How Long Are Cats Pregnant?

If you have a cat and you think that she may be pregnant, there are a few ways that you can tell. First, you can take her to the vet. Vets can feel your cat’s belly and determine whether or not she is pregnant. If you notice that her nipple are red and enlarged, she is likely pregnant. Finally, 30 days after mating her belly will become round and swollen. A typical pregnancy for a cat last 64 to 67 days. If you want to understand your cat’s pregnancy from conception to birth, read on.

Days 1-7

If you cat has come into contact with a male cat, she could be pregnant. The male cat’s sperm will find her egg and fertilize it. The egg will then find its way to the uterus where it will stay for the rest of the pregnancy. You should also know that if your cat meets up with two males, it is possible for both of them to get her pregnant.

Days 8-14

At the beginning of the second week, the eggs will have transplanted themselves in the uterus and the kittens will start to develop.

Days 15-28

During the third week, the embryos will start to develop their own organs. This can make the cat very hormonal. This will cause her nipples to become pink and large. Between the third and fourth week, your cat can suffer from morning sickness the same way that a human can. This can make your cat lose her appetite for a while, which is normal. Finally, after the fourth week of your cat’s pregnancy, you shouldn’t pick her up. If you pick her up the wrong way, you can hurt her kittens.

Days 29-35

If you take your cat to the vet around this time, they can feel your cat’s belly to tell you how many kittens she is carrying.

Days 36-42

During this time, you will notice that your cat will start eating more. She is feeding her kittens inside her belly and she will need to store food to nurse her kittens when they are born. You should keep food available at all times so that she can eat as much as she needs to. If you watch her belly, you can also see her kittens moving around inside.

Days 43-49

During this period, there isn’t much going on with your cat’s pregnancy except that her babies are growing. You will notice that her belly has grown to make room for her growing family.

Days 50-56

During this period, your cat may stop eating as much. Since her kittens will be pressing on her stomach, she may not have as much room for her food. You might also notice that she is grooming herself often. She may also start to lose her hair on her belly. This is normal. It will grow back a few months after she gives birth. Toward the end of this stage, you might notice that there is milk coming from her nipples. She is just preparing to feed her babies when they are born. Finally, she will start looking around for a place to have her babies. Even if you don’t like her chosen spot, you should allow her to nest there.

Days 57-63

This is the end of your cat’s pregnancy. You may notice a reddish discharge on her bed or the floor. She may also start needing more attention, she may feel anxious, or she will start spending more time in her birthing area. This means that she will be giving birth soon.

Day 64 and On

If your cat has made it this far in her pregnancy, all you can do is wait. If by the end of the 10th week, you should contact your vet just to make sure that there is nothing wrong.

When your cat is pregnant it means that you will have a litter of adorable kittens in your home until they are old enough to leave their mother. It also means that you should keep an eye on your cat and understand what should happen in each stage of her pregnancy. This will allow you to be sure that everything is progressing normally.

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