How to Calm Your Cat During Travel


We all know that traveling with our cats can be hectic for both the cat and the owner.  Most felines really don’t like to travel and often they will become very vocal about it.  So today we are going to learn some ways to calm your kitty, while traveling around.

The first way to help your feline better enjoy the trip is to provide him or her with a comfortable carrier, which is large enough for them to move around in.  But cats don’t need much space and they feel safer in smaller areas, so make sure to get the right carrier for your pet.  A medium sized one will work just fine.

Another get way to keep your cat calm while moving around is to make sure they can see you.  Cats get really nervous when they think their owner has left them.  So make sure that they can see you at all times during the trip and it will go much more smoothly.

If possible, keep a hand on your cat and pet them.  This will often get them to calm down and will let them know that everything is ok.  This is a great way to keep them from being so vocal and will make the trip less stressful for everyone in the car.

Try an herbal supplement.  There are quite a few herbal supplements on the market, which are designed to calm cat’s nerves.  These additives can be given to your pet in their water or food bowl.  But just make sure when giving it to them, that you follow the instructions 100% of the time.  You wouldn’t want to accidentally over dose your pet.

Have a talk with your Vet.  Often times Vets can prescribe something that will help cats stay calm on extended trips.  This is a great way to offer your kitty some relief from being so uptight.

Follow this helpful tips and your next trip that you take with your cat will be a much more pleasant one.  I know your kitty will thank you for taking extra care of him or her.

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