The 10 Best Cat Brushes Money can buy

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Cats continually shed their body hair. One disadvantage of living with your cat is that everything you own will have patches of cat hair. One way of dealing with pet hair is to have a sturdy lint roller. The other way to control cat hair in your house is to have a cat brush. Many cat brushes are on the market, but the following reviews are the ten best cat brushes money can buy.

10. Four Paws Magic Coat Professional Slicker Wire Cat Brush- $9.00

If your cat is large and has long hair, this is the best brush for such a breed. The brush can be used on species like Ragdolls and Maine Coons. The head of the brush is the largest on this list which allows you to cover more body surfaces as you brush your cat. Each brush stroke covers a significant body part, which reduces time spent on grooming. The tip of the brush is not coated, which may be uncomfortable to use on cats with sensitive skin.

9. Li’l Pals Coated Tips Cat Slicker Brush- $9.85

The brush is designed for cats with sensitive skin. The wire bristles are coated, making them easy to use during grooming. According to The Spruce Pets, the brush works well to remove excess hair because it can reach the undercoat in long-haired cats. It is smaller than the Four Paws Magic Coat Professional Slicker Wire Cat Brush, which means you will take a long time using this brush during grooming.

8. Paws and Pals Cat Deshedding Tool- $9.95

The Paws and Pals brush is a cheaper version of expensive deshedder brushes. The brush is designed to remove hair from beneath the undercoat. The bristles are coated, which is gentle to use on the skin. The bristles are also specially designed to distribute natural oils, which leaves your cat with healthy and shiny fur. Many cat owners prefer this brand because it is less expensive and works pretty well.

7. Herper Cat Brush for Shedding- $10.00

Herper cat brush is one of the best in the market. The brush is comfortable to use, and your cat will enjoy the grooming session. The design of the brush has been made to mimic the natural movement used in petting. According to Petkeen, the brush is embedded with needles that can turn sixty degrees, making it comfortable to use. The best thing about this brush is that you click the button after you are done using it, and it releases all the shedded hair for disposal. It also saves time since it is easy to use. If your cat has long hair, this is the ideal brush to use.

6. Kong Cat ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush- $12.00

If you are looking for a super unique brush that stands out and works perfectly well, you need to purchase the Kong Cat ZoomGroom Brush. The brush has a unique design that can be used on all types of cats. The brush is very efficient, but it may not be able to reach the undercoat of very fluffy cats. The brush can also be used to bond with your cat because it has a massaging tool that relaxes your cat.

5. Safari Bristle Cat Brush- $13.00

Safari Bristle is a kitten brush designed to prepare your cat for future grooming sessions. The brush may not be the best to use on adult cats unless it has very short hair. This brush aims to introduce kittens to the journey of grooming. This is because, at a young age, cats have little shedding.

4. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Cat Slicker Brush- $14.00

Hertzko is a practical brush for removing tangles and mats from long-haired cats. The brush has special pins that retract when you press the button, allowing hair collected to fall off. The manufacturers recommend using the brush on only long-haired cats because the bristles are designed to reach underneath the coat. It is an easy to use brush because it has been made to make grooming easy and remove a lot of fur with little effort.

3. Safari Self Cleaning Slicker Brush- $22.00

It is one of the slicker brushes used on cats with long hair. The brush is designed to make it easy to remove dead hair. According to Catlovesbest, it is also easy to clean after use because the brush cleans itself if you press the cleaning button. It is recommended for cats with a soft far because the bristles are delicate and may not reach the undercoat of cats with a thick coat.

2. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Deshedding Tool- $29.00

The manufacturers of this brush claim that it is the most efficient because it reduces shedding by 95%. The review might be accurate because it is one of the most bought cat brushes on Amazon. The brush is effective in removing dead hair. It is also designed to reach the undercoat, reducing shedding to a significant percentage. The blades have a unique design that makes them easy to use, especially on fussy cats during grooming. The edges are designed to emit collected fur, making it easy to clean. Users of this brush need to be careful while using it because the handle is very delicate, and if mishandled, it can come off, making grooming frustrating.

1. Furminator Long Hair Cat Deshedding Tool- $32.00

It is rated as the best cat brush on the market. It is worth every penny because it is efficient in controlling shedding. The brush is designed to reach the undercoat and remove excess hair. It has an ergonomic handle that is easy and comfortable to use.


The Furminator Long hair cat de-shedding tool is the best overall cat brush for shedding. The brush is highly effective and offers a lasting solution to shedding control. The Kong ZoomGroom multi-purpose brush is unique with a massaging tool that keeps your cat comfortable during grooming. If you are looking for a new brush to help you manage shedding, consider the ten best brushes that money can buy.

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