What Does it Cost for a Cat Teeth Cleaning?

Cats can get dental problems for much the same reasons as humans and other animals. As a result, regular teeth cleaning can be critical for ensuring a cat’s physical well-being in the long run. In part, this is because dental problems can have unpleasant consequences, with an excellent example being the sheer pain of an abscessed tooth. However, it should also be mentioned that a dental problem isn’t guaranteed to remain a dental problem because the infection can spread from the teeth to the rest of the mouth and then further beyond. In extreme cases, something that started out as a tooth infection can have lethal consequences. Summed up, it is clear that cat owners need to treat the dental health of their cats with care and consideration, which in turn, means getting them the regular teeth cleaning that they need to do their best.

What Is the Cost of Teeth Cleaning for Cats?

With that said, there is a serious problem in that teeth cleaning for cats isn’t cheap. In fact, those who are curious should know that there are estimates that a single session of teeth cleaning for cats averages around $400. However, people who are interested in providing their cats with professional teeth cleaning but are less than enthused by that price tag should know that there can be a fair amount of variation, so much so that the price can range from less than $100 to more than $800.

To an extent, the cost of teeth cleaning for a cat is reliant on the exact services bundled into a single session. For example, if a veterinarian suspects that the cat might have an infection of some sort, they might prescribe antibiotics for around $30 to $50, which should be taken for the purpose of preventing the infection from either getting worse or spreading to the rest of the cat’s systems. With that said, while variation is normal when it comes to teeth cleaning for cats, a session should always include the use of hand instruments to remove tartar build-up, the polishing of the teeth with a fluoride paste for further protection, and a thorough inspection to look for potential problems that might call for a more serious intervention.

Further Considerations

Having said this, it is important to note that cat owners can do a fair amount to protect their cats’ teeth on their own. Yes, getting regular teeth cleaning from the professionals can be critical for ensuring their cats’ physical well-being, but like in humans, professional help paired with personal initiative can produce even better results than otherwise possible.

For starters, it is possible for interested individuals to brush their own cats’ teeth, though they will need specialized tools for that precise purpose. For instance, there are cat-sized toothbrushes that can be found out there, which are of course, smaller than those that are intended for use by humans. However, some cats are more skittish than others, which is why if that is the case, interested individuals might want to buy finger brushes, which should provide them with increased control over the situation. Generally speaking, these tools plus toothpaste shouldn’t cost too much, meaning that they offer excellent returns in the long run. After all, prevention tends to be much better than the cure.

With that said, interested individuals should know that convincing a cat to let its teeth be cleaned can take some time and effort. This is why it is recommended for interested individuals to ease their cats into the situation, which is why they might want to look up some of the training plans that can be found on the Internet. For that matter, it is important that the Internet can be an important source of other information as well. One example is using the Internet to find a list of local veterinarians, which should provide interested individuals with more choice when it comes to their service provider. Meanwhile, another example is keeping them informed about the latest happenings, which can be beneficial for their wallet because it is not unknown for veterinarians as well as other professionals to offer teeth cleaning for cats at discounted prices during special times. Such discounts are particularly common during February because said month happens to be Pet Dental Awareness Month.

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