13 Cat Facts You Might Not Know


In the world of cats there’s plenty out there to know.  However, there’s also plenty out there that we don’t know.   There are facts that you probably won’t believe and once you read them you might say “hmmm, didn’t realize that at all.”  In today’s article we decided to share such facts.  Here’s a list of 13 cat facts you probably didn’t know…


Cats know what mood you’re in. Cats are sensitive to your moods, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they care.


You can tell when a cat is ready to attack. When the cat’s hair stands up in one long streak along its tail and spine, Halloween cat is here and ready to attack. But when the cat hair stands on end all over, you’re dealing with scaredy cat, not Halloween cat.


If you love cats, you’re an “ailurophile.” Ailuros is cat in Greek.


A group of a kittens is a kindle. Long before Amazon used this term, a kitty klatch was called a kindle.


Cats can jump 5 times as high as they are tall. They have to jump that high, because they love the view from high places. Remember, leopards and jaguars even sleep high up in trees. Even if cats fall or are pushed (you wouldn’t!) they land on their feet, because of a nifty inner ear canal which regulates balance.


A group of adult cats is a clowder. If you have never heard of a big group of cats being called a clowder, maybe it’s because adult cats don’t hang out in big groups.


Cats have unique nose prints; we have unique fingerprints. The ridges on kitty’s nose make a one of a kind pattern, although it’s difficult to get her to ink-stamp it for criminal investigations.


Domestic cats are able to sprint up to 31 miles per hour. Incredible, isn’t it? To test this theory, have a race.


Cats can be in danger at Christmas. It’s very dangerous to have potted poinsettias where cats can get into them. Poinsettia leaves are poisonous to cats.


Cats are only awake 2 out of every 7 years. OK, if cats spend about 16 hours a day sleeping, then a 7 year old cat has slept for five years. Do the math and don’t tell me if I’m wrong.


Cats talk with their tails. Tail quivering? Your cat loves you. Thrashing? She’s mad. Wagging? She’s conflicted (e.g. wants to go out, but sees it’s raining.) Normal? She’s using her tail for balance. Straight up? Because she can. Domestics are the only cat species who can carry their tails vertically. All other felines have tails that go straight out or between their legs.


Cats walk by moving both left feet at once, then both right feet at once. Cats do it; giraffes and camels do that too. It gives them the advantage of being fast, agile and quiet. Come to think about it, who ever heard of a noisy camel? Smelly maybe, not noisy.


Cats spend 30 per cent of their time grooming.  And not only that, they lose lots of fluid through their saliva because of their personal hygiene habits. Almost as much fluid is lost grooming as it is in the kitty litter box.

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