Can Cats Eat Bagels?


If you have a cat, you probably know that they are masters of making it look as if they are ravenous, even though you know they are well fed. The feeling of being watched while you eat can be even more pronounced while you are having your breakfast, especially if your car does not get their food until later in the morning.

If your cat eagerly watches you while you eat, waiting to be given their share, then you may be wondering whether the food you eat is safe for your cat. The information below will tell you all you need to know about whether cats are able to eat bagels.

Why Do Cats Show An Interest In Bagels?

The most popular theory about why cats love bagels is that they are attracted to the yeast that can be found in the product. Although there is no scientific evidence for this, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence as pointed out by Rover. There are plenty of people on online pet forums who have many stories to tell about how much their cats love bagels and other types of bread.

Other theories about why cats love bagels and bread so much is because they like the texture. Bagels can be quite crispy, especially when they are toasted. It is this crispiness which seems to appeal to some cats. You may also find they show an interest in other bread based products such as the crust of a pizza.

Will Eating A Bagel Make A Cat Unwell?

There should be no side effects if you share small pieces of plain bagel with your cat. As long as it is eaten in moderation, bagels will not cause any serious health issues for your cat.

If you have been sharing bagels with your cat for a while and you notice that they have started to put on weight, then you may want to cut back a little. You could reduce the number of pieces you give your cat at each sitting, or the number of times per week you share bagels with your cat.

If you make your bagels from scratch, then you should never give your cat any dough before it is baked. This is because the dough can start to rise when it is in the stomach of the cat, which can lead to serious health issues.

Can Cats Eat Bagels With Toppings?

Cat Time advise that you should not give your cat a piece of bagel that has a topping on. Toppings are more likely to disagree with your car than the actual bagel itself.

Some of the most popular toppings such as cream cheese has the potential to make your cat unwell, as they cannot tolerate lactose very well. Other types of spread are also probably best avoided if you are sharing your bagel with your cat.

If you have already put toppings on your bagel before your cat decides they want to share, then you may have to practice some tough love and not give into their demands.

How Much Bread Should A Cat Eat?

While small amounts of bagel and bread will not be harmful to cats, it should not be eaten as a staple of their diet. A cat’s diet needs to primarily consist of meat and so any pieces of bagel that are given should only be given as a treat every now and again.

There is no real nutritional reason for a cat to be eating carbs, as their bodies don’t need them. This is why they shouldn’t be given an excessive amount of bagel to eat in one sitting. Breaking off a few pieces of a bagel that you are about to eat should be more than enough for your cat. This will also help to ensure that they don’t put in too much weight.

How Can You Avoid Your Cat Eating Bagels When You Are Not Around?

You may find that if you leave your bagel unattended, your cat might decide to help themselves without waiting to be offered any. However, there are things you can do to avoid this happening.

There is probably not much point putting it out of reach but still in the open, because the chances are your cat will be able to climb up to wherever the plate is and it is unlikely they will take much time to devour the contents of the plate.

Keeping it in its bag is also not likely to be much of a deterrent to your cat either. Cats tend to find it easy to rip the bags that bread and bagels come in. Once they have got into the bag, they may eat more than they should which could make them quite poorly.

The best place to keep bagels is inside a bread bin or one of your kitchen cupboards. This should stop your cat from getting to the bagels when you are not around.

So Is It Ok For My Cat To Eat A Bagel?

Your cat should not be eating a whole bagel to themselves, but occasionally sharing a bit of yours should not cause too many issues. Plain bagels are the best choice as anything with strong flavoring or fruit such as raisins could upset your cat’s stomach. Can I Give My Cat recommends choosing whole meal bagels as these are easier for your cat to digest. You should avoid bagels that have any type of seed on them as well as these may cause problems when they are digested.

If you are all too familiar with the sight of your cat looking longingly at your bagel as you eat breakfast, you can share with them in the knowledge that you will not be doing them any harm. You may not want to do it every day, but you can share a few pieces of plain bagel before any toppings have been put on without feeling guilty.

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