Is the Black Tabby Cat a Separate Breed Altogether?


One of my favorite pets growing up was a Black Tabby Cat named Bob.  For many years, our Black Tabby Cat brought love and companionship to our family.  Many of you probably have had a tabby cat as a pet and may even own one right now.  Many of these animals can be found walking the streets in major cities around the world.  Often a mixed breed animal, these felines can be found in just about every country on earth. These felines come in many different patterns including spotted, marbled, mackerel and blotched.  When it comes to color, the sky is really the limit with these animals.  But no matter what pattern or color these felines come in they are very beautiful animals, and they make great pets.

So Is The Tabby A Separate Breed Altogether?

Many people believe that these animals are a separate breed but the truth is, it’s simply a color pattern that can occur in any breed. Often times these animals will be a mixture of different breeds and you will find these animals in every animal shelter you come across.  Sadly a large amount of these animals are euthanized every year because people are looking for pure breed animals.  So if you are looking for a new pet, please keep in mind that these animals make great pets and often have fewer issues when it comes to health.

Mixed Breed Cats Make the Best Pets

If you are looking for one of the healthiest of all animals, a mixed breed feline is your best bet.  These animals are tough and because of their genetic diversity they are often much healthier animals.  This means fewer trips to the Vet and less worry on your part.  So if you are looking to bring a new pet into your home, why not go to your local shelter and adopt one of these beautiful animals? You will have a wide selection to choose from and no matter if you are looking for a kitten or and older animal, you will be sure to find one.  But remember to always have your new pet looked at by a Vet before bringing them around other pets.  This is always a good practice because kennel kept animals may have some health related issue.  But with a clean bill of health these animals will live many years giving your family lots of love and companionship.

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