The 10 Best Automatic Feeders for Cats

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When you have a cat who keeps nagging you for food at 3 am, waking up to feed them can be daunting. It’s also daunting keeping track of how much your cat ate, which might aggravate the risk of overfeeding, leading to obesity. An automatic feeder for cats is the best solution to ensure your cat gets the right portions even when you’re away from home. So, here are the ten best automatic feeders for cats you should consider buying.

10. Frisco Gravity Refill Cat Feeder (Best in gravity-filled feeders)

As the name suggests, Frisco Gravity Refill relies on gravity to feed your furry friend. With a 48-cup capacity, it can hold dry food for more than two days, saving you the hassle of constant refilling. Also, it boasts 100% recyclable plastic with a larger opening, giving you an easy time to refill and clean. What’s more, it’s lightweight and transparent, allowing you to see how much food is remaining and making it easier to move around your home.

9. PetSafe Healthy Pet Programmable Cat Feeder (Best conveyor belt dispensing system)

According to PetKeen, about 60% of cats in the US were diagnosed with obesity in 2018. Considering how much cats love snacking on treats and food, it’s not easy to track how much they’ve eaten because they keep coming back for more. That’s precisely why you should get the PetSafe Healthy Pet Programmable cat feeder. This feeding device boasts an accurate dispensing system with a conveyor belt portion that slowly releases food over a short period. It’s easy to program the food through it from 1/8 to four cups, preventing you from underfeeding or overfeeding your feline.

8. Petlibro Easy Feed 6L Automatic Pet Feeder (Best for absentee cat lovers)

According to AllAboutCats, PetLibro is an upright food dispenser capable of programming. It works best for cats who eat dry food and cat parents who have busy lifestyles. The 6L gadget can dispense the right portions with robust features, ensuring your cat neither starves nor overeats. PetLibro also boasts a voice recording function, allowing you to signal your cat to come and eat even when you’re away. An LCD screen and indicator lights enable you to monitor how much food remains and the battery power. Unlike the PetSafe Programmable feeder, PetLibro is super-quiet.

7. Wopet SmartFeed Automatic Pet Feeder (Best smart feeder)

Like other models on this list, the Wopet Feeder is an upright cat food dispenser. It’s a smart feeder that works best with dry cat foods. Thanks to the smart features and a transparent LCD screen, it’s easy to program, giving you the chance to experiment with four automatic and portioned meals per day. Wopet’s hopper has a portion-size wheel, allowing you to dispense between two teaspoons and 4.5 cups at a time. A voice recording feature will enable you to call your cat to devour its meal.

6. SureFeed Microchip Automatic Feeder (Best microchip pairing feeder)

Cat food is expensive, so the last thing you need is to discover that a feral cat stole your feline’s food. Save yourself from the trauma by investing in a Surefeed Microchip feeder. This food dispenser works by pairing your cat’s microchip before releasing any food. Once your cat leaves the site, it automatically covers the food until they come back for more.

5. WellToBe Automatic Pet Feeder (Best for more than one cat)

If you have more than one cat, invest in a WellToBe Pet Feeder. It boasts 4D-size batteries, guaranteeing power back in case of an outage. Also, it comes with two bowls, sizable enough to feed two cats simultaneously. Additionally, it has a voice recording for summoning your cats for mealtimes. According to The SprucePets, it can hold up to 20 cups, but you can program it to dispense small portions of up to one tablespoon.

4. Faroro 7L Automatic Pet Feeder (Best for big tank)

Faroro is the best choice if you’re going on a long trip away from home and are worried your cat will finish the food before you come back. It doesn’t have features for dispensing four meals per day, but it also boasts infrared detection to prevent food content from spilling out. In addition, larger containers are also available for those who can afford them.

3. Cat Mate C20 2-Bowl Automatic Cat Feeder (Best for meal separation)

If you have two cats and don’t have the money to buy separate feeders, Cat Mate C-20 will sort you out. The feeder also allows you to separate meals if you have one cat. With tight-fitting lids, you don’t have to worry about food thieves preying on your cat’s food. Each food bowl can hold up to four wet or dry food cups, dispensing smaller portions per serving to keep your feline from overeating.

2. PetMate Pearl Pet Café Feeder (Best Value)

In terms of the best value for money, PetMate takes the trophy. It boasts proven gravity dispensing, supplying your feline with sizable proportions per serving. The feeder can hold up to 24 cups of dry food. However, it works best when you limit the cup capacity to 20 and below to prevent you from shaking it when dispensing food. On the other hand, putting more miniature cups might make the kibble run out fast, causing a mess.

1. Hepper Automatic Cat Feeder (Best Overall)

The best feeder money can buy is the Hepper Automatic Feeder. It boasts an app that allows you to control how much food goes to your cat’s bowl. With a voice recording device, you can rest assured that your cat won’t starve even when you’re away from home. In addition, it has a key-and-lock feature for controlling food portions your cat eats. It works best when fully charged through a power source.


Automatic and smart cat feeders are the best inventions, allowing cat lovers to rest easy, knowing their felines are well-fed. From voice recording features to portion control applications, you will never regret investing in any of these gadgets.

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