How Can You Make your Cat a Cat Model?


It’s a dream for almost everyone at some point in her life to become a model. You want to be as tall, lithe and gorgeous as Heidi Klum, as successful as Tyra Banks and as relatable as Gisele. Unfortunately, most of us just won’t make it there for some reason or another (I’m too short, among other things). But that doesn’t mean our dreams of modeling have to fall to the wayside. You can actually let your cat live your dreams if you’re really into becoming a model. That’s right. Your cat can become a cat model. And you can make it happen. This would make you more of a ‘momager’ than a model, but that’s cool. Being as wealthy and successful as Kris Jenner could be worse, right? And since your cat (and kids) is the cutest one that ever lived EVER on the planet (you’re not biased, don’t even worry), why not turn him or her into a super model in the cat world? Move over, Grumpy Cat. There’s a new pussycat in town. Let us help you turn your cat into a supermodel you’ll see on billboards and in magazines; and on the food packages you buy.

Figure Out what you Want

Do you want your cat to have an actual career modeling or do you want your cat to be in a calendar you can hang on the wall and brag to your friends about? There are so many different things you can do and get for your cat when you enter the world of modeling, but you have to have a goal and know what you want before you start this journey. All people should have goals, and it’s not different in the world of cat models. It might sound silly – and it probably is – but someone has to provide the cats to star in commercials and on the front of cat food bags, right? You can actually create a career out of this.

Get an Agent

You might want to be the momager of the year, but it’s going to serve you well to have a manager for your cat. You might not even believe animal managers exist, but they certainly do. Your cat is going to benefit significantly from the help of a professional who knows where to look for jobs, where to go for auditions and what to do to get your cat noticed. If you want to have a serious career in the world of cat modeling, you’re going to want to have an agent to get you in the door. The more people on your team, the better; it never hurts to have a professional on your side to help you with the aspects of the industry with which you are not familiar. You have all the time in the world to go ahead and fire that agent down the road when you are more familiar and more comfortable with the business.

Get Some Headshots

Yes, your cat needs headshots. It seems a bit silly, does it not? It’s not. Your cat has to have photos just like a child or an adult model. This is so casting directors, producers and photographers can see what your cat looks like and get a good idea whether or not this cat is right for a particular role. Not just any cat will do for any ad or any show or any photo shoot. You need to know what agents are looking for when they are in the market for a cat for a particular role or campaign. Head shots don’t have to be expensive or even professional. What you will need is a good camera (no cell cameras or disposables, please) and some great lighting. We recommend you head outside around the time the sun is setting or beginning to set for some of the best light for your cat. this is going to help you take photos that will show off your feline friend in its best, most flattering lighting. These photos will help your cat land jobs, but be sure they’re what an agent recommends or you might not get any jobs.

Find Your Cat’s Niche

Here’s a good thing to remember; models are all different. Not all jobs are right for all cats. What do we mean? We mean that not all cats are going to work well in all rolls. For example, if your cat is 10 and a casting agent is looking for a kitten, it’s not going to be an audition that goes well, you know? You need to find your cat’s niche. A kitten might make a better cat for certain jobs than others, black cats might be better in some roles than others. There is a lot to consider about your cat’s particular niche. Consider his or her age, gender, breed and even coloring. Your cat might have something that everyone is looking for or it might not. You never know until you do the research.

Groom, Groom, Groom

There is nothing worse than a cat that you can’t see. You need to keep your cat clean, groomed and well taken care of. As a cat owner, we like to assume you do this anyway, but you might be surprised just how many people do not keep their animals groomed and in clean, healthy shape. Make sure your cat is not eating too much and overweight. Make sure your cat has a good, shiny coat by washing and brushing it. Make sure your cat has clean eyes and ears and that it’s claws are always trimmed – if it has claws. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to a cat that models, but once you get into the business you will learn more than you ever thought possible. Just prepare yourself to become involved with ‘stage’ moms and people you never thought existed. There are some people out there who take the careers of their animals very seriously and the competition is quite fierce.

Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

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