The Snowshoe Cat: A Super Rare Breed You Should Consider


One of the rarest of all feline breeds is the Snowshoe Cat.  First originated in the United States, these animals have been around since the 1960’s.  While many would consider this an older breed not many Snowshoe Cats are around due to breeding issues.  Many specialized breeders have spent years trying to prefect these animals and only a few have been able to produce standard quality animals.  Their color patterns are very difficult to produce, making this one of the most rare cat breeds on earth.  One of the most important characteristics of this animal and what gives it its name is its white feet. They also have dark colored ears and tail which helps this feline standout among other breeds.

What About Temperament, Are These Felines Laid Back?

Not a very independent animal, they don’t do well if left alone for long periods of time.  They often grow very lonely and will not soon forget being left without the attention of their owner.  But when everything is right and their owner is in the house, these cats are very laid back. Very vocal animals, they will often meow deeply until their owners have arrived home. You will often find them lying around on the couch or on the foot of the bed. Very loyal to their owners, these animals have to have a certain amount of attention or else they will feel left out.

Do They Play Well With Other Animals?

One of the best ways to combat their loneliness is to get them their very own pet.  They will do much better if there is another feline in the home for them to play with while you are away from the house.  They are very sociable animals and need a family structure to depend on.  They also do well around small children and love to play with them as long as it doesn’t get too rough.  While you might have to pay a lot for one of these animals, they are worth it because they might be hard to find in your area, plus they are a pleasure to own. They make great family pets and they are very beautiful to look at.

Where Can I find One of These Rare Animals?

While you probably can’t find one locally you might have luck finding one online.  There are certain breeders who specialize in these animals and have had great success in producing high quality offspring.  But before purchasing any animal, make sure you do your homework on the breeder so that you won’t get scammed.  When dealing with a rare breed sometimes you will run into people looking to turn a fast buck.

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