Cat in Houston Goes Viral By Letting Other Cats to Roam Around the Shelter


When Bob Marley said that it is better to die fighting for freedom than remain a prisoner all your life, he must have foreseen the fate that befell one cat in Houston who ended up at Friends for Life Animal Shelter. They say that freedom must be achieved since it cannot be bestowed. Hence, the feline has taken the advice to heart. Currently, the internet is ablaze, and one may wonder how a cat in Houston goes viral by letting other cats to roam around the shelter, but we have the answer. Here is the story of Quilty, the cat who takes his freedom very seriously and will do anything to get it.

He has always been rebellious

The cat was born in the shelter in May 2013 and given the name “Quilty’ after a character in “Lolita,” a novel by Vladimir Nabokov. The staff already noticed that the cat had a great personality, so it was no surprise that he found someone to adopt him. While with his foster family, Quilty showed his Houdini side by always allowing his sibling dog into the house. However, his family had to move, and they could not take Quilty with them, so they returned him to the shelter. Unfortunately, the staff did not know that Quilty had become a master in escaping, and no closed doors would keep him from attaining his freedom. They found out the hard way.

How did they deal with Quilty after finding out he was an escape artist?

Quilty may have never been caught had he not involved other cats in his escapes. Therefore one morning, the staff came to the shelter only to find a mess; cats were roaming freely and had no interest in being locked up again. In their free time, they had used the donation bin as a litter box while some had peed on the mouse pad. The counter barely had anything since the felines had knocked them over, which prompted the staff to look at the security cameras to see what went wrong. They were shocked to see Quilty opening his door and letting his colleagues out of their rooms.

Of course, having dealt with such a mess, the staff were not ready for another rude morning surprise, so they devised a way to keep the cats in their rooms. The shelter had always used lever handles to allow those with disabilities to let themselves in; that had to change. Therefore they used a broomstick to hold the door in place, but entering a shelter and seeing a broom on the door is not a sight any visitors want to see. So the staff had to keep removing it, and Quilty, ever observant, took such opportunities to get the door open and wander into the lobby.

Since the broom was not useful, the next idea was to use a child lock, but immediately after buying it, it mysteriously disappeared. Not ready to be outwitted by a cat, they purchased another child lock and installed it. It has worked to keep him in his room, but whenever he gets a chance, he still sneaks out and crashes staff meetings. According to them, he likes his space, and they believe letting the cats out allows him to have the room all to himself.

Can you adopt Quilty?

On their Facebook page, Friends for Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization Rescue is letting the public aware of how much Quilty can become a menace. They even declared that if anyone is interested in adopting Quilty, then they should be ready to keep him outdoors since he will always devise a way to open the doors. Quilty is already getting a lot of love as the shelter staff tries to draw his personality towards people so he can get the perfect fit.

The cat is advertised in the organization’s webpage as a smart and energetic cat that can be shy. Quilty has never been exposed to young children, so those who want to adopt him should be careful when introducing him to kids. However, unlike the myth that cats and dogs do not get along, Quilty is ready to be friends with any dogs you have. Besides, they warn of the cat’s ability to open doors, so as his owner, you will have to “Quilty-proof” your home since he does not give up on looking for a way out.

For you to adopt Quilty, you must be 21 years of age and have a legal form of photo identification. Your place of residence should also allow pets to avoid putting the animal under stressful conditions. You must also be willing to spend the resources necessary to care for him. Once you fill out the adoption form and complete the adoption interviews, the staff will schedule a date to meet the animal, and you can take him home for a week trial sleepover. If you, your family, pets, and Quilty get along for those seven days, then you will get another appointment to finalize the adoption procedure.

Why does Quilty not like closed doors?

Quilty is not the only cat who hates closed doors, and The Door Buddy gives a few reasons as to why your cat will do everything possible to get to open the door. First of all, they are territorial, and to them, everything within the four walls is theirs. By closing the door, you are preventing them from accessing what is theirs, and they do not take that kindly. Further, cats are curious animals, and seeing or hearing something that they cannot access only adds to their curiosity. You will, therefore, observe that a cat will get you to open the door, especially when it knows that there is something out there from which you are keeping him. Lastly, although people assume that cats are introverts and prefer some time alone, they are social and will do anything to get cuddles from you.

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