What Makes The Turkish Van Such a Mysterious Cat Breed?

Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a rare breed of cat that was first produced in the United Kingdom.  These beautiful animals were created from two different types of domestic cats found in Turkey, and later brought back to the U.K. for breeding purpose.  What makes the Turkish Van standout is the Van pattern it possesses. Appearing only on the head and tail, this pattern is very dark or light brown in color.  The rest of the animal will have a solid white coat.  These cats will have semi-long hair and is somewhat fluffy in nature.  Many of these animals will have blue or amber eyes that standout against its white coat.  Sometimes their eyes will be mismatched having one blue eye and one amber, making them very interesting animals.  These cats were first recognized as a breed in the year 1969.

So These Cats Are Rare, How Much is One Going to Cost Me?

These are rare cats but they are not totally uncommon. There are many breeders around the world that are starting to specialize in this breed making them more available.  The typical cost of purchasing one of these kittens in the United States is around $300.  While many of you might think that’s a lot to pay for a cat, there are many breeds out there that are much higher in price. So if you want one of these animals, you can probably find a breeder in just about every major city in the country.  Those of you who live in rural areas may have to shop around some to find one.

Will Temperament Be a Problem With These Cats?

It is true that when they first started breeding these felines they were aggressive in nature. Being great hunters, these cats were very dominant and would try to take control over their owners.  But with selective breeding these cats have become a lot more docile.  They are very loyal to their owners and often take to one person.  But you won’t have to worry about these modern day cats attacking anyone that comes into your home.

These Cats Love Water!

An interesting fact about these cats is they simply love water.  In the wild, they used to swim in lakes all of the time.  Now domesticated, they will often splash in their water bowls and conduct a funny looking swimming motion. Some of these cats have even been known to get in the shower with their owners.

Image via Rodrigo Campos! at Flickr.com

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