The Top 20 Best Cat Toys of 2018

It’s a cat-fact that even grown cats need toys and love playing them. The trick is finding the right toys for keeping your cat happy and busy. Except when they’re sleeping, cats get bored easily and that can spell trouble. Wouldn’t you rather have your cat playing with a cute little toy or maybe even one that’s interactive rather than climbing the drapes?

A Vital Activity For Your Cat

So, why is playing such a vital activity for cats of all ages? Well, for starters, they’re all very athletic creatures with agility and strength that is truly amazing. Just by their nature, they’re perfect little furry machines that leap, jump, and dash all over the place And, even though your house cat may not have any real live prey for chasing and catching doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t act out the predator inside. All she needs is the proper toys for keeping her engaged and entertained. Playtime and enjoyable toys are a special part of your cat’s stimulating environment, which can make for a happier and healthier cat. Play gives kitties a healthy outlet for their energy, while also providing physical and mental and stimulation.

Playing With Your Cat

Some folks think that cat-playtime is just for cats but it’s really not. It’s for their owners, too. You’ll be amazed by your cat’s speed and grace when she’s dashing around the house and attempting to catch her prey, which could be a common household object or a brand new toy. Toss one of them and your cat will chase it and maybe even retrieve it. Many cats love playing fetch and just to get a game going, will drop a toy in front of you or in your lap so you can throw it. This game can mean hours of fun for both of you.

What Kitties Love Playing With

It doesn’t really take very much to amuse your cat because she’s probably an expert at amusing herself. Even a ball of crumpled paper, a newspaper on the floor or even just a pen or pencil on a desktop. Any one of these things and more could end up engaging your cat in what she thinks is a fascinating game. Her over-active imagination has the ability for turning just about anything into a toy that she’ll be chasing or batting around to her heart’s content. In general, most cats get the most enjoyment from playing with lightweight small objects that they can flick with their paws, like corks, spools of thread, or Ping-Pong balls. They also love cardboard boxes and empty paper bags for investigating and hiding inside of.

Cat Toy Shopping

You’ve probably already discovered that there are really too many adorable cat toys out there to resist. Cats love plastic balls, especially if they have bells inside. They also love sisal-wrapped toys for digging their claws into, and fishing pole toys that have a long rod and a long piece of string or cord attached with an enticing lure on it, just like a real fishing pole. Remember though, that although a toy that you buy might be made especially for cats, you should cat-prof it before giving it to her. Remove anything that she might chew off of it and then swallow or choke on, like any small decoration, loose ribbon, feathers, or tinsel. In addition, any toy that might have any chance of being even slightly harmful should be put out of her reach until you can be on-hand to supervise her playing with it.

Getting the Most Out of Cat Toys

Your cat can be just like a little kid and get bored with her toys. That’s why keeping them fresh by rotating them occasionally and making just a few of them available at one time is a good idea. And, so is keeping a variety of different kinds of toys easily accessible at all times. In the event that your kitty has a special favorite, then it’s a great idea to leave that particular toy out all the time. It’s also important to start providing toys that have a variety of uses, like one toy for carrying, one for rolling, one for wrestling with, and one for kitty’s “baby.” And, “Hide and Seek” is an enjoyable game for your cat to play. And, the toys that she finds often become much more desirable than some other toys that are simply given to her. In addition, interactive toys are excellent since they keep her engaged while also strengthening your bond with her.

All in all, cats just love getting a brand new toy, so here are The Best 20 Cat Toys of 2018 for you to choose from for your beloved cat:

Petbemo Cat Toys / 20 Pack Assorted Collection Play Set- Interactive Toys For Cats

Contains a teaser wand, exercise toys, gifts for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and much more. The 20 pieces also include catnip, crinkly ball, feather, fishing wand stick, mouse pillow, and ringing ball toys plus much more. Each one s designed to keep your kitty busy while also bringing out the most fun in her as you are exercising and bonding with her. This assortment of cat toys brings out your kitty’s natural instinct for hunting, while it also increases her overall movement for achieving weight loss and staying fit and healthy. Provides endless hours of fun.


  • Contains 20 assorted toys
  • Promotes physical exercise and interactivity
  • Includes catnip balls, feathers, balls, mice and more
  • Keeps your cat busy, especially when you’re away.
  • Helps your cat with releasing energy
  • You can watch kitty going crazy over the rattling sounds
RIO Direct Cat Toys Variety Pack

Includes Cat Feather Teaser Wand, Cat Tunnel, Crinkle Balls and Bells, Fluffy Mouse, and an interactive feather toy in this 20-pack gift set. Cat lovers all know that busy cats are happy cats. This selection of toys is excellent for keeping your cats busy and for helping them to burn off extra energy for staying fit and healthy. They offer endless interactive fun and, since kittens are born active, they just love playing games. And, since they get so many toys in this package, they won’t get bored and will have more fun. They’ll probably even thank you in all of those sweet endearing ways that cats do for bringing them so many fun toys. These toys are also safe and secure for your beloved pets because they’re made of high-quality non-contamination environmentally friendly natural wood, sisal, elastic, and feathers. In addition, the dangler length helps keep kids safe by keeping their little fingers a safe distance far from kitty’s sharp claws and any accidental scratching. Excellent gift set for your cats or a cat-loving friend for a birthday, holiday, or just any old day of the week. And, all of the toys from this manufacturer are 100 percent guaranteed.

