significantly grow considering the documented journey on TikTok got Sutcliff 1.4 million followers and 21.9 million likes.

Another Cat Who Tested Owner’s Patience

If Tiger had met Sharlene Consuegra, who lives in New Jersey, probably it would have taken him a shorter while to surrender, or he would have just run off after encountering a worthy opponent. According to The Indian Express, Consuegra does not tolerate feline tantrums, as evidenced by a TikTok video she shared of herself and her own cat. The cat did not like that Consuegra was trimming its nails with clippers, so it protested by trying to bite and scratch its human. Consuegra insisted that regardless of how much it scratched her, the nails had to be trimmed.

The cat then began growling as if getting impatient because the 41-year-old woman was not listening to the pleas. She told the cat it was getting its nails cut no matter what, but the cat was not satisfied that Consuegra was ignoring the growls. So in the final attempt to get the human to leave it alone, it hissed to scare her away, but Consuegra hissed back, explaining to the cat that she too could hiss and asked the feline to be nice. Seeing that things had taken an unexpected turn, the cat could not help but look shocked. The TikTok video went viral on multiple social media platforms, mostly because people liked the cat’s facial expression and even made it into memes.

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