The Birman Cat: A Feline that was Once Considered Sacred

Birman Cat

One of the most exotic feline breeds in the world is the Birman Cat.  For many years, these cats were considered sacred by the people of Burma and were used as companion animals for temple priests in the region.  They were thought to be brought from Burma by one of the prominent members of the Vanderbilt family, but no proof of this has ever come to light.  No matter where this animal originated it surely is one of the finest feline breeds around.

So What Are These Cats Like? Are They Really That Special?

These majestic animals are very graceful on their feet and can often be seen playfully running around the house.  Very elegant looking animals, the Birman Cat have long flowing hair that is silky smooth.  Often these cats will have white coats accompanied by dark brown ears and a dark brown face.  This color contrast really helps the animal standout from many of the other cat breeds.  Another physical feature that these animals always possess are deep blue eyes that shimmer like sapphires.  This is one of the reasons why so many people want to own this animal.

How About Health? Will These Cats Get Sick Easy?

A very ancient breed, this cat has a very long and diverse gene pool.  This allows these cats to have a special protection against most genetic related health issues.  But there is one issue that might show up in these animals.  Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a condition of the heart that causes heart failure.  This sudden condition can often come on without warning and many times results in the death of the animal.  While this condition is rare, it is something you should consider before purchasing one of these animals.  Taking your cat to the Vet regularly may help to diagnose this condition and there may be something that can be done to help reduce your pet’s risk.

What about Temperament? Are they a One Person Animal?

Some of these cats can attach themselves to just one member of the family.  They often choose to lie next to them and be cuddled by the same person every time.  But others have been known to give love to the entire family.  It really all depends on the personality of the individual cat.  If you socialize these cats at an early age, you will more likely end up with a well-rounded animal that gets along with everyone in the family.

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