The 10 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Michigan

Maine Coons are majestic-looking cats that tend to have gentle, good-natured personalities. As such, they are very popular, which is a good thing rather than a bad thing for people who want to own one. After all, the greater a cat breed’s popularity, the easier it is to find a list of cat breeders. For proof, look no further than how residents in Michigan can find numerous Maine Coon breeders based either in the state or close to the state.

Here are 10 of the best Maine Coon breeders in Michigan

10. Celebrity Maine Coons – Eaton Rapids, MI

Celebrity Maine Coons is run out of a 47-acre farm out of Eaton Rapids, MI. As the cat breeder tells it, she bred Angora rabbits and Shetland Sheepdogs for a long time. However, she took a break when her last Shetland Sheepdog died in 2002.

Later, she decided to take up cat breeding, which is when she settled on the Maine Coon because of its excellent temperament. If you buy from Celebrity Maine Coons, you can expect your kitten to be wormed, vaccinated, and checked out by a veterinarian. There is a one-year guarantee for lethal genetic defects, though it won’t cover anything other than lethal genetic defects.

9. Giant Gems Cattery – Western Location, MI

Giant Gems Cattery seeks to balance beauty and temperament when it comes to its cat breeding. Most of the time, interested individuals can expect it to offer them tabbies. With that said, it also offers solid-color and shaded-color cats from time to time.

Besides this, it also prizes a wilder look for its cats, which may or may not interest people depending on their personal preferences. Please note that Giant Gems Cattery takes the health of its cats with the same seriousness as the other catteries on this list. Indeed, it offers a two-year guarantee of genetic health rather than the more common one-year guarantee of genetic health.

8. MaineGate Cattery – West Michigan

MaineGate Cattery is in West Michigan. Once upon a time, the cat breeder focused on Persians. Later, she switched over to Maine Coons. Regardless, the cat breeder founded the cattery in 2000, meaning she has a wealth of cat breeding-related experience to call upon. You might be interested to know that MaineGate Cattery got its original Maine Coons from international bloodlines because of their supposedly bigger size and better structure.

7. Fluffy Giants Cattery – Southeast Michigan

Meanwhile, Fluffy Giants Cattery is based in Southeast Michigan. It shares its counterparts’ commitment to the well-being of their cats. Furthermore, Fluffy Giants Cattery is another cattery that uses international bloodlines. If you are curious, you should check out its prices. Kittens go for anything from $2,600 to $3,400. However, this cattery also makes adults available to interested individuals on rare occasions. When that happens, the price range is $1,350 to $1,800.

6. Wildchild Maine Coons

Wildchild Maine Coons can’t guarantee that its Maine Coons will never develop any serious issues. That is beyond the power of even the most conscientious cat breeders. Still, it goes to great lengths to reduce the risks through a combination of good care, good breeding, and good preventive healthcare. As such, it should come as no surprise to learn that it strives for a balance between important factors such as looks, health, and temperament when breeding its cats.

5. Artcityclaws Maine Coon Cattery – Grand Rapids, MI

Artcityclaws Maine Coon Cattery treats its cats’ well-being as a serious matter. Due to that, it has several practices popular with Maine Coon breeders. One example would be the provision of worming, vaccination, and veterinary check-up. Another example would be the requirement for buyers to sign contracts meant to protect the cats even once they have been sold.

It is interesting to note that Artcityclaws Maine Coon Cattery can hand-deliver kittens to their client’s airport of choice. Of course, you should expect to pay more for the service, though the exact sum will vary from case to case.

4. Meyer Maine Coons – Battle Creek, MI

Maine Coons earned their reputation for friendliness. Even so, socialization is critical for ensuring the right results. Meyer Maine Coons is a home-based cattery that raises its cats alongside dogs and children, thus making it that much easier for them to make the transition to households with the same. This is just one of the ways that this cattery looks out for its cats.

3. Cat Knapp Maine Coons – Ada, MI

Cat Knapp is a rather eyebrow-raising name. Fortunately, it is a joke about how the cat breeder became interested in cats back when she was still a child living on a street called Knapp Street.

Even now, the cat breeder remains very fond of cats, which is she makes sure that the breeding cats have been tested for several health problems while the kittens have been vaccinated and vet checked before leaving home. Be warned that Cat Knapp is one of the catteries that disallow visitors.

The cat breeder can provide photos and videos of her cats to her clients. Visitation is much more problematic for a couple of reasons. One, it stresses out the cats. Two, it increases the chances of infectious diseases being brought into the cattery.

2. Exotic Purr Cattery – Plymouth, MI

A well-traveled CFA judge founded Exotic Purr Cattery. Nowadays, it is being run by her daughter, who unsurprisingly, became familiar with cats at a young age. If you are interested, you should know Exotic Purr Cattery is another small, home-based operation that produces a limited number of kittens, thus enabling it to provide better care for each individual. In this, it is like a lot of its counterparts on this list.

1. Koontucky Maine Coons – Grand Blanc, MI

Despite the name, Koontucky Maine Coons isn’t based in Kentucky. Instead, that is a nod to how the cattery started in Louisville, KY in 1984. In modern times, Koontucky Maine Coons is based in Grand Blanc, MI. On the whole, this is a cattery with a long record of satisfying its clients. Its cats are well-cared-for. Better still, they are tested and screened for a wide range of health problems, thus reducing the chances for these issues to show up.

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