Cat Befriends Huge Rat After Owner Hoped It Would Get Rid of It

Cat and Rat

Most people are extremely uncomfortable with the thought of sharing their space with any kind of rodent, but especially a very large, well fed rat that likes your place so much that it’s decided to take up residence in your back garden. Having to deal with the creature every time you go outside your house is bad enough in and of itself, but what are you supposed to do when the creature gets tired of spending his time outdoors and decides that things might be more interesting inside? If you let things go on long enough, you can bet that his curiosity would get the better of him and he’ll end up invading your personal space in a major way. That’s exactly what one person thought recently when he got a cat, all with the express purpose of intending to get rid of the massive rat that was occupying his back garden. The thing is, his plans didn’t really work out the way he had hoped.

The Decision to Get a New Pet

After seeing this gigantic rat in his yard, he decided that it would be a wise choice to get a cat in order to remedy the problem. His thought process was that he would get the cat, the cat would then take care of the particular rat in question, along with any “friends” that might have moved in, and all would be resolved. According to a recent video, that’s not exactly how things ended up going. As a matter of fact, it would seem that the cat decided to make peace with the rat. According to some, there’s even a chance that the two have become best friends. After all, the cat’s owner posted a full-length video on Reddit and since that time, there have been thousands of comments about the two animals. As it turns out, the cat doesn’t seem to be so good at catching mice. As a matter of fact, it seems like the cat actually wants to befriend the rodent. Imagine how surprised the cat’s owner must have been when the cat started hugging the rat. In the video you can clearly see the cat hugging the rodent, even washing it as if it were a kitten. While the rat himself doesn’t seem to be terribly fond of this action, the cat is quite set on the notion that it has found a new best friend. As a matter of fact, every time the rat tries to get away, the cat merely chases it down, only to give it more hugs.

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What is This Cat Thinking?

You might be asking yourself what this cat is thinking. Aren’t cats and rodents supposed to be mortal enemies, after all? As it turns out, that is not always the case. Believe it or not, there have actually been scientific studies conducted about the matter, and scientists have discovered through those experiments that cats aren’t always as driven to catch rodents as people think they are. Perhaps it comes down to the individual feline in question. Who knows, maybe cats are similar to human beings in the sense that they all have their own personalities. Any cat owner will tell you this is true. There certainly must be cats out there somewhere who are driven to catch rodents, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them possess this drive. Clearly, the cat in the video is far more content to simply play with his new best friend as opposed to trying to eat him. The funny thing is, the rat doesn’t seem entirely thrilled with all the attention it’s getting from the cat. At the same time, he doesn’t act like he feels particularly threatened by the feline’s presence, either. You would think the rat would be literally running for its life. Instead, he seems to be more annoyed with the whole situation than anything else.

How Big is That Rat?

Maybe the reason the cat doesn’t seem terribly keen on attacking the rat is because the particular rat in question is about the same size as the cat. One of the things that genuinely stands out about this video is how big that rat is. The cat looks young, like it’s actually more of a kitten than a fully grown cat. As for the rodent, it’s one of the biggest rats some people have ever seen, as reflected in some of the comments. Even more unsettling, it’s not just the sheer size of the rat alone that people have noticed. The rodent in the video is also extremely plump. It’s either one of the most well fed rats in history or it’s pregnant. Sit with that mental image for a minute or two. This poor guy who went out and got a cat for the express purpose of getting rid of the rodent in his garden may very well be forced to deal with something far worse in the relatively near future. If one rat is bothersome, then just imagine what it will be like once a whole family of them is living there, right next to the place where you sleep.

At this point, the person who shot the video only has two options left. He can try to get another cat or dispose of the rodent in some other way. Alternatively, he can make peace with the situation and go on about his business. However, he might want to brush up on a few safe ways to keep rats out of the house, or he could well end up sharing his home with a family of rodents that have no intention of leaving any time in the near future. Whatever he decides, he should probably make up his mind quickly. It doesn’t look like his new cat will be helping him remedy the situation, so he’s definitely going to have to make other plans.

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