The Top Five Selling Cat Brushes on the Market Today

Most people picture cats as self-reliant when it comes to grooming. After all, it is one of their biggest selling points. But cats do require a good brushing, too, just like dogs, especially long-haired cats who tend to shed a lot, or their fur get dirty or tangled. Brushing not only helps to relieve some of the shedding issues, but it is an awesome way to bond with your feline. Many cats love the bonding time, and they love the feel of a good scratch, which brushing can often feel like for a cat. But which brushes are the best for kitties? They aren’t all the same, and not all the cats are the same. Some cats are a bit more sensitive to touches, and need softer bristles, while others can handle the wiry brushes that really get to the undercoat. If you have been looking for a new brush for your furry feline, we have the top five best selling cat brushes on the market today. It can help you decide which one might work best for your cat, and your budget. Take a look at the best selling cat brushes.

5. JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Slicker Brush – $5.24

When you brush your cat’s fur on a daily basis, you will help reduce shedding, which in turn helps to reduce hairballs, for a more comfortable kitty, and a cleaner home. The JW Pet Company’s Gripsoft Cat Slicker brush is the perfect brush for those kitties with sensitive skin because this brush has angled pins that glide over your cat’s fur smoothly and comfortably without digging into your cat’s skin. The ergo designed handle is a no-slip, comfortable grip while you brush away loose fur and dander. Your cat will love her brush-time, getting groomed, feeling better, and bonding with her human. If you have a cat with sensitive skin and have found it hard to find a brush she likes, try the Gripsoft brush and see if you don’t notice a difference in how your cat handles brushing as well as the amount of shedding from your feline.

4. CELEMOON Ultra-Soft Silicone Washable Cat Grooming (Shedding and Massage) Bath Brush – $9.99

One Passover of your cat’s fur and you will see a lot of fur in the brush. Keep brushing, and the amount of fur from your cat’s undercoat will amaze you. When you use the shedding and massage bath brush, your cat will feel like he’s getting a real massage. It’s made from premium silicone material and is ultra soft, so that your cat will want to have a brush and massage every day. If you have a cat that is finicky about getting groomed, this is a brush that you may want to try to change how your cat feels about grooming. It removes 90% of shedding hair within a very few minutes of brushing, and cleans up in a snap by rinsing it under water to remove the hair. Easy to hold, easy to use, and easy to clean, and you’ll see the difference in the amount of fur that gets deposited around your home.

3. Furminator Cat Brush – $15.00

This is one of the most popular cat brushes on the market today. The Furninator will help get the loose fur from your cat’s undercoat that would normally be shed throughout your home on your floors, and furniture, or might be ingested by your cat to make uncomfortable hairballs. It’s uniquely designed to be comfortable when holding, so that you can brush your cat without soreness in your hand. The stroking of the brush over your cat’s fur also helps to bring out the natural oils in your cat’s skin to create healthier skin and fur, all while being gentle on them – no pulling or tugging that hurts, or scratches. For $15.00, you can order one for your cat and start eliminating unwanted undercoat fur that is annoying and harmful to your cat.

2.Self-cleaning Slicker Cat Brush – $12.99

Long haired cats are prone to a lot of shedding and tangles in their hair. The Self-cleaning Slicker cat brush helps to remove up to 90% of undercoat fur that tends to end up on your furniture or in your cat’s belly. Hairballs can be dangerous and tangles can be painful to brush out, so help prevent all of those problems by using the slicker cat brush that gets deep enough to get the fur that other brushes can’t reach, including dander and trapped dirt deep down. What adds to the benefits of  this brush, is that you just have to push a button to release the collected fur that conveniently collects in the pen of the bristles. When you press the button, the hair drops off and you can keep brushing without interruption. It’s hard enough to get your pet to sit still for a grooming session, let alone the time it takes to clean the fur out of the bristles of other brushes.


1. Pet Grooming, De-shedding Brush Reduces Shedding Up To 95% – $14.97

This de-shedding brush is $14.97, but what a tool it is. It will pull all of that loose undercoat fur out of your cats undercoat and keep her free of dropping her fur around your house and on your furniture. No more unwanted fur or hairballs, and your cat will love looking well groomed and feeling better without tangles, trapped dirt, and fur that she just can’t reach. It also works well on short and medium haired cats, and you can brush your cat from head-to-tail comfortably and leave your cat’s skin and hair healthier and more beautiful than ever.

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