Cat Finds Love From Rescued Kittens After Tough Life On The Streets


People often use the phrase ‘blood is thicker than water’. This relates to the strong bond there is between those who have biological ties. However, anyone who lives in a stepfamily or who has been adopted can account for the fact that this common saying isn’t always true and that you can often develop a deep connection with people who have no biological family ties whatsoever. The same applies to animals, as they often develop a strong bond with other animals with whom they have no connection. This often happens due to their living circumstances. One heart-warming story about the love between animals is that of Harrow and a litter of kittens living in an animal shelter.

Cheezburger tells the story of a stray cat called Harrow who developed a strong bond with kittens living at Alley Cat Rescue and how they are now giving each other the love they need. Harrow had once lived in a loving home. Unfortunately, his owner passed away and he became an orphan cat living on the streets. The home where he lived had new tenants, and although Harrow repeatedly tried to return to his home, the new tenants were not interested in the cat and sent him away.

The staff at Alley Cat Rescue heard about Harrow living on the streets. They rescued him from the streets of South Los Angeles and took him back to the shelter. Sadly, life on the streets had been tough for Harrow, and he had multiple battle scars. Even worse, he had suffered infections in his left ear and this had left his ear withered. It was the trap-neuter-return (TNR) rescuers from the center that were the people responsible for his rescue. They realized that he needed taking away from the rough conditions of the street and that he needed the love and attention that the shelter could provide.

Once he was at the shelter, Harrow received medical attention from a local veterinarian. The examination revealed that Harrow was in semi-starvation mode due to neglect. This meant that he was low in protein and was anemic. It was also discovered that he was suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection. Harrow’s problems didn’t end there, as he also had matted fur, a mangled ear, broken teeth, and stomatitis. His appearance was a shocking sight. The staff said that he had been through the wars and had never been neutered. Fortunately, the staff at the shelter were able to offer him the care, love, and attention that he needed.

Despite his tough experiences and his poor physical condition, Harrow could not stop purring. He showed that he had a pleasant nature, and he seemed really grateful for the help and care he was receiving from the staff at Alley Cat Rescue. Even when he was being examined by the vet, he continued to purr. The stray cat also showed some determination to fight through his problems, and he had the full support of the staff. Within just a few weeks, he began to show signs of improvement. He had gained a little weight and become stronger, and he had also overcome his upper respiratory infection.

Next, the staff at Alley Cat Rescue needed to help him to make a fresh start, and the first stage of this was to tackle his matted coat. It took six days of gentle combing and cutting for the staff to get rid of the matting. Surprisingly, Harrow quite enjoyed the attention he received while the staff took on this task. Even when they showered him after getting rid of the matting, he didn’t complain and just purred from the attention. This was surprising because most cats do not enjoy having a shower or a bath. As soon as Harrow looked nice and clean, the staff decided to introduce him to some of the other cats at the shelter. The first cats they introduced him to were a group of foster kittens that were living at the rescue center. While the staff had though Harrow might like the interaction with other cats, they had not expected for him to react the way that he did.

Harrow was immediately smitten with the kittens and wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. His love for them was reciprocated as the kittens loved Harrow just as much as he loved them.  Whenever possible, the kittens will head straight to Harrow to spend time with them, and they all enjoy cuddling up to the older cat. Often, one or more of the kittens will sleep curled up against his tummy, just like they would if they had a mother cat caring for them. The staff at Alley Cat Rescue are delighted that Harrow and the kittens have developed such a strong bond. They have said that it is a lovely sight to see and that they are pleased that Harrow is now so happy.

Unfortunately, not all cats have a heartwarming rescue story like Harrow. Many will continue to live on the streets for the remainder of their life and this usually means that they have a difficult life and suffer from many medical conditions due to their living environment. According to Cattime, there are over three million abandoned and feral cats living on the streets of Los Angeles alone. Clearly, this is a significant problem and one that is tricky to tackle. The rescue centers are doing fantastic work, caring for animals and operating trap-neuter-release schemes, but this is barely making a dent in the problem. The cats living on the streets are breeding at a rapid rate, and there are far too many cats for the rescue centers to deal with, as they have limited funds and resources to tackle this issue.  This means that there are many cats who will not have a happy tale to tell like Harrow as they will never receive the love, care, and attention that Harrow is now enjoying thanks to the team at Alley Cat Rescue.

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