Loving Cat Rhain Miraculously Survives Chemical Burns

Few things are more heart wrenching than animals in pain. To see innocent animals suffer is incredibly difficult, but watching them persevere and overcome their trials can be highly inspirational. One cat whose life is both heartbreaking and inspirational is Rhain, a beautiful gray feline with chemical burns.

It is still unknown exactly how she was burned, but staff at New Jersey’s Tabby’s Place sanctuary have stated that she was in great pain when she arrived. The cat was immediately given medical attention. With antibiotics, warm compresses, and a great deal of courage, Rhain is now perfectly healthy. However, the burns have left permanent markings on her belly and mouth. The staff at the sanctuary believe that the burn on her mouth was caused by Rhain grooming the burn on her belly. In addition, she has a cleft lip, although this does not seem to hinder her.

The burn mark on her stomach is, interestingly, heart-shaped. It is perhaps the perfect symbol of her tremendous courage and triumph over the ailment. Unfortunately, not all animals are as lucky as Rhain. When she arrived at Tabby’s Place, she was accompanied by Noah, another cat. Noah turned out to have a heart disease, and passed away shortly after being brought in.

Although Rhain misses her friend, she is preparing to find a forever home. It is hoped that this sweet, courageous cat will soon find a family who will shower her with enough love to make her forget about her past health issues. Undoubtedly, Rhain will live up to the mark on her stomach and bring a great deal of love into whichever home is lucky enough to have her.

Cases like Rhain’s serve as a reminder that sanctuaries like Tabby’s Place are vitally important to the welfare of many animals. Rhain’s inspirational story of survival only has a happy ending because of the efforts of volunteers and staff at the sanctuary. Supporting local shelters and organizations caring for animals in need is the surest way to guarantee the health and happiness of as many animals as possible.

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