What’s included?

  • Cage Mouse
  • Cat Bell Balls
  • Cat Teaser Wands
  • Cotton Mice
  • Crinkle Balls
  • Different Color Balls
  • Fake Fur Mouse
  • Feather Teaser
  • Sisal Balls
  • Sisal Fish
  • Two-Way Cat Tunnel
  • Tumbler Toy
Interactive 360 Degree Self-Rotating Ball Cat Toy with Automatic Light

This is a self-rotating cat toy, which means that it turns around 360 degrees and rolls all over the floor all by itself for your cat to chase and get plenty of exercise. And, what’s even better is that it also has a light in it to attract kitty’s attention and keep it. All it takes is a single press on the button and this ball starts doing a 360- degree self- rotation and grabbing your cat’s attention. It moves continuously all over your house and all the while it also produces a simultaneous red light. The ball’s spherical shape and self-balancing system allow it to change its direction automatically when it runs into a wall or any other object just like a robotic vacuum does. So, all you have to do is turn it on for your cat to play with it and then turn it off when she runs out of energy and gets tired of playing. Best of all, this toy includes not one but five sets of batteries.

PetSafe Bolt Interactive-Laser Cat Toy

Many cats just love going wild for a laser toy’s little red light, chasing it all over the place. Your cat can get an amazing physical and mental workout, and the good news for you is that you never even need to get off your couch. You’ll find that even if your cat is normally a bit on the lazy side, she’ll never be able to resist chasing the bouncing red laser dot. And, you’ll also be highly entertained as you watch Miss Kitty chasing that laser dot that she can never catch. This Laser Toy is a top choice among laser cat toys for its versatility and ease-of-use. You can simply hold it in your hand, setting it to manual mode to interact with your cat. Or, place it on the floor and its built-in Automatic Mode generates a bunch of random laser patterns designed for keeping your kitty totally entertained without you having to do anything. When the game is over, however, offering her a real toy that she can actually catch is a nice reward and she won’t feel like she was being teased. Featuring a Class IIIa laser that has a minimal and safe 5mW max power output. One year warranty.

Petstages Tower-of-Tracks Cat Toy

Your cat is sure to love the three ball-spinning levels and all of the fun she’ll have with this cat track toy. It’s expertly designed with three levels of track and three brightly-colored balls. And, you’ll both love the bright orange color, too. It’s great for stimulating your cat’s senses and exciting her mind as she works at batting at every single ball in an attempt to catch it. In addition, this toy has a closed-top track and non-slip base pads.

Hartz Just-for-Cats Kitty Frenzy Cat Toy

This is a whole batch of fuzzy mice, 12 to be exact, and your kitty will love every one of them. They come to us from Hartz, a company that has long been known for high-quality pet products. Since Miss Kitty thinks she’s the most fearsome of predators, although to you she’s just a cuddly baby, she’ll take great pleasure in chasing these fuzzy mice around the house. It’s a fact that kitties just can’t resist little mousey toys. And, these come in assorted colors for more excitement for your cat. You can have fun, too, watching kitty as she bats these mice and chases them around. No dangerous little plastic parts and ade of pet-safe materials that are also quite durable.

The Cat Charmer Wand Toy

It whips, wiggles, and whirls its way into your kitty’s heart and yours, too. Although it’s pretty simple, it’s also really an entertaining interactive toy. The wand is made of lightweight yet quite durable polycarbonate and attached to it is a piece of colorful fleece fabric. All you have to do is pick it up, and giving it a flick, you’ll have your cat chasing it and not being able to stop. She’ll have such fun. It’s colorfast, unbreakable, safe, durable, and fun for everybody while also providing aerobic exercise for better health.

Petty Love House Cat Activity Center

This amazing activity center for cats comes complete with hanging toy Balls and little mice for keeping your cat engaged for hours while she also stays active. Folds up easily to fit inside its own zippered storage bag. It makes a great gift for your cat or a good friend who loves her cats as well and it comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee. Opened up, this toy measure approximately 24 inches by 24 inches by 13.4 inches high.

Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Butterfly Toy

This is the perfect cat post for satisfying two of your cat’s basic needs, scratching and playing. It has a great scratching platform and also a cute hanging butterfly for making playtime just as real as a scratching paradise complete with wildlife can possibly be. In addition, this fantastic cat toy has a lookout platform for satisfying your cat’s love for elevated lounging. It gives her the opportunity for a number of kitties’ fave things, scratching, playing, exploring, and relaxing. It measures 19.1 inches high, the stand is 11.8-inches in diameter, it’s easy to assemble, and weighs 2.9 lbs. Made of safe, as well as non-toxic materials, and is non-harmful sisal fiber wrapped.

Sisal Cat-Scratching Post with Carpet Covered Base and Play Ball from Matty’s Pet Stop

This tan and brown scratching post is manufactured using the highest of high-quality materials. Natural sisal fiber ropes cover the central post, giving it the perfect rough texture for encouraging scratching on the post rather than your furniture and drapes. And, the swinging ball keeps your cat engaged as she swats it around. The base that holds up this scratching post is plush carpeting covered, making it very tempting for your cat to take a nice long afternoon nap on. It’s 18-inches high by 11.5-inches wide x 11.5 inches deep.

Fish-Shaped Cat-Scratching Toy with Hanger from Petmaker

This adorable fishy-shaped scratching toy is easy to hang from any doorknob for giving your cat the perfect place for scratching while also revitalizing her claws. This scratching toy was designed for promoting positive behavior and helping to deter your cat from using expensive furniture as her scratching post. Easy to wipe clean with just a damp cloth.

Durable Fish Plush-Kitty Catnip Cat Toy from Pet Life

This trendy denim catnip-filled cat toy is extra strong to stand up to the toughest kitty. It features a fish-shaped body and is made of heavy-duty oxford fabric complete with reinforced stitching, which adds to its scratch-resistance and super-durability. This toy is available in both a smaller size and a larger one. The fish’s insides are lined with polyfill that is eco-friendly and recyclable and the entire toy is also machine washable and water resistant.

Three-Tier Cat Tree Scratching Posts/Climbing Ladder/Cat Condo

This toy makes it easy for you to give your kitty the perfect napping, playing, and scratching place. This is a great-looking cat activity tower, featuring multiple scratching posts, a comfy condo for kitty to hide in, a hanging toy, and a ladder for her to climb. It’s kitty-cat paradise! It’s super-easy to assemble and it’s covered with soft plush fabric for extra kitty-comfort. This tan and white combo-cat-condo is 34.5 inches high and made of Sisal, particle board, and polyester.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

This is Bergan’s very popular Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy that was designed expressly for providing many hours of fun for your cat. The center of this toy is a durable and replaceable textured scratch pad. This toy includes a 16-inch in diameter base, a ball, and a scratch pad. When you put the ball in the built-in channel/track, your cat can push it around and play with it for hours. Colors may vary.

Creaker Three- Way Cat Tunnel

This is an amazing collapsible tunnel complete with a nice soft hanging ball for your cat. The three connected tunnels of tear-resistant polyester complete with built-in crinkle paper and a kitty-peephole can give your cat plenty of ways for having tons of fun, while also providing hours of healthy exercise. It offers premium construction for durability. It’s also completely collapsible and portable for your convenience. This is an excellent gift for all cats and cat-lovers and comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Animals Favorite- Cat Play Mat/Cat Tent Activity Center

With its hanging toys, this activity center is the perfect way to keep your cat active and well-exercised. It also includes four hanging interactive toys, as well as a top platform, which has a soft plush material covering. The safe inside plastic arch has nice round edges for your cat’s safety and comfort. The tent is 17.3 inches by 13.4-inches, fold easily for storage.

Mr. Peanut’s Cats & Kittens Toy

This toy offers an Interactive TrackBall Tower that can give your cat hours of physical play and mental stimulation for relieving kitty-kat stress and anxiety. This amazing toy will arouse your cat’s curiosity while also encouraging play, making her much brighter with more confidence. It also helps keep your cat from being sedentary and becoming overweight by keeping her active and interested. A catnip-filled birdy toy is included and the bottom has non-skid pads.

Multi-Colored Fur Weasel Toy from Iconic Pet

Cats have very strong hunting instincts even if they’re indoor cats. This cute brightly-colored weasel is perfect for satisfying that instinct in your cats. It allows your cat to free up all of her pent-up energy while also keeping her engaged for hours of fun. It’s also easy to maintain and your cat can throw it all over the place to keep herself entertained. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind toy and measures 12-inches wide by 1-inch and weighs 1.6-ounces.

Munchiecat Wine & Cheese Toy for Cats

This is one of the cutest cat toys ever! It includes an 8-inch bottle of catnip kicker, figs, cheese, olives, and a crinkly paper rattle-bell. It’s an amazingly unique gift for cat-lovers for any occasion. This nine-piece assortment includes a broad range of shapes, sizes, and textures for kitties of all ages. And, the olives and figs toys are so light and little that even tiny kittens can enjoy playing with them. Each and every toy in this set is made of soft plush fabric and is catnip-infused for stimulating your kitty’s natural playful nature and satisfying her sophisticated side as well.

Munchiecat Sushi Toys for Cats

This toy is similar to the wine and cheese cat toy but obviously with sushi. And, what cat wouldn’t love sushi? After all, it’s fish. This set is catnip-infused and also has crinkle paper rattles and rainbow-colored packaging for gift-giving. This is a beautiful cat toy set that gives cats plenty of variety for stimulating those natural instincts for exploring and playing. This adorable toy is non-toxic and made of pet-safe plush fabric.

